I have heard this a lot. How do I know my writing is good enough? We have discussed it in chat, had conversations about it in IM conferences and I have seen several good posts about it on the web.

How do you know your writing is good enough to self pub? Is a question I got hit with the other day. To be honest I scrambled for an answer. Was I being ego-centric by saying ‘I just know it is? Or should I be humble and wait for it to make a round through the betas and then on to editors? I don’t remember what I said in reply to be honest but this morning I ran across an article by Dean Wesley Smith over here in which he rants a bit. Go read it, it is interesting. This is what stood out to me (the emphasis is mine):

Writers, grow a backbone and start trusting the readers. If your book doesn’t sell given enough time (meaning a year) maybe, just maybe, there is something wrong with your cover, your blurb, or the opening of your novel. But for heaven’s sake, TRUST THE READERS.

Trust the readers.

I have stories that people have enjoyed. They aren’t masterpieces of literature bound to change with world with their wit or wisdom! They’re just simple little stories, tales that I enjoyed reading, that others have enjoyed reading.

And I have to say that that is one of my greatest joys, knowing that something I wrote was enjoyed by other people.

So how do I know my writing is good enough? I think I will trust my readers, trust the people who are looking for a read that will take them, for however long, out of this world.

I am good enough.

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