I am not a morning person, but this morning, at the crack of…. no before the sun was even up, I had an errand to run.



I have to admit i love it early in the morning, when no one else is about and it’s so quiet.


Today was busy, this week I’ve spent in & out of the dr’s office with three kids, and myself, taking care of things, treating strep throat (two kids have strep and one has bronchitis) and just being mom.

Some people have this idea that writers lead these glamorous lives, that they sit around drinking champagne while writing on laptops hanging over bubble baths (my sil described this and I just laughed).

Believe it or not, for many of us, we’re just people who have these ideas and stories in their heads. Today I ended up cuddling my sick 9 year old while he coughed and watched his favorite shows on netflix. Right now that kid and the others are watching christmas air bud (I think) and chilling, giving me a few min to do some freewriting and writing this up.

Tonight I’ll read a bit (I haven’t been reading much) and maybe write. This weekend I’ve got some cleanup in the basement to do, and hopefully edit and whatnot.

This, this is life. Life as a writer, life as a mom. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m not sure exactly what I’m hoping to accomplish here, except to highlight the fact that writers, like everyone else, have things happening in their lives. It’s not all champagne and bubble baths. Though I could totally go for a book and a bubble bath right now…

Be kind to each other, lift each other up, don’t drag each other down.




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