I thought I’d put together a list o links to places on the web which I have used in my research and whatnot. I’m hoping it grows.

Writer Communities/Critique places

  • Critique Circle –  The first place I found online which had to do with writing. Though I’m rarely over there any more, it has proved to be quite useful to myself and others.
  • Forward Motion for Writers – This is my second home online. Seriously, I love this place and I’ve made many dear friends. You can find me in the Chat room, and occasionally on the forums. There is a HUGE amount of information there, and the people are just stellar.
  • Online Writers Workshop – I’ve heard a lot of good about this place. Was a member at one time and loved the feedback. You can see a list of big name writers who have gone through their Workshop.
  • Absolute Write Forums –  In the past they have been hostile towards self/indi pubbers, that may have changed, I don’t go over there very often (it’s been MONTHS). HOWEVER if you are looking at going trad, or know someone who is, they have great resources. The biggest being their affiliation with the Writer Beware peeps. There is a forum set up to share experiences, both good AND bad, of different agents and publishers. And their thread on the dreaded Publish America is fantastic and filled with lots of information.
  • Little Details – A livejournal community which is still fairly active.


Research Stuff

  • Behind the Name –  The Etymology and history of first names  –  I have lost HOURS crusing through this site. 
  • Behind the Surname – Sister site to Behind the name. While I don’t use it often, it’s full of fascinating stuff.
  • Rotten.com –  This site is not for the faint of heart. There are pics and details of real death. If you are under 18, or have a weak stomach, you might not want to go there.


I will be adding more links as time goes.

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