Today has been kind of hit & miss with pretty much everything. I got a little bit of housework done, I got a little bit of site updates done (I don’t care for WP’s new post editor. It’s stupid. just plain STUPID*.) and a little bit of editing/layering done. It’s late, but I’m going to try to get some words before I crash. It gets frustrating, I want to do MORE but it was just too busy.

And as I was grumbling to one of the kids about it, he pointed out, in the wisdom only a ten year old has, that a little bit goes a long way. I got more done than when I started. He had a good point. Sometimes we want to DO ALL TEH THINGS but even a little bit helps. Even if it isn’t what you expected.

Writing:  Did a bit of layering, cleaned up a few typos and, I think, filled in a minor plot hole. I’m about to work on the next chapter. Which should bring me into the homestretch.

Reading:  none, outside of filling out back to school paperwork for the kids.

Final thoughts:  the other day I did a word count tally of both E1 & BP. (BP = The Bastard Prince aka current WIP aka Zandercrack   & E1 = Elemental Truth )   Both books are in the 80ks, both I’d set goals for 100k. If I can keep a strict writing schedule (stop laughing, folks, a writer can dream, right?) I can knock out both books by Oct 1. Or at least hit 100k on both of them.

So that’s sorta my goal for now, knock both of them out, toss them at the editor and prepare for NaNo which I’m considering diving into this year.

I hope you all are having an okay week. For those of you affected by Dorian, *hugs* stay safe folks. and overall,

Be kind to one another

* I went looking for a plugin to use the old editor because the new one was so effing enragey stupid I consider it just plain borked.

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