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Friday Flash Fiction – Inside the Author’s Mind installment

So I’ve been slack on getting these written. That whole summer thing I mentioned a few weeks ago, yeah, that’s in full swing. ANYWAYS, here is another Inside the Author’s Mind installment. I giggled through this one and hope I’m not the only one who enjoys it. The last one is over here.   Where’d […]

TGIF? No, for me it’s Monday

My hubs only has one day off a week That was yesterday. So as everyone else is moving towards the weekend we’re just starting our new workweek. Blarg. That sums it up pretty well. So. Writing. I’m currently (as in, in the other window) working on the final two installments of Inside The Author’s Mind, […]

Flash Fiction – The Shell

Ok this is weird. Just really…. yeah   The Shell (c)2013 Necia Phoenix She watches. They’re gathered again, laughing, visiting. The bar-b-q is fired up and the beer and wine coolers are being handed out. The children run around, dirty, chalk covered, their laughter echoing through the canyons of apartments and houses. The little brown […]

Flash Fiction Friday

Holy crap I got one done!!!  😀  Eventually this will get packaged with The Shiny, Redshirts, and Muse Interrupted. This is a continuation of that mini-flash series;   Editor In Chains ©2013 Necia Phoenix Author sat back in her chair staring at the stack of papers in front of her. Done! Finally! The project was […]

Flash Fiction

Ok, so I missed it friday, sorry. Better late than never, right?  Enjoy! ~*~ Waking The Beast ©2012 Necia Phoenix The voices echoed through the cave system, bouncing through the unseen cracks in the rocks. Laughter, giggling, the sound of happy youth exploring the unknown. He opened his eyes, listening to the unfamiliar sounds. Closer, […]

Flash Fiction Friday

Ok, so today is Flash Fiction Friday, I do have an offering for you all. Firstly, here is a link to the other Forward Motion writers’ blogs, who are participating, here http://fmwriters.com/flash.html. Now, this is actually the followup of the first flash fiction I wrote. #1 is over here. I didn’t realize when I wrote […]

Flash Fiction Friday #3

I have this space operaish idea and this piece of fiction is set on the ship Nausica.  Hope you enjoy it; Flash Fiction Friday #3 © 2012 Necia Phoenix “Catch it!” Amber screamed. She and Jake dove after the flash of bright green and pink that vanished behind the boxes in the hold. They moved boxes and […]