December is here

Where did the year go? Rhetorical question, I’m not expecting an answer :P. So I did hit the nano words and my brain decided that Dmitri was going to go to sleep and Zander promptly started whispering at me. 0.o

Something that I noticed, post nano. I don’t seem to have the post nano brain-dead. I think it’s because writing has become such an integral part of my day (yes my DAY) that writing 50k really isn’t all that big a deal. Looking over my records on writing, I seem to have the greatest monthly output, wordwise, in feb, march and april. Interesting (imo).

I was fiddling with a program called Aeon Timeline¬†to set up the timeline for the Zander stories. Mind you I’ve tried a number or programs and most timeline ones limit the dates. This thing is effing awesome. The world Zander lives on and the time frames in this world are VAST. This program allows me to set up my own date/calendar system. My OCD is very happy with this. VERY happy.

I managed to do the timeline for Books 1-3 and then Zander/Talia’s part of bk 4 and was starting to work on the timeline for the forensic fantasy part of bk 4 when I realized that I needed the name of a character, I couldn’t for the LIFE of me remember his name. So I did something I shouldn’t have done. I opened up my backup files and started skimming through old versions of Crossroads. -.- I am kindof surprused how well it holds up. YES there are issues, and no I don’t think I’d be able to edit it to fit into the new plot/timeline. But some of those scenes are golden. Just golden.

Anyways, I’m back to plugging away on the Zander story, I want to finish bk 2 before Jan 1st. Anyways this sat on my computer for way too long. Hope yall are having a good december so far.

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Still here

I’m very close to hitting NaNo, despite some unexpected shit tossed my way this month. I’ll try to put it into words later, suffice to say this month didn’t go quite as planned. Anyways, would you like a dragon snip? Have I mentioned I lurvs my dragons? ūüėÄ

Just remember, this is NaNo rough. It needs a good scrubbing. I know this. Enjoy;


Miranda was preparing to return to their quarters, when a sound from the entry ledge caught her attention. Dmitri stood still, watching the tunnel, his hands clenching and un-clenching at his sides. Khal and Lita moved behind him. Three males stepped into the hall. The man in front was pale, broad shouldered in clothes that were worn and patched. His hair fell to his shoulders and looked tousled, unwashed. He wore a blade at his side, and he rested his hand on the hilt. They strode in silence, looking neither right nor left, stopping several lengths from Dmitri.

“I’ll be damned.” Someone whispered. The hunters gathered creating a loose circle around the newcomers.

“Brenon.” Dmitri inclined his head, his low voice carrying over the room. Muffled gasps filled the room. Miranda nibbled her lower lip. Should she go over or stand to the stay where she was? She glanced at Jor, but the other woman had her eyes locked on the Outlander and his people.

“Dmitri, its been a long time.” Brenon’s voice was deep, similar to Dmitri’s though his was rougher. He looked around, narrowing his eyes when he saw Miranda, then looked at Dmitri. “Lots of whispers about you in the Outlands. Lots of eyes on the Keep, wondering if you’ve got a chance in hell.”

“You’re not here to discus whispers and rumors, brother.” Dmitri said. “Why are you here?”

Brenon gave a bark of laughter. Some of the hunters shifted uneasily. Was this going to be a challenge? Miranda wanted to ask someone, but all eyes were on the two males. Brenon lifted a rolled scroll. “You have a working office. There are many eyes in here.”

“Say what you have to say here, Brenon.” Dmitri crossed his arms.

They regarded each other.

“You’ve caught the attention of the Thalsbren. Even the human nations are beginning to notice. Gaeno is old, weak, bitter about his lack of advancement with Lothos and Otto.” Brenon ran his hand over the scroll. “He’s approached me, so did Hesh and Rilo, and several others who have since fallen. You’ve made a dent, a huge one, in Lothos old crew.”

“Get to the point brother.” Dmitri snarled. His skin mottled, swirls of blue-grey just below the surface.

