Author: Necia Phoenix

Daily Blog Post #8

Life Nothing like breaking your website first thing in the morning LOL. But it got fixed, thanks to the wonderful tech support at my web host, verve. If you’re looking for someone to host your website, these folks are great. Anyways, I’ve had a relaxing day for the most part. Hope y’all have also. Writing Actually […]

Daily post #7 – repost

Remind me NEVER to fiddle fuck with the website when I just wake up mmmk? Life Lazy sunday. I did chillin with the kiddos, playing fallout and telling myself over and over again to vacuum the damn bedroom. Yeah, I’ll do that in the morning. 😛 Writing Been dabbling with ideas, backstories, I figured today […]

Sunday Serenity

It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these.     I have a bucket garden! And my roses are blooming!  What sort of things bring you peace in a world of chaos? For me it’s my gardening. Have a peaceful day, renew your spirit.   Be Kind to each other. ~NPhoenix Become a Patron! […]

Daily Post #5

Life Mom’s taxi. That sums up the day and the week. I’m tired and grumpy and ready to call it a night. Did have a fun conversation of ‘Oh I lived there!’ With a couple folks in a writer chat. Geekery, all I can say. LOL   Writing Started and restarted the flash fiction only […]

Daily Blog Post #4

Life Holy crap it just goes! Kid is prepping for a Caribbean cruise this fall and needed a passport. So we went to the appointment to to apply and we had everything. Except the application he left on the dresser at home LOL. Luckily they have applications right there so he could re-fill one out, […]

Daily Blog #3

Life Dr appointments and errands. And A took his drive test. And the parallel parking got him. Again. *sigh* Writing Dean Wesley Smith mentions ‘cycling’ in his blog. It’s a method of going back through as you write to tidy things up as you go so, theoretically, you can have a clean first draft. It’s […]

Daily Blog #2

  Life Still waiting on an official update on my SIL. She’s had a rough road, to put it mildly. Today was a down day. Yesterday’s adventures caught up with me so I slept for most the morning after the kids got on the bus. Then there was the gardening. I find it very soothing […]

Plea For Help

I know times are tough, they’re especially rough on my SIL. Please help, boost the signal if you can’t donate. Thanks.   Folks, the beautiful lady you see in this GoFundM e post is my sweet baby sister Tara Gilbert. She is the devoted mother of 6 beautiful children. Eight months ago, my sister and […]

Some things make a post

I’ve drifted to a different social media platform called MeWe which is (imo) ten times better (and safer) that FB. In doing so I’ve found a few writer groups that are very active and it’s kicked my brain into gear. This is a good thing. I think I was stagnant. New people, new writers to […]