Some things; School avalanched on me. Unfortunately due to a medical issue I am on medical leave  until april. slowly inching back into a writing routine. It’s been a rough year. Ramping up to do nano. Not sure if I’m tackling a near done project or a new one. Life grinds on. Be kind to […]


Life; I was so caught up in going to school I forgot today (yesterday/the 13th) was our 13th wedding anniversary. 🤦🏻‍♀️ my hubs didn’t. He came home (working nights) with a bouquet and his first words to me this morning was Happy Anniversary. I got an awesome hubs. School was awesome! I’m excited about this […]


More of a placeholder, I lost a day rearranging and cleaning and sorting my room. Gotta love moving. Tomorrow (later today) I start school (WEEEEEE) and I’m anxious and excited about it. Writing: Aside from this blog, none, I was too caught up cleaning. Be Kind to Each Other ~NPhoenix Share this:


Life: It was a mostly relaxing day today. I read. I reread The Bastard Prince or what I have of it. I noticed some typos, made notes on it the nearly screamed when I realized I ended mid sentence. XD  Aside from that (and the usual ferrying kids to and from work) it was a pretty […]


Life:  Orientation was interesting. The class is small and I like the staff. Very excited about this new step. This afternoon I ran to the grocery store with the youngest two and on our way out, as I was loading the groceries into the trunk, the skies let loose a deluge. I got an early […]


Man I lost a week somewhere. Aren’t summers fun? Lol Life; Been playing taxi for kids. It’s amazing how tired I get just from running teens to work and errands. Tomorrow at 10am is MY orientation for school then I start monday. I am excited and terrified all at once. Writing; working on E1 right […]


Today was long. Rainy, which I love, but busy, and filled with pissy teenagers, and that makes days drag. Writing; not much, I’d say less than 500 words, I wasn’t paying attention to wordcount. Reading; my books are still in boxes 🙁 For some reason this didn’t post yesterday, just saved. Stupid phone Share this:

Missing post

It seems the Sunday Serenity post got eaten by my phone. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it’s not showing up. It was just a pic of my new back porch. Oh well, here are some other pics, the container garden has moved back there, and I think it’ll be a nice little […]

New Beginnings

So we moved. Bigger house, better neighborhood, an actual yard we can use and not worry about the kids breaking their necks on the steep hill. I have an actual office space, not my bedroom, and large garden area outside. There’s a nicer kitchen, and overall it’s a definite improvement over the last place. We […]

Fly by post

Ok, so apparently the web server/website host had a crash a few days ago. OPPS   I swear I didn’t do it.   Update on everything. Streak is broken, but for good reason. I can’t go into it right now but things are GOOD and looking better. I may be offline for a bit while […]

Daily Blog Post #25

Damnit this was supposed to go up a couple of days ago. I’ve been caught up with kids and… kids adventures breaking into swimming pools. Don’t ask, it’s hilarious and stupid and all I can say is TEENS! *rollseyes* In other news a pal of mine released this new book. Guys, go get it, it’s got […]

Daily Blog Post #23

Life: the cough is easing up, I’m not quite as spacey as I was yesterday. Played far too much Fallout 4 though. Working  my way through the Nuka World DLC . It was a nice relaxing day, I got stuff done (vehicle stuff), and I rested. And oh a little bit of gardening too. Writing: […]