Tuesday Links

Zander snip

So in an effort to beat back a case of melancholy I wrote this for Z1, enjoy;   “More patrols. You know, when the horn sounded I thought we’d be under siege. The Zarconis haven’t even peeked out of the forest yet!” Kerul complained. Zander glanced towards the smoking ruin of the forest. There were […]

Some Links

So I’ve been crusing through the web to see what might be of interest to people haven’t found much sadly as I am also handling RL stuff. And some of the links I’ve found…well I prefer to leave politics off my website*.;   Did you hear about the guy who couldn’t afford to get his dog out […]

Links and Things

Amazon Wipes a customer’s account and remotely locks her kindle ; I’m sorry but when I pay my HARD EARNED MONEY on an  ebook, I expect it to be there. Yes I sell my stuff through amazon, but I don’t like it. I don’t care for their ‘customer service’ or their Kindle. My books are all DRM free […]