Also could be called writer fail, or maybe tech fail. Last night, as I was working on the outline, I gripped the corner of my laptop to scoot it up my legs. It blue screened. I threw my handsup, reading the warning wondering wtf I did, then it restarted. I was a bit pissed a bit upset and all the while wondering if I squeezed the computer too hard and cause a hardware malfunction.

It is at this point this conversation between me and my amused hubby occured:

Him: What did you do to it?
Me: I swear I don’t know!
Him: You are hard on computers!
Me: **explains the moving and squeezing the corner theory as the computer boots up normal**
Him: You go through computers like everyone else goes through toilet paper.

at which point I got the giggles, because it isn’t far off the mark.   I assured myself that the outline file worked and that I hadn’t lost stuff then headed to bed. Still giggling.

As a writer I am constantly on the computer, I am always making backups. I AM hard on the computers I own.

Today I plan on working on the outline. If I can rally the kids to clean.

Oh, and for those wondering, here is the link to the BBC program Lost Kingdoms of Africa. It is offered trough Netflix streaming and you can purchase it at for about $50.00 here. I am going to invest in this one, I think it is totally worth having.

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