Ok, was writing and this scene…totally unplanned, just exploded into my brain.



The floor was a checkerboard of marble, the pale white blocks looked like clouds, just hovering beneath their feet. As they passed over the darker marble Zander glanced down and froze, heart pounding in his ears. There were faint sparkles on a bed of inky black. Some of the squares had hazy, stretched out shapes. He crouched, staring down at one of the squares. The hazy shape, which reminded him of a shield, was made up of tiny pin-pricks of light that was spinning very slowly. He swallowed, slightly dizzy, trying to convince himself it was only in his mind. No one else seemed to notice, they continued down one of the hallways, talking about the scandals and intrigue that the Lords and Ladies of Tweng involved themselves in. He touched the black marble. Stone, cool to the touch. Nothing special, though he felt a tingle moving over his senses. Magic. Rahaun magic.

“They’re stars.” A quiet voice said behind him. He half turned, meeting eyes with a smiling rahaun woman.

“Stars?” He looked down at the marble. The spinning hazy thing glittered up at him. “How do you get them in the stone?”

“Magic.” She grinned and tapped her temple. “We all came from the stars, you know. Some of us, well we watch the nighttime sky to see where we came from. When we can we project what we’ve studied here, so we can study them anytime. That’s a Galaxy. A city of stars.”

“You…made these?” He looked back down.

“Not that one.” She pointed towards a hallway. “All the Starcatchers contribute. Mine are up that way, if you’d like to see.”

“How do you get stars in marble?” A million questions were biting at him. “I’ve never heard of starcatchers before.”

“There aren’t many anymore.” She shrugged.

“How do you get it into the marble?”

“We project it.” She squinted. “It’s a trade secret.”

“Of course.”

“Come on Zander! We’re on limited time here.”  Hayner bellowed.

“Coming!”  He turned back but the Starcatcher was gone. He frowned, turning around slowly. No sign of her.



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