NaNo update

I crossed 20k last night. Am very proud of myself. I’m not stressing on wordcounts, as long as I have my daily 1700 I figure it was a good writing day, I refuse to freak out if my counts are lower. I’m having fun and that is the reason I do nano, to have fun. I love working with this story, am glad I decided to rewrite this. I am hitting some of the fun fun stuff and already suspect I have started it too early in the story.


So here is a snip, and off to do more writing today…


The shop was small and the windows dirty and dusty. The air was heavy with incense and tobacco and the shelved walls were lined with bottles, boxes and books. Little statuettes were inter-spaced on the shelves and on the narrow wooden counter, carved wooden and marble miniatures of the great statues of the gods in the temples. Zander recognized the Goddess Avari and the God Solur from his youthful trips to the temples in Purgatory. But there were others, ones whoes names he did not know. He leaned over the ebony statue of a woman, her race was unlike any he’d seen. Real cloth covered her slender form, a rich dark orange that contrasted with the shiny, dark wood. At her feet was carved  a broken sword and beside it, a wilted flower. He gripped his sword belt to keep from touching the dainty little statue.

“Even the gods die, hume.” The voice was rough, far from friendly and Zander straitened and found himself face to face with a fairly short rahaun. Black eyes peered from a pasty pale face, framed by dark hair, almost but not quite black. His one ear was double-tipped but looked odd, almost like webbing between the points, the other looked half torn off though both were decorated with fine chains and dangling round charms. “I’m dark rahaun, boy. You can stop staring.”

Zander blinked and felt his face heat up as the dark rahaun passed him. “Forgive me, I hadn’t realized I was.”

“Everyone stares at the dark rahaun.” He sniffed and moved behind the counter. He wore gray robes that looked threadbare. “It is a minor annoyance, one I am used to.” He lifted the little statuette Zander had been staring at, his long fingernails clacked on the wood. “This is the Goddess Vent.” He set it on the counter, tapping the head of the statuette. “She died, at the hands of the other gods, a long long time ago. Even the gods die.”

“I’m looking for Mage Nordel.” Zander said, trying to shake off the unease the dark rahaun’s words gave him.

The Dark Rahun’s eyebrows twitched and a strange smile curved his lips and he stroked the carved hair. “She was betrayed by the other gods, you know.” He looked up and placed both hands on the counter. “Some say she will come back, some say she waits for the right time.”

“My mother knew a dark rahaun whoes name is Nordel, if you are not he, can you tell me where to find him?”

“You don’t care for the gods?”

Zander gritted his teeth, unease replaced by irritation. “The gods can kiss my ass. Are you Mage Nordel?”

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So I seem to be doing a hit and miss when it comes to posting nano progress over here. I apologize for slacking. In my defense, I’ve been on medications that have left me a wee bit loopy.

Today as I was tapping away I had the background of a fav character fall into my lap. I was floored at the implications, at what he, as a person, does for his people. I’ve always known he was going to feature in his own book, now I think I know why.

I also realized that one reason I feel the need to write Bastard Prince and Crossroads before any of the other stories is because it lays groundwork and setting down for the other books in the series. As always I worry that I will do it justice. But you know what? It is ready to be done.


NaNo Snip


When they returned Lady Tienovey was speaking softly in High Rahaun. Tears stood out on her cheeks and Lord Merdoc stood behind her. Her clothing even her hair and her skin began to glow. Zander shot a startled look at Hayner but the man had bowed his head.

“She’s asking the goddess to send their spirits to havna,” Hayner murmured without cracking an eyelid.

Zander looked back at the Lady. She stood with her hands spread out in front of her, palms down. The light that pulsed around her spiraled down her arms to her hands, falling in a golden waterfall over the bodies, scattering the little flying bugs. She closed her hands, letting them fall to her sides and said something else. The mound of dirt that was piled to the side moved in a fluid-like stream to the shallow graves, covering the bodies of the dead.

When it finished Lady Tienovey leaned back against Lord Merdoc, who, with an arm over her shoulders,  led her towards the head wagon, his expression blank. 


Happy Writing fellow writers!