“The alliances are lining up, between you and Gaeno.”

“We know this!” Jor snapped. Dmitri held up a hand and Brenon nodded.

“We, the Outlanders, have held off giving any of you our support.” Brenon held up the scroll. “Gaeno wanted us to ally with him, until I gave him our terms.”

Dmitri said nothing.

“How many contenders have you fought, since you made your stake?”

Dmitri looked towards Jor who was frowning as she strode over.

“Nintey four.” She said.

“What are you, made of steel?” The male asked incredulously.

“I wish.” Dmitri gave a crooked grin. “It’d hurt less when I get hit.”

Brenon gave a bark of laughter and held out the scroll, unrolling it and walking over to the table. “The elders will call for a count, see whose support you’ve garnered, once at the contenders are down.” He set the scroll down and Miranda could see it was a detailed set of maps. Brenon pointed at Dmitri. “You need the Outlanders. Every other contender, and I’ve lost count, has come to me, begging me for my backing. Giving nothing and promising nothing in return.” He spat on the floor. “Every single one of those slithering worms hid from father and Otto. You haven’t come to me, and you’re the only one who had the gall to stand up to the old man.” Brenon pointed at an odd marking on the map. “Give us back Syrteca, and the Outlanders will back you.”

Someone gave a long low whistle.

“That’s a fools task.” Lita said.

“Syrteca was one of the first taken.” Dmitri didn’t look at the map, his eyes were locked on Brenon. “The queen has dug in deep.”

Brenon nodded. “Do it, brother, and we’re yours.”

Dmitri’s eyes narrowed. Miranda could see several others shaking their heads, even Brenon’s men didn’t look optimistic.

“Done.” Dmitri said finally. Whispers ran through the onlookers. Brenon nodded grinning slowly.

“If anyone can do it, you can.” Brenon stepped forward, arm out.

They gripped arms, and after a moment Brenon pulled Dmitri into a rough embrace, said something in his ear, turned and strode out, his fellows close behind him. The silence stretched, all eyes on Dmitri. He leaned over the map, hands on the table, staring at it.

“There is no way to dislodge a queen, Dmitri.” Lita said. “It’s a death wish.”

He made no response, moved one of the maps.

“Dmitri, how could you agree to that?” She pressed. He looked at her, the mottling was back. She stepped back.

“Malice, Lita, take a scouting trip around Syrteca. Keep low, and don’t be noticed.” He said after a long silence. He rolled the scrolls up and glanced around the room before leaving.


Have a great weekend!


You can find more dragon snips over here

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August Is here

On the 26th, my monkeys will be returning to school. I love them, I adore them, I love that we are a happy (big) family. But I will admit we are all looking forward to school starting.

This summer has been filled with surprises and unexpected events. Good things, but things which have thrown me WAY off.

I wanted to submit a story to this year’s FM Anthology and while I have a few vague ideas, I don’t have anything really concrete. I may pull out my mind mapping app on my tablet to figure it out. While the deadline was pushed back to the 15th, that gives me 10 days. Not sure, with back to school stuff in full gear, that I could manage it.

I also have things to prepare for a September releases, which include compiling the Inside the Author’s Mind collection. I’ve got three more stories to scribble up for it and I just haven’t had the presence of mind to do it.

Zander story is sitting at 37k. I love this incarnation of this tale. Last week was, in a word, brutal. So I didn’t get as many words in it as I wanted/planned to. But life happens, and there’s always tomorrow.

E1. Ahh, so what the heck will I do with this one? See, I have a lot of projects planned. When I work on one, say, E1, I get to feeling guilty for not working on Zander. When I work on Zander I feel guilty for sitting and not working on E1 which is mostly finished.  Or Fallen, which needs one or two added scenes to it. I really want to get past this silly guilt thing. I also need to decide on titles for the whole elemental series.

