Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Lets take a moment, to remember the men (and women) who fought for workers to have a voice in company decisions. Today a lot of folks get drunk, party, bar-b-q without a clear understanding of what the foundation of this ‘holiday’ was built from.

In other news;

Monday Meanderings

Dean Wesley Smith has a series of online workshops he/his publishing company WMG Publishing offers through teachable*. I went ahead and subscribed to the weekly tips because, well why the hell not? He’s been in the business for decades, and done well, if he has tips to share, I think it’s a worthy investment. One of those tips was about resetting yourself. As he put it, if he misses a day he says reset and starts over.

As I was looking over my page and my blog I started laughing, I might not use the term ‘reset’ (I don’t really have A term, though I do think of it as ‘Reboot’) but I have been doing something like that for a long time. I might miss a day, a week, months or hell even years, but I always reboot, restart. Reset. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Sometimes I fail spectacularly LOL, but I try to keep moving forward. I just found it amusing/ironic/neat that he’d put up a tip on that and I’d find/watch that tip as I’m doing my own ‘reset’ right now.

I went over to both the Patreon and the Wattpad pages. Debating. I haven’t been keeping up either, though I’ve put up more on Wattpad than Patreon. I’m considering what to do with them. I feel like I owe it to the wattpad followers to at least finish uploading E1. Then part of me was thinking I should just close down the Patreon and move BP over to wattpad. Not sure I care for that. Can’t really pin down why it doesn’t feel right.

Anywho, I hope you are doing well. All three of you 😉 Take it easy. Be kind to one another.

*I am not getting any kind of kickback or anything to mention DWS’s workshops. I’m just sharing info about something I find a valuable investment as an author. I would highly recommend checking out DWS’s online workshops to any serious self pubber.

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Memorial Day ~ May we never forget…

…Those who sacrificed all, to ensure we might continue to live in freedom.


“The fallen patriots we memorialize today gave their last full measure of devotion. Not so we might mourn them, though we do. Not so that our nation might honor their sacrifice, although it does. They gave their lives so that we might live ours — so that a daughter might grow up to pursue her dreams; so that a wife might be able to live a long life, free and secure; so that a mother might raise her family in a land of peace and freedom.”

44th President of the United States, Barak Obama  MAY 26, 2014

You can read the full article over here


Let us not forget, in our joy of a holiday and time off work the men and women who gave all so we might be able to continue to live our lives.*



Be kind to each other


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*I do not have the energy to discuss the mess we’re in today. Lets not overshadow the memories of those that served by the atrocities of the orange cheeto today.
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