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NaNo day 9

I skipped a few days, and I apologize for that. Things have been rocky on the homefront.

Nano and writing.

Due to home issues my output has suffered, but that is all right, I’m still getting words, the story is still getting down. But I don’t think I’ll shoot for the double nano this year. Just regular nano is fine with me.

Each person has their own writing styles. I find that with every story I work on, I learn more about what works for me and what doesn’t. I love the fact that with writing I am always learning in someway, whether through research or just seeing a new method of putting things together.

I worked this up last night before crashing:


“Dark Rahaun?” Zander asked, tripping over the words. He wasn’t familiar with the term, but one of his letters was addressed to a Mage Nordel.

“years ago,one of the offspring of the first great Emperor of the Rahaun,”

“Tulel.” Valen interjected. Petlr scowled at him and continued.

“Decided to play with the dimensions, that is other-realms. Anyways he opened what they called Rift Gates and discovered a world they called the Shadowlands.” Petlr inhaled from his pipe and exhaled a long stream of sweet-smelling smoke before continuing. “Well, there was an uprising among the Rahaun, this happened thousands of years before the Humans arrived, by the way, this was toushish, long ago.” He hit the pipe again and spread his hands apart somehow managing to keep hold of it. “The emperor was almost killed and in retaliation he banished seven families, large families, through the Rift Gates and then ordered them torn down. For thousands of years no one knew what befell those families, until the war of Vent. It was that war, when the gods marched against her that the goddess Vent opened a rift across the Valley of Tour, what is now Pearthea,” he shot a direct look at Zander. “and let loose an army of Dark Rahaun, the descendants of those the emperor banished so long ago.”



NaNo count:  13,099 / 50,000

Book Count   13,099/ 150,000
And yes I am going to keep writing past the end of nano to simply finish this damn book. Then the plan is to finish Elemental Truth Edits to get that ready to publish after the first of the year. After that, Crossroads will need to be written.

That is the plan, and plans in my life have a tendency to change.

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NaNo Day 3

Well I was hoping to pass the 10k mark but I got far too exhausted by the time midnight rolled around. Yesterday’s total wordcount was 3207 bringing the NaNo total to 8307 words.I am pleased with my progress and have already pinpointed several things to change in the edits. If not for the time issue I’d go back but this is NaNo and I am just scribbling notes and moving forward! My overall goal is double nano, but I am just happy to be writing.

Jim Hines, Author of one of my favorite Fantasy books, The Stepsister Scheme has a Q&A about NaNo. It is full of beautiful snark and is over here. And check out his books while you are at it. The Stepsister Scheme is a great twist on fairy tales and I think it was totally well worth the money I spent.




NaNo Snip from Day 3:

“The Gray Dawn is the only tavern and inn in Savna.” Hayner was saying as they made their way down the darkened streets. The tall lamp-posts glowed a soft light which made the cobblestones and the walls of the buildings they passed, glitter like stars. The breeze rocked the branches of the Tree overhead and brought a soft flowery scent to Zander’s nose. He was having a hard time listening to Hayner.

“Up in Daglis there are a few inns and in Tweng is the Gates’ Bane among others, but here all we have is the Gray Dawn.” Hayner continued unaware of Zander’s distraction.

They stopped in front of a large wooden building, the only one Zander had yet seen, and Hayner pushed the double doors open.

The smell was a mixture of hops and hams, sweet and salty scents, none of the stale beer or vomit stench that permeated in the taverns in the south. A large fireplace dominated the room and lamps slung on thick chains hung from the ceiling, the light flickering and casting a gentle glow over the faces of the patrons. Humes and Rahaun alike were eating, talking, drinking and smoking and some were singing a song in the corner.

Zander followed Hayner to a large circular table and sat in the leather covered chair staring over the dining hall in mute disbelief. 

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NaNo Stats Day 2

Yesterday was one of my children’s birthday. I had to wait till after the birthday stuff before I was able to write. Then I was able to kick out 1700 words exactly (the last few words were a struggle).

