Aug Sales – Small beginning

August Stats


4 stories up at Smashwords, Kindle, B&N and Xin Xii


The Shiny – 2
Redshirts – 1
The Magic Maker – 1
Playing For The Dead   –  0

Smashwords Total – 4


The Shiny – 1
Redshirts – 0
The Magic Maker – 1
Playing For The Dead   –  1

Kindle Total – 3


Barnes and Noble

The Shiny – 0
Redshirts – 0
The Magic Maker – 0
Playing For The Dead   –  0

B&N Total – 0


Xin Xii

The Shiny – 0
Redshirts – 0
The Magic Maker – 0
Playing For The Dead   –  0

Xin Xii Total – 0


Grand Total – 7 sales


What does this mean?

**shrugs** I dunno, just thought some of you might find it useful. I am writing, editing, revising, and being a full time mom. I started mid Aug of a very difficult Aug, right in the middle of the summer slump.

7 sales, you say, how underwhelming.

I guess it depends on what your expectations are. I didn’t expect any sales in aug at all. These are short stories. My bigger projects are getting a fine tooth comb treatment and are not ready for the public yet.

My smaller projects are in the process of being written and we are looking at a possible major move here soon. It might even be Jan before I have more to put up for sale due to these issues.

Bottom line, I need to get more stuff up and write more. I am happy with things as they stand. Have I made sales this month…. I don’t think so but I could be wrong.


Another post being thought about.

Take care all.

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