Zander snip

So in an effort to beat back a case of melancholy I wrote this for Z1, enjoy;   “More patrols. You know, when the horn sounded I thought we’d be under siege. The Zarconis haven’t even peeked out of the forest yet!” Kerul complained. Zander glanced towards the smoking ruin of the forest. There were […]

Sat Snippery

Wrote this up last night by the light of an oil lamp. Seriously. Long story. First of all, this is pre-story to the Elemental Wars series. This takes place many many many years before any of the other snips (except this one) I’ve done, though a few of the characters who have shown up here […]

Another snip and a new minor character appearing ~ The Starcatcher

Ok, was writing and this scene…totally unplanned, just exploded into my brain.   ~*~ The floor was a checkerboard of marble, the pale white blocks looked like clouds, just hovering beneath their feet. As they passed over the darker marble Zander glanced down and froze, heart pounding in his ears. There were faint sparkles on a […]

Just a snip

I wrote this up earlier and thought people might enjoy it. ~*~ “I’ve seen sarukai horses before, but that one, I’ve never seen his equal.” Bastien looked at Kiameh. “Gryphan is from an old bloodline, the Talunian, used by the Emperors in the Citadel of Talun. They say they were infused with fae magic.” Kiameh […]