So I haven’t been very creative lately, so last night I scribbled up some back history scenes with Dmitri, so here, have a dragon snip!


Lothos sat, in his human form, on the large throne, watching the goings on. His people. He sneered. They cast uneasy glimpses his way, aware that he was watching. The sound of the storm intensified and he frowned, leaning forward. Something had entered the long entry tunnel. Other dragons near the entry tunnel scooted away, a hush fell over the hall and those near the entry tunnel scooted away, creating a path to the dais.

Lothos felt the growl boiling up as the large gray dragon moved into the hall. He stood swallowing a sudden surge of fear. The gray shifted to a tall human in blue who stopped a few feet away, eyes locked with his. Scars, some Lothos had given him, some others had, crossed his cheeks. Lothos narrowed his eyes.

“You have a lot of nerve coming into my hall, Dmitri.” Lothos growled. Dmitri, his son, regarded him. Cool, expressionless. A mask that locked whatever the man was thinking, behind it. Once it had driven Lothos to the point of mindless rage, enough to try anything, everything he could think of, to try to break that exterior, to crack the mask. Now, as he studied his son, he felt a bit of pride, and a lot of fear. You can’t read a man with no expression, and a man you couldn’t read could kill you when you least expect it. He had no doubt that someday, Dmitri would try to kill him.

“We need to talk.” Dmitri’s voice was low, but the hush in the hall made it carry.

Lothos eyed him and glanced towards Otto. His second shrugged. Lothos motioned the office doors. He rarely used it, he hated planning. Dmitri turned and strode towards them, not looking at the silent dragons who scrambled to get out of his way. Did he have any idea how many of Lothos own people feared him? Lothos shook his head, nodded at Otto and followed his estranged son into the dusty office.
He hesitated before closing the doors, but did. Dmitri wouldn’t attack him, he was certain of that.

“You’ve muscled back into the lower packs. Impressive.” Lothos said, as soon as the doors closed. He turned and met Dmitri’s cold gaze. “Why you’re here, though…”

“You have a gap in your south east region.” Dmitri said, he moved towards the map, looking up at the sprawling lines. Lothos frowned.

“There’s little there.” He shrugged.

“There’s the Northern boundaries.” Dmitri turned to him, his eyes piercing. “There is nothing to stop the Dragonmaster’s people from moving north.”

Lothos rumbled looking up at the map. He nodded slowly. “Your flight is small, think you can handle it?”

Dmitri looked at him. Lothos swallowed, felt tingles moving up his spine. “We’d need a base of operation.” He said after a long silence. He pointed. “Give me the Keep. And your South Eastern borders will be secured.”

Lothos stared at him, sensing a power play, not sure what it was. “You want the Keep.”



Dmitri smiled coldly but said nothing. Lothos narrowed his eyes.

“Kepplings took it over years ago.”

“I know.”

“You clear it, it’s yours.”




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