The Plan (haha) as it stands now. (I should add, some of these aren’t dated and aren’t necessarily a list for the ‘rest of the year’ just a list of what’s next on the list);

~Get the Inside the Author’s Mind collection together. By sept 1st
~Write up SOMETHING for the FM Anthology; By Aug 15
~Finish Zander BK1 (before Oct?)
~Finish The Fallen
~Finish editing E1 and start putting it up either here and/or Wattpad.
~Write Zander bk2
~Finish E2
~Write up the Zombie christmas thing before christmas THIS year ūüėõ
~Write up E3 – E7
~Write Zander bk 3-5
~Write CoB series
~Don’t forget the Friday Flash stuff

Breathing is important.

As you can see only three things have actual deadlines on this list. And at least one of those might not happen. I refuse to feel guilty about it.

Website stuff; Heads up, there was an issue with the payment thing for the website. It will be resolved Friday, but in the meantime the website might go poof until then. Don’t panic, it’ll be back. I promise. Now to get to rl stuff so I can get to writer stuff. Have a good week folks.

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TGIF? No, for me it’s Monday

My hubs only has one day off a week That was yesterday. So as everyone else is moving towards the weekend we’re just starting our new workweek. Blarg. That sums it up pretty well. So. Writing.

I’m currently (as in, in the other window) working on the final two installments of Inside The Author’s Mind, they’re going to be small, they average under 1k, so if I can get them done they’ll be up for Flash Fiction friday later today and next friday *crossing fingers*. Once those are done I’m hoping to compile them into a collection to have up in Sept. If they’re large enough I’ll see about putting together print versions. It may take some doing though, for the ISPNs. I’m considering a kickstarter or something like that to fund getting the ISPN numbers from Bowker. Or just tossing a donate button at the bottom of the page. We shall see.

If anyone has been paying attention to the bars on the **checks other tab** right side of the page, I’ve been puttering away at the first Zander book. I’m about 1/4 of the way through it and I think it’s coming along fairly well. I was thinking over the series itself and it struck me that there are going to be 4, possibly 5, in the whole series. The first three are the Northern Empire books and the last one(two) would be the grande finale/wrap up of that situation. So. 5 in the Zander series. **twitches**

I do need to come up with new titles for them…

I AM still working on getting E1 edited so I can serialize it. Which I’m still planning on doing. What the heck, right? It may be September (ahhh that month again) before I start serializing it. Or maye OCt. Not sure if I can swing it in Aug though. I may do a teaser chapter to see what people think.

Ok, in other pubbing news, Smashwords is holding a coupon special for the month of July. I’ve signed up all my titles for it. Linked below; The coupon code is SSW50

The Shiny – With coupon is free
Redshirts –¬†With coupon is free
Muse Interrupted –¬†With coupon is free
The Magic Maker – With coupon is 50% off; $1.50
Playing For The Dead –¬†With coupon is free
Help Never Came –¬†With coupon is 50% off; $1.75
River Of Souls –¬†With coupon is free

In Aug I’m going to be compiling them into collections for a September release, and possibly pulling down the single titles. I’m undecided on this atm. We’ll see. I’m also working on some new covers (in my *haha* spare time) ¬†and plan on going through the current titles for a typo hunt. Just a typo hunt/grammar fix, no story changes.

Anyways, time to wrap this up and finish the flash fiction stuff. Have a great weekend folks!

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A touch behind

We’ve had some family/RL things happen which have thrown me off my **hahaha** schedule.

So, I am working on JulNoWriMo, I’m a touch behind. The nano wordcount is at about 8000 or so, and I’m doing my own thing and using the new BPBK1 as my nano project.

Last night, as I was talking with a pal about the Zanderstuff, it struck me that sometimes when I write I go back and forth, kinda like weaving. I’ll find myself stuck, so I go back and reread what I’ve got. Often times I start fiddling, adding things, descriptions, reactions, I rarely delete much unless I realize there’s a plot hole that I need to fill and then I tweak and play around with stuff. Then I’ll move forward, usually in spurts of large word counts. Until I hit a snag and have to rethink things.