Today is a bit calmer so I am hoping to kick out a large amount. **crosses fingers**



NaNo Snip, Day 2

“My mother spent time here years ago. She left behind letters to old friends. I’m delivering them.” Zander said.

Valen stilled and Nadja’s eyes went wide.

“Who was your mother lad?” Valen’s voice was flat, eyes narrow.

“The Lady Myrna. And old friend of mine.” Master Ander’s bumped into Valen as he struggled with an overlarge crate, pushing it into Valen’s arms. “Put this on the head wagon.”

Nadja’s eyes had gone wide and she and Hayner exchanged stunned looks.

“Zander, come help me with these wagons over here.” Master Anders took his arm and forcefully guided him to the other wagons. He felt the eyes of the others on him.

“I forgot about that.” Master Anders muttered. “Valen…”

“He knew my mother.” Zander said flatly.

“Not entirely. I did warn you, she made friends and enemies.”

“And Valen…”

“Not an enemy.” Valen interrupted. The man stared at Zander then glanced at Anders. “You are not your mother.” He extended a hand out. “There are others who will not be so amiable.”

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NaNo sets off, NaNo Snip #1

Since my schedule allows for it I went ahead and stayed up for 12:00 to arrive then wrote 2036 in just over two hours. Was going to go for 3 k however one of my littlest ones woke up and I just couldn’t keep my eyes opened.

So some of you requested snips… Just keep in mind, it is NaNo and it is rough.



Snip # 1

He patted his vest and silently counted the street numbers of the warehouses. Finding the one he sought he hesitated, re-reading the script on the metal plaque. 

Master Anders

He took a deep breath. The first letter was to this stranger. He pushed the tall wooden door open. A wall of heat hit him as he entered. The room beyond was narrow, lined with tapestries and bookshelves and dominated by a large desk and a huge man sitting at it scribbling away at parchment with a feather quill.

“The ship has not yet arrived, I am waiting impatiently for the shipment also.” The man said in the rahaun language, not looking up. Zander was pleased, he understood it! A part of him feared he’d learned it wrong. “I will send word when it arrives!”

“I’m not here about a shipment.” Zander said, carefully. The man scratching on parchment paused but he didn’t look up.

“Interesting accent, one I haven’t heard in a long time. Where you from lad?” He dipped his quill into the small pot of ink in front of him and resumed his scratching on the parchment.

Zander frowned. “Pearthea. But I’ve been in Balinor for a couple years.”

The scratching stopped and the man looked up sharply, his eyes going wide staring at Zander.

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A Moment in the life of a writer

Also could be called writer fail, or maybe tech fail. Last night, as I was working on the outline, I gripped the corner of my laptop to scoot it up my legs. It blue screened. I threw my handsup, reading the warning wondering wtf I did, then it restarted. I was a bit pissed a bit upset and all the while wondering if I squeezed the computer too hard and cause a hardware malfunction.

It is at this point this conversation between me and my amused hubby occured:

Him: What did you do to it?
Me: I swear I don’t know!
Him: You are hard on computers!
Me: **explains the moving and squeezing the corner theory as the computer boots up normal**
Him: You go through computers like everyone else goes through toilet paper.

at which point I got the giggles, because it isn’t far off the mark.   I assured myself that the outline file worked and that I hadn’t lost stuff then headed to bed. Still giggling.

As a writer I am constantly on the computer, I am always making backups. I AM hard on the computers I own.

Today I plan on working on the outline. If I can rally the kids to clean.

Oh, and for those wondering, here is the link to the BBC program Lost Kingdoms of Africa. It is offered trough Netflix streaming and you can purchase it at for about $50.00 here. I am going to invest in this one, I think it is totally worth having.

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Dusting off things

Those who have followed my livejournals for the past few years probably remember me starting and stopping the Zander/Avaria series. I would start, go gung ho,then ram into a wall and flounder before determining that I needed to set it aside and let it marinate. On and off, repeatedly. I have written the book Bastard Prince two or three times, and its sequel Crossroads at least twice. Both times they lacked something. Between my insecurity and frustrations at what agents/editors wanted (UF overload anyone?) I didn’t write the story I wanted, rather the story I thought I might sell.

