Daily Blog Post #22

Life: The cold has ramped up. I’ve been hacking up a lung. Not sure if it’s a cold or allergies or a combination of both. Either way I spent the day snuggling with little people and watching science shows.   Writing: been trying to write out a scene for E3 but I keep losing my […]

Daily Blog Post #20

Life: It was a laid back monday. Did more gaming than I should have. Hubs, who works out of town for weeks at a time, came home earlier than I expected (YAY!) but it’s also kinda distracting. I’m usually up late and well… he has to get up for work about my usual crawling into […]

Daily Blog Post #19

Life: Just chillin with the children. Planned to do some gardening stuff but thunderstorms changed that plan. Instead we just watched a lot of spongebob. Still recovering from yesterday’s loooong day. Writing: Wrote a scene then deleted it. It didn’t work. Was going to tackle a second version but I think it’s going to be […]

Daily Blog Post #16

Last night I laid down to read, and promptly fell asleep XD OOPS!  But that won’t stop me from getting the next blog post up. Life:  More errands. of course. And catching up on some sleep. Writing: Cracking down on myself today. Not much yet, but the night is young. Reading: The Magic Bakery by […]

Blog Post #15

Life: Errands and chillin with the kids. It was cool today. Like literally, I was sitting under a blanket LOL. There was something else but I’m drawing a blank. Kinda laid back day. Writing: Currently tapping away at E1 ch 39. I’ve restarted this about four or five times, and something’s just not meshing, and […]

Daily Blog Post 14

Life: I am a taxi driver for my teens. 😛   Writing:  did some minor plotting on a wtf thing, poked at E1 then got asked to give someone a ride to work. Forgot what I was working on by the time I got back.   Reading: nuthin.     Be Kind to each other […]

Daily post #13

Life:  Post sick fatigue. You don’t want the nitty gritty.  I did have some fun this evening when the 12, 16 and 17 year olds decided to crinkle up all the paper from the last semester in the middle of the living room, then loaded it all into a tall laundry basket and took it […]

Daily Post #11

Life: I slept off and on most the day and hung out with the kids. Today was the last day of school and it was pretty low key compared to yesterday. Writing: scribbling out a new idea to get it to shut up Honestly this is just a filler post. I’m sleepy and not very […]

Daily Blog #10

Life Well now things are pretty weird. so I’ll bullet point this and try to expand on it later this week or maybe this weekend. Son’s appointment at pulmonary went well, a suspicious ‘lump’ they saw in his chest xray a year and a half ago is now gone. No more of those appointments. A […]

daily blog pot #9 -Repost

It seems the internet ate it last night when I posted it. -.- Life Kids are nearing the last day of school. Today I tweaked a few words on the latest rewrite chapter of E1 and watched a lot of ‘Worlds Worst disasters’ on Netflix. Weird *I* watched TV [insert ominous music]. And I ran […]

Daily Blog Post #8

Life Nothing like breaking your website first thing in the morning LOL. But it got fixed, thanks to the wonderful tech support at my web host, verve. If you’re looking for someone to host your website, these folks are great. Anyways, I’ve had a relaxing day for the most part. Hope y’all have also. Writing Actually […]

Sunday Serenity

It’s been forever since I’ve done one of these.     I have a bucket garden! And my roses are blooming!  What sort of things bring you peace in a world of chaos? For me it’s my gardening. Have a peaceful day, renew your spirit.   Be Kind to each other. ~NPhoenix Become a Patron! […]

Daily Post #5

Life Mom’s taxi. That sums up the day and the week. I’m tired and grumpy and ready to call it a night. Did have a fun conversation of ‘Oh I lived there!’ With a couple folks in a writer chat. Geekery, all I can say. LOL   Writing Started and restarted the flash fiction only […]

Some things make a post

I’ve drifted to a different social media platform called MeWe which is (imo) ten times better (and safer) that FB. In doing so I’ve found a few writer groups that are very active and it’s kicked my brain into gear. This is a good thing. I think I was stagnant. New people, new writers to […]