On the 26th, my monkeys will be returning to school. I love them, I adore them, I love that we are a happy (big) family. But I will admit we are all looking forward to school starting.

This summer has been filled with surprises and unexpected events. Good things, but things which have thrown me WAY off.

I wanted to submit a story to this year’s FM Anthology and while I have a few vague ideas, I don’t have anything really concrete. I may pull out my mind mapping app on my tablet to figure it out. While the deadline was pushed back to the 15th, that gives me 10 days. Not sure, with back to school stuff in full gear, that I could manage it.

I also have things to prepare for a September releases, which include compiling the Inside the Author’s Mind collection. I’ve got three more stories to scribble up for it and I just haven’t had the presence of mind to do it.

Zander story is sitting at 37k. I love this incarnation of this tale. Last week was, in a word, brutal. So I didn’t get as many words in it as I wanted/planned to. But life happens, and there’s always tomorrow.

E1. Ahh, so what the heck will I do with this one? See, I have a lot of projects planned. When I work on one, say, E1, I get to feeling guilty for not working on Zander. When I work on Zander I feel guilty for sitting and not working on E1 which is mostly finished.  Or Fallen, which needs one or two added scenes to it. I really want to get past this silly guilt thing. I also need to decide on titles for the whole elemental series.

The Plan (haha) as it stands now. (I should add, some of these aren’t dated and aren’t necessarily a list for the ‘rest of the year’ just a list of what’s next on the list);

~Get the Inside the Author’s Mind collection together. By sept 1st
~Write up SOMETHING for the FM Anthology; By Aug 15
~Finish Zander BK1 (before Oct?)
~Finish The Fallen
~Finish editing E1 and start putting it up either here and/or Wattpad.
~Write Zander bk2
~Finish E2
~Write up the Zombie christmas thing before christmas THIS year 😛
~Write up E3 – E7
~Write Zander bk 3-5
~Write CoB series
~Don’t forget the Friday Flash stuff

Breathing is important.

As you can see only three things have actual deadlines on this list. And at least one of those might not happen. I refuse to feel guilty about it.

Website stuff; Heads up, there was an issue with the payment thing for the website. It will be resolved Friday, but in the meantime the website might go poof until then. Don’t panic, it’ll be back. I promise. Now to get to rl stuff so I can get to writer stuff. Have a good week folks.

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