About a week ago, as I was beating my head against a wall trying to figure out why I am having issues with Elemental Truth, I took a break and watched this four part series on the Forgotten Kingdoms of Africa. I was floored, I didn’t know about these kingdoms, I didn’t realize the rich and vast culture and history that was simply ignored by school-teachers. As I was watching,I began to have inklings of worldbuilding ideas. But not for E1, no these ideas had to do with the Avaria series, with the world that my cracktastic character Damien Zander lives in.

I fought it, which was about as successful as trying to get a brick to dance. But finally decided that maybe a way to get a handle on that story was to try to write up an outline. Now I have done outlines, I have gotten bogged down doing them and never fully finished an outline. So I wasn’t too optimistic. Breaking it all down into chapters and scenes… So overwhelming.

So I started to list of the scenes. Not chapters. and then I went back and expanded those a little here and a little there and I found myself sittingon a 12 page outline of Bastard Prince outlined from beginning to end. The whole damn thing. I was shocked and very proud of myself. I am still adding and fixing things, finding innaccuracies and plot holes and I am finding something even more amazing; outlines can be a very useful tool.

Outlines are a tool. For those who can write them, who use them, they can help you pick up on the things that will possibly give you issues. I thought I couldn’t do outlines. But I had to find out how to write it effectively for ME. I don’t know how others outline. But I know if I try to do chapters then scenes I get hung up. But going scene by scene works very well.

**shrugs** not everyone does outlines, I don’t know how well the writing of Bastard Prince  will turn out until I get to it, but we’ll see. NaNo starts Tues and I am stoked!

I had thought I would do CoB and E2 (was E3) for NaNo, but no, I think I am going to write out Bastard Prince for NaNo. Aiming for double (or possibly triple) NaNo with this beast.

I feel ready. I feel like maybe I am there. there are other stories in this series that I want to write, but I can’t because Zander’s story is the foundation for all those other ones.

So where does this leave my elemental stories? For right now, E1 is set aside. I will focus on BP, then possibly dec or Jan I’ll pull it back out and have some space to see what needs to be fixed.

I do have a short story I need to sit down and format and put up.

Is anyone interested in my progress with Zander’s story?
During NaNo would anyone be interested in seeing shinys?
Or just in general does anyone want to see snips here?



Take care all, be good and Happy Samhein/Halloween!


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Quick update

About a week or so I had a computer malfunction issue. I had to reset my computer to factory settings.

Luckily I have everything backed up, didn’t lose any  writing, but it along with other RL issues have made me have to re-evaluate my deadlines. Oh the joys of self pubbing! 😀

That said, I am trying to re-organize my time and get myself back into a routine. I have a story almost ready to publish but there is something not right about it and I haven’t had the time to sit down and figure out WHY.

It is probably going to be something silly and obvious and when I finally **see** I will facepalm mightily, but until then…

Anyways. Deadline changes:

Elemental Truth was originally slated for release in Nov. However it is not going to be ready. I won’t release it prematurely. There are plot issues, characterization issues and I am certain some grammar things to fix before I can release it in good conscious.

Elemental Storm has been moved in the overall timeline (and is now E5) and Elemental Flame (this year’s NaNo project) has been dubbed E2. As if anyone besides me was keeping track of that!

Anyways, I am outlining CoB and E2 which are my double nano projects and doing the mom/housewife thing.

Hope you are all doing well.

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NaNo thoughts

So the new site is finally launched, with the usual bugs. hehe It doesn’t really bother me for some reason, I guess that’s because bugs go with the territory when we are talking nano.

To be honest I love nano. I love the energy that spikes among my writer friends. I love seeing the friends from nanos past show up, dust off their writing to go at it, before getting sucked into the mawing black hole of real life.

There is motion, movement. There is a comradeship. Someone who doesn’t do nano, for whatever reason, or doesn’t enjoy the madcapness of it, won’t get it. It moves you on a near spiritual level. It is NaNo and that is all you have to say, people nod gravely.

So what is NaNo?