Right now my big issue is Bk1 has several military campaigns and such and tactical stuff and I am really second guessing myself. I’m writing about a group of guys who are troublemakers and who get in and out of scrapes. They get dubbed The Trouble Crew. And I’m drawing blank after blank about the details of how and what they do. I know they gain a reputation, but I’m not entirely clear on how.

I’ve been fighting a bought of the blues. Not full on depression, just a little down. Things haven’t panned out schedule/time/kid wise. I’m not where I want to be publishing wise. I know I can get this stuff done up and out, but…but…but… yeah, the list goes on, the things a mom of 9 needs to do is endless and sometimes it makes getting the words and editing and managing the ebooks and all the other stuff that goes with it, goes right out the window.

As I told a friend, I sit down to list out what I need to get done to get myself re-focused with the pubbing thing and get overwhelmed and start playing Zombie Lane or No Zombies on my tablet. Bad me. >.>

No I’m not perfect. In fact I’m far from it. While this year has been a GOOD one on a personal/family level, writing wise has been a struggle. I’m searching for my routine, for my groove. Sometimes I think I’ve found it. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

Anyways, enough rambling. I’ll get it squared away. Have a snip. This is a dreaming scene. In the Zander books, I noticed, he dreams. A lot. Those dreams foreshadow things that will happen later on in the story and ties several threads together.

He stood above the great city, watching the horde sweeping through the broken and twisted city walls. His soldiers behind him, fleeing through the mountain passes, he alone watched his home fall beneath the enemy. He gripped his swords, trying to look away, but unable to. The Great Tree shuddered as the enemy swept past it, the branches hitting the roofs of the houses beneath it. It began to lean, tipping towards the gate he’d led his men through.

The Great Tree shimmered, and for a brief moment, superimposed over it, was a rahaun woman, hands clasped in front of her, her hair intertwined through the branches and leaves. Again the tree shuddered and as he watched she looked up, her eyes locked on his.

Flee. Now. While you still can.

Her head bowed and the tree continued to lean. With a deafening crack, it fell, the great trunk crushed buildings beneath it, wedged tightly against the gate. He felt a hand on his arm, a voice hollering in his ear.

“We have to go, now!”


Have a good day folks.



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Sunday Serenity

I spent the day playing with daz, trying out some mockups for covers for BPBK1 and just having fun. Thought I’d share it here. I am not satisfied with the Zander model but yeah.


ZanderBK1_test05¬†I am not entirely happy with how this turned out, but I’m far from done with it.

rahaunwoman_torah¬†I was trying to do Tienovey, but this is not Tienovey. Not sure who she is, possibly Torah or Tienovey’s mother. I like it, just don’t know who she is.


zander_talia¬†My second attempt at Tienovey, failed again, though this gal reminds me of Talia. So I thought I’d give her the opportunity to bitch out Zander. ūüėõ


Anyways, starting tomorrow is Julno¬†and I’ll be using Zander as my project. I prefer Julno to CampNaNo. I loathe the setup on CampNaNo tbh.


Anyways. Have a happy sun evening. **Wave**  And those of you in the middle of the heat wave, stay hydrated.

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Flash Fiction Friday – Not.

So I had this up for hours, half wrote a flash fiction and got bogged down by sick kids and a brain that was most¬†disobedient. Darn the thing I kept falling asleep! I just read over the flash fic piece and I have no idea where the heck I was going with it. I’m sorry but I think I have to pass, again, on FFF. OF course it IS a moot point as it is now Saturday.

Anyways, I have been thinking and planning and mostly silent in the blogosphere, mainly because there is so much going on I am hesitant to go into too many details.

Today is the first of December and I think my plan for today is simply get my workout done and get another chapter of Crossroads written. I might even get a snip up here. I stress the might.

As for my december goals; Finish crossroads. That’s it.


Have a great Sat.

