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Posted by Necia Phoenix on April 14, 2017 in Patreon, publishing, Reading, Real Life, Writing |

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on getting myself back on track with writing. With the posting BP on the Patreon, I’ve found myself a lot more motivated. Having things settling in the home life is helping too. So I was at the website going over the backoffice stuff and discovered that there […]

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blurb blurb blurb. blurb blurb. blurb

Posted by Necia Phoenix on February 12, 2017 in Writing |

I’ve been practicing writing blurbs and I think I need a lot more practice. I wanted to write one for BP. All day, yesterday I struggled with writing it, I read other book blurbs, I wrote up several versions and hated them all because I felt so lost. Then a couple dear friends, including J.A. […]

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Writing During Stressful Times; some links

Posted by Necia Phoenix on February 6, 2017 in Real Life, Writing |

It’s been stressful. The election and first days of the new presidency has added stress and anxiety to everyone’s lives. In response to this, several writers around the web have put together some posts, threads and statements giving advice and encouragement to their peers. I thought I would list/link to those I know of here. […]

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Happy Imbolc

Posted by Necia Phoenix on February 1, 2017 in mental illness, Patreon, Real Life, Writing |

  January was a difficult month. I’ve seen over and over on FB, Jan was the trial month, Feb is when 2017 ACTUALLY starts. Something I really can’t argue with. This morning, as I was coming home from grabbing a quick (and unhealthy) bite to eat I got bushwacked by an idea for the Avaria […]

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Happy Friday!

Posted by Necia Phoenix on March 11, 2016 in Writing |

I hope those of you reading the serial have been enjoying it starting back up again. Again, I apologize for it taking so long. I’ve signed up for Camp NanoWrimo which kicks off in April. I’ll be writing E2. E1, will continue to be posted once a week (unless it’s a very short chapter, then you’ll […]


Prepping for march

Posted by Necia Phoenix on February 26, 2016 in Real Life, Writing |

SO. March. March 1st is the relaunch of E1. We’re on ch 30 and the next chapter will post on the first. If you want to brush up on the story you can go here or over to wattpad here. There will only be one chapter a week at this point in time, as I’m […]


Cleaning up the website and other things

Posted by Necia Phoenix on September 29, 2015 in publishing, Real Life, Web Site stuff, Writing |

I’m going to be going through the website over the next couple of weeks and cleaning up bad links, broken links, and may possibly redo the theme completely. I’m also working on a schedule for the website, not too much cause, hey, I have a busy life. I’ll also be trying to fix tags (my […]

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State of the NPhoenix, an update, and future plans.

Posted by Necia Phoenix on March 18, 2015 in publishing, Real Life, Writing |

Happy Early Ostara to those who celebrate it! (Or Mabon[I think] if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) So there are some things I’m having to change. Plans schedules and whatnot. First of all, because of some things one of my kids is going through, I’ve had to prioritize him and his needs over everything else. […]

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Quick update.

Posted by Necia Phoenix on January 4, 2015 in publishing, Writing |

Ok, so last year was not the easiest year I’ve ever had. This year is going to be better. I refuse to believe otherwise. So here are a few things I’ve got on the plate. 2015 Writing/pubbing lineup Elemental Truth; I am not going to dwell on it. I’m working on it daily. I’ll post […]



Coming up for air

Posted by Necia Phoenix on December 1, 2014 in publishing, Real Life, Writing |

In short, we’ve been struggling as a family. My son has been fighting addiction and it has dragged our whole family & routine down the drain. I’m working to find a balance between family, writing and other endeavors. I’ve found a stress easement with some new pets (ball pythons) which have helped with the general […]


Elemental Truth – Chapter 2

Posted by Necia Phoenix on June 5, 2014 in Series, Writing |
This entry is part 02 of 37 in the series Elemental Truth

This entry is part 02 of 37 in the series Elemental Truth  Disclaimer;  Elemental Truth, the first of the Elemental Wars books, is in the final stages of editing.  Hope you all enjoy it.* Chapter 2   It took them three weeks traveling along the southern trading route to get to the coast of Lorn. Another three […]

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It’s time

Posted by Necia Phoenix on May 31, 2014 in publishing, Writing |

So I’ve been waffling on this for a while now, but I’m taking a jump here. Starting next Tuesday here and, possibly Wattpad, Elemental Truth will be posted as a serial. Two chapters a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays until it’s done. Once it’s wrapped up, I’ll do a final edit pass then it’ll be available as […]

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Posted by Necia Phoenix on April 14, 2014 in publishing, Real Life, Writing |

J.A. Marlow gave me this project planner back in Jan, but I kinda forgot all about it. Sat night I dusted it off and started planning out projects, setting dates and OCDing on what I want to get done this year. I may have overloaded myself 😛 but I have a clear cut idea of […]


Old story revisited, 2

Posted by Necia Phoenix on March 16, 2014 in snippage, Teaser, Writing |

Ok, so here’s the rest (sorta) of the scene I posted the other night. Honestly my brain is happy and has shelved this story in liu of finishing Zander so I can get the timeline written up to this story. I could, I suppose, write on, I know what happens, and it doesn’t mess too […]

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Old story revisited

Posted by Necia Phoenix on March 15, 2014 in snippage, Teaser, Writing |

For some reason I started thinking about this old Avaria story which disappeared on a lost hard drive years ago. I decided to try to re-write the intro (I don’t remember how much of it I had actually written) and I have to say, rough as it is, I like this version. Have some slightly […]

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