NaNo is a push to get people writing. To push out 50,000 words in 30 days. Some people love to bitch about how it is all shitty writing… uhm have they ever really looked at a first draft? It is all shitty. That’s what the edits are for. It is to get people to get words down. To get the story from brain to computer/paper. You can go back and fix the mistakes. You can go and tighten prose. Sometimes you have to scrap and redo the whole thing, but knowing you did it to begin with helps when you sit down to try it again.

NaNo is about the first draft. I have friends that prepare months in advance with outlining and what have you. Others dive in with a vauge idea and go from there. I have done both, I find my success rate is higher if I have an outline/planned out scenes.

I finished my first WIP thanks to NaNo. I have participated since ’04, have won about 50/50 of the time, but for me it isn’t about the word count, about the brownie points for hitting 50k (I know I can, no biggie really) but I participate because of the energy, the movement and for the fun of it.

Because for me, NaNo is fun. Someday it might not be, but for now, I’m doing nano and I encourage everyone who is debating it, to give it a try. If you don’t thats ok, just cheer us nutcases on. 🙂

Here is a book NaNo For the New and Insane which is a free download, and contains some great advice for new nanoers. Check it out if you are interested in doing nano.


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This post brought to you thanks to Sue’spost over here:

Beta readers are, imo, essential to a good story. It is great to have a fresh pair of eyes to pick up things that we have gone blind over, because we are so close to the story. Here are a few questions and my answers.

Why have beta/first readers? Because no work is perfect. Plotholes, characterization issues and all sorts of things happen. What a first reader can do is help find those things and often give input on how to fix it. Sometimes they are spot on. Sometimes they can come up with ways to fix the problems, methods to straighten out issues. Beta readers are awesome to have around to bounce ideas off of at a later date. Because they know your style and your storyline, they can better see where you are going with the idea. Sometimes they see it better than you do too!

Having extra eyes to help you fix your work and make it worthy of your readers is important. You want to give people (whatever your goals are) your best side, betas and first readers can help you achieve that.

Where to find those first readers & betas?  Writing communities online are a great place to start. However, you should always begin by offering to crit/read over other people’s work before asking for someone to read yours. There ARE sites where you can upload your work and recieve crits for it based on a point system. The more you crit the more you can post:

Online Writer’s Workshop and Critique Circle are two point based ones that I have used with great success, though I haven’t been active at either in a long time. OWW has a huge list of writers who have used their site who have gone on to great things. I think Critique Circle does too, but it has been a long time since I was over there and I am not too sure.

Over at Forward Motion for Writers, a free forum for writers that started in ’98 by Holly Lisle and currently kept going by Lazette Gifford, is a roving crit board where you can post a short piece and get immediate feedback on your work and can crit others. There is also a chat room which allows for insta interaction between writers. I have made dear friends in that chat.

Absolute Write is another free forum which is very large and full of good info, though they have in the past been negative towards self pubbed authors, there are crit areas, advice areas and a large database of publishers and agents. I would highly recommend using their info before sending your work off to an agent or publisher. I have made several awesome friends and found a beta reader from frequenting this site, though, again, I haven’t been cruising forums much lately.

So what do I look for in beta readers? Firstly I look for people who read what I write. Sending a fantasy to a person who prefers true crime might not work well. Another thing is asking yourself what kind of input do I want? Some folks are great with the technical stuff and not the plot, character, worldbuilding, some folks prefer to give a reader’s opinion, while others love to do the red pen dance all over the story. It can all balance out (I have a couple folks who give the reader’s opinion and a couple who are more in depth which usually give a good overall view of my work), and often if you have all your betas having an issue with the same thing, chances are you need to fix it.

Some betas can be over-zealous, and not understand that the goal is not to rewrite the story based on how they would do it, but to make it closer to how you want it. Just as a word of warning. Carefully weigh what betas say with your vision of your story.

One beta picked out, within a page or so, the reason I was having trouble with a certain story. She was right, painfully so, and though I cringed mightily, I know what what I need to do to fix that issue. Her input has been priceless.

That brings me to another mention; thick skin. Getting the blunt truth back about one’s work can be uncomfortable. It is flawed, it is always flawed. There are always ways to fix it. Understanding and accepting this gracefully is important. How many times have we heard of an author who flips out on a negative reviewer? How unprofessional of the author!

When you hand your work to a beta you are asking them to pick apart the story, to look for problems, and to hand it back with a list and sometimes recommended ways to fix said problems. Flying off the handle at them when they point out that they find your main character a wimp, is not a good response, to put it mildly. Remember you ASKED for it. It doesn’t mean you have to take their advice, but if you get the same issue cropping up with more than one beta chances are you need to do something to fix your work.

When I recieve a crit or response from a beta I have a moment which I center myself, take a deep breath then plow through it. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, it can be tear inducing, but in the long run looking at a beta’s pov can benefit your story and your level of professionalism.

When you hand your work out to an agent, a publisher or self pub, you are putting it out for the public, and the public is not exactly kind if there are flaws and mistakes (or if they perceive things that they consider flaws and mistakes). And they will let you know how awful they think it is, often in a very unkind and condescending manner. To maintain a level of professionalism, keeping a clear head is probably the best idea. Thicken the skin, expect to get your stuff shredded sooner than later. 😉

Back to betas, be nice to your betas. Do for them what you hope they will do for you. Open the ears and listen to their input. It can greatly help your story in the long run.

And as a open message to my betas; thank you so much for pointing out when I messed up. 😀


Take care all, be good, be safe.

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Happy October!

Sept was a slow, dragging month. So much RL stuff that dragged me away from writing I felt very lost at times. HOWEVER, this is a new month, one of my family’s favorites. I have a couple of stories I want to get put up for sale this month and next month is NaNo!  **squees**

I was hoping to have Elemental Truth ready to go for Nov, but I don’t think that is going to happen just yet. It isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for perfect, but there are basic plot issues that MUST be addressed.

Lets see, last months sales were ever so slightly underwhelming. But I refuse to stress on it. I didn’t do much in the way of marketing due to above mentioned real life stuff.

This month I have two, possibly 3 stories I want to get up or ready to get up, and a slew of projects to organize for Nano and next year.

There was something else, but now i don’t remember.

Oh, well.


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Formatting and other thoughts

I apologize, I have been very caught up with RL. Haven’t had a chance to really get over here to post.


Writing ground to a temporary halt while I deal with some very real, very urgent issues in RL. Today, as I tried to get my brain to refocus, i started skimming through some of my links. One of which is a great tutorial for using .html to format your ebooks. I got to thinking and pulled up my files to look over my stories in the various formats. And decided to re-format my files.

Here is the link to the tutorial. The comments are as educational as the tutorial itself, I highly recommend taking the time to learn it.

NaNo is right around the corner and I am excited and thrilled to say that I am, yet again, going to hop on the crazy train. Naysayers go away. My participating in NaNo isn’t going to damage your delicate little tail-feathers. Here Is Lazette Gifford’s take on NaNo. I have to say I agree.

You don’t like it, don’t do it. Stop wasting YOUR time bitching about us who ARE going to do it; and go slave away at your own WIPs.

After all, if you spent all that energy on writing instead of bitching, you might just get somewhere with your own work. I sometimes wonder if the naysayers are so because of jealousy. After all there is a lot of motivation and movement and people progress writing wise. Perhaps the bitterness is because those who are bitter have no forward motion in their writing… 😉  Something to ponder, eh?

speaking of work, time to get back to it.

Take care all.

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Technical difficulties and a bit o a rant

We are having a few.

It kinda keeps me a bit busy.

I have been a bit quiet over here for a number of reasons. Health, kids, and other real life challenges.


There is  a lot going on in the pubbing world. At the moment, I am just watching and seeing how things will play out as I write my stories and self pub. There is a mini rant inside my head right now about contracts and the attitude people have of dismissing your concerns. Of people dismissing your desire to have control over your intellectual property.

I need some time to articulate it and need to do a bit of research to back up my opinions. But it boils down to this;

I want control of MY work. It is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. I enjoy having total control.

I know, for a fact, that not everyone can do the multitasking required to self publish. It is a hell of a lot of work, stress, headache, and time.

