Wrote this this afternoon/evening/night and thought I’d share. Yes words are still flowing, and I’m still trying to finish this thing.


“You have become the recluse they always accused you of being.” The archangel stood, blocking the exit to the subway, pale wings spread wide.

“Hello Raphael.” Fallen pushed past him, hoping the archangel would follow him instead of going further into the subway. Not even the greater hosts of Heaven knew about the Life Force.

“What are you doing here, Fallen?” Raphael followed, almost running to catch up. Fallen glanced his way. The ‘younger’ archangel was of a later brood. Blond instead of white hair, blue eyes that pierced through the hearts and souls of mortals, instead of the pale gray from the earlier broods.

“My duty.”

“There are rumors going around.”

“What sort?” Fallen didn’t care, rumors always abounded in the greater cities of the sky.

“They say you saved a mortal who was trying to destroy the dome.”

Fallen forced himself to keep walking. “Who said?”

“Some of the cherubim.”

Fallen glanced towards the shadows. He felt the underlings and the reavers attentive. They would find the sneaky little arrow totting bastards and take care of them. Cherubim were like imps of hell. Thousands, spawned by the great mothers hidden in the floating cities. He turned on Raphael who took several steps backwards hands out.

“Fallen…” he began.

“You were told to keep those shit eaters out of my territory.” Fallen growled.

“I never sent them here. Gabriel did.” Raphael clamped a hand on Fallen’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t have sent them in.”

Fallen snorted. “What interest does Gabriel have in me?”

“There are odd happenings going on in the city.” Raphael glanced upwards and let his hand drop. “The father, the son, and the Dark angel have been busy with a game.”

“Game?” Fallen blinked.

“Old mortal board game, buying and selling with bits of plastic. They started about a century ago and are still playing. Listen, there is something happening, apathy fills the great cities.” Raphael looked down, not meeting Fallen’s eyes. “Some say tis better to take control while the father is not paying attention.”

Fallen stared. Schism?

“They feel the First Rank would interfere.”

“Why? I have not been to the Great City since…”

“You are, and we became because you fell.” Raphael looked up at the city again. “I must go. Guard yourself a bit closer than you have. Your life may depend on it.”



And I’m not sure how this will tie into everything else, but as always it all just got complicated. mwahahaha!!!!

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