Quick pre-Thanksgiving post; I have a snip here that had me chuckling, hope you all don’t find it too confusing;


NaNo Snip:


“You know Immortals?” Zander asked, forcing the words.

Lord Merdoc eyed him. “Don’t believe in the Immortals, boy?”

Zander blinked, struggling to find something to say. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in them, more he’d never really thought of them.

“You have met at least three since coming up here, you know.” Lord Merdoc said, his lip twitching.

Zander looked over at Hayner who was nodding solemnly. “You have got to be joking.”

“Lady Nyhavi served in the last god war with Savna and the Shaderunner,” Merdoc pulled a small bag of smoked meat strips and tossed one at Zander then at Hayner. “The Gods asked her to sign on with one of them, but she declined.”

“Why?” Hayner asked.

Merdoc shrugged. “Ask her. The Third was born shortly before the humans arrived, used to serve Solur but gave up her commission after Savna died. And Nordel.”

“Nordel?” Zander frowned.

“I suspect he was sent here as a spy originally, though I’ve never been able to get him to admit it.”

“And you know he is an immortal, how?”

Lord Merdoc grinned, took a bite of the meat and went back to stand at his perch.



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