FOR ME, the correct choice, at this point in time, is self publishing. It might change later. Berating me for deciding to self publish, putting me down because I decided that I want to make damn sure what is happening on the business side of my writing is not going to make me look too kindly towards the traditional writing community.

Furthermore, here is a bit of an open letter to people;

I respect my fellow writers who have gone the traditional route. My hats off to you, you have done a hell of a job and I am excited and thrilled to hear about your accomplishments and future plans

My friends who are planning on going the traditional route, I will cheer you the whole way! I wish you all the success. Please feel free to share your plans and dreams of getting an agent and having a trad publishing co publish you. I will remind you of other options but I won’t, nor do I intend to push you towards self pubbing. If you feel I’m being pushy tell me, I am a big girl I can take it. 😛 (Seriously I get excited with self pubbing, I don’t mean to be pushy, I openly apologize if I have been)

Fellow self pubbers/indi writers; for fucks sake be nice! I have seen this trend towards being insulting towards agents, editors, trad published writers. Just knock it off! Yes I know, we have been put down and kicked around because we choose to take our future into our own hands, but all this negative energy directed towards the traditional methods of publication are taking out of your writing time and feeding a fire that doesn’t need to be fed. The negativity is a cancer which will kill your creativity if you don’t get it under control. We can play nice together people.

Super Critical trad published writers/editors/agents: You be nice too! Yes there are issues with many self pubbed writers, but not all of us are idiots, not all of us put out nothing but crap. Take a moment and give the ones who are working hard to put out our best work the credit we deserve. You know why I have only 4 shorts up? I have about 15 projects I could, I suppose, toss up. But I won’t. Because I am working hard to ensure that what I put up is worth what I will ask people to pay for it. I could toss up E1 right now, but, as it is, it is crap. I want it to be better, so I edit, I am working on it. I hope it will be ready before Christmas, but I won’t put it up until I am certain it is worth my readers time.

This is my choice, and I am happy with it. Please respect my decision, I will respect yours.

ok I have a bunch of housework that needs to be done. Play nice, be good or at least be safe 😉


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I went to the library…

I went to the library to pick up the 3 books on hold. I thought, hell since I am here I might as well look at the books on religion. I am doing worldbuilding for the Epic thing. OMG, for a small library they had a good selection. Books on mythology, a couple on Buddhism, a couple on what Muslams really believe, which I thought would be enlightening considering the Islamaphobia in our country. Taoism, Shinto, Egyptian mythology, a book on Russian Myths and legends…


Plotbunny fodder!! 😀


Religion in Fantasy seems a bit limited. I have noticed in many fantasy books there seems to be one main religion and no other.

Not so in my Epic-thing, I am working on a minimum of five religions, getting ideas from religious practices here.

Some story random:

I know that the villain will be part of some sort of death cult or something. Working on the details here.

The FMC will be part of a group that is nature oriented, I keep thinking/envisioning something either Druidic or Celtic like. Some more research is needed though. but I know that it is nature based.

I know there are two types of strictish organized religion, think Catholic/Latter-Day Saint type of belief structure.

The final religion is inspired by Shinto, the? Japanese religion which I am going to have to read more about before I can give a good rundown. I have an image in my head, of the characters passing through a town where they are holding a festival. The villagers are carrying around figurines of their household gods so they can be part of the festival too. It was inspired in chat when a friend related an actual experience like that when visiting a town in Japan (if I understood it correctly, it was busy in chat).

I am excited about this project and am trying to decide if I should work on it for NaNo this year. I was going to work on E3, but E3 can’t be written until E2 is, and E2 is on hold while I figure out some stuff with the heroine.


Now another thing, lately I have noticed a trend of people coming back to the realization that writing for themselves, instead of others, makes for a happier writing experiance. **pssst I told ya! :P**

One of my pals over in Livejournal land has setup a community called 16weeksofjoy which is geared towards setting personal goals and writing at YOUR pace. If you have a livejournal you might want to look into it, or set up a livejournal so you can participate.

Now I need to get some more headache meds, light some incense, and get to work while I can.


Be good folks, or at least be careful. 🙂

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