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One more day

I am hideously, horribly behind in the NaNo wordcount. That’s ok, ūüôā ¬†I’m not too worried about it. It’ll carry on thru december. The ultimate goal, anyways, was just to finish¬†Bastard Prince¬†and¬†Crossroads before Jan.

I will make that. I know I will.

Today, sadly, can’t be dedicated to writing, however. It is a Dr.¬†Appointment¬†day with the munchkins.

There was more I was going to say but I just looked at the time and must zoom.

Have a good thursday people.

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State of the Project

Draft 1, in it’s horrible and patch-worked state, is done.





**runs around screaming**




ok now to get to Crossroads. It’s sitting at about 25k and I Think I could get a rough draft done at 70 – 90k.




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NaNo-ish thingy

As posted on my tumblr;

I am suckin hard at NaNo this year, but that’s okay, I’m being a rebel anyways. ūüėõ I found a picture which, I don’t know who the models are, I have no info whatsoever on where this pic came from, but it just SCREAMS my two fav characters from my nano projects; Zander and Talia….

I’m hoping to catch up over the weekend. When I am focused I can really crank out the words.


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Not quite a nano post

I am still behind on my nano count, on the flip side, Bastard Prince hit 90,000 words and I’m still writing on it.

I think that, no mater what the final word count ends up as, is worth it.

And I forgot to post this (about 4 hours ago) opps!

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I am behind on my words, life has a way of sneaking up behind you and smacking you with a cast iron skillet in the back of the head. Now that those issues have been (mostly) handled, I think. There is no Flash Fiction Friday today, mostly cause I had errands, sick kids, and backed up housework to handle. I am about to get back to the nano thingy, am doing a read through to see what I need to do.

How are you guys doing?

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From the nano. Enjoy

Talia tucked her supplies into a small bag and set it on the table beneath the window. She took a scan around the room and froze, heart pounding loudly in her ears. The door was barred, she could see the chain still across it. Nothing could have entered the room. Not without her hearing. Yet standing just inside the door, in a crisp white nightgown, long black hair over her shoulders, was a child, looking down. Double tipped ears peeked from her hair. Her skin was so pale, and when she looked up, Talia swallowed. Blue eyes, deeper blue than any other she’d seen, except‚Ķ she shook her head. She was going crazy.

“Are you lost?” Talia whispered. The child tipped her head to one side, not moving. Not blinking. “I’m sorry, but what is it you need?”

“You have to find him.” A child’s voice, but soft as the wind.

“Find who?”

The child frowned, stepping closer. “You can do it to, his trick. You have to. If you don’t, they’ll all die!” She was clutching her hands together.

“Who will die?” Talia knelt as the child neared her.

“Father will.”

Talia swallowed. Zander? She had to be dreaming. This was impossible. But, this child was half hume, and her eyes like the King’s, like Zander’s. Who else could she have possibly meant?

“If father dies, hope is lost. Don’t you see?” The child was eye to eye with her, those brilliant eyes shining from an inner light. Light. This was the new, Lady of the Light? Talia was certain of it.

“You’re the only one who can.”

“I don’t know how.” Talia murmured, but she did, somehow, she knew how to do it.

The child smiled, even as Talia realized she could see through her tiny form to the door behind her. “Yes. You do. Hurry, there’s not much time.”

Silence fell and Talia found herself staring at the door in the dimming evening light. She pushed herself to her feet, still staring at the doorway.

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October, and a bit of a rant. Warning; strong language and snark

Please note, the rant part in this, is not directed at any one person, rather has resulted in the piling up of MANY people who can’t seem to understand that sometimes people don’t always do what they want them to do. If you tend to read yourself into an unrelated rant and get offended… well you might want to skim past this one.

Duuuude what happened to the year? (I actually started to write this out and got sidetracked! :P)

Oh I know, I moved and everything went BOOM!!!

We are rapidly moving towards Nov, and NaNoWriMo. And already the naysayers are creeping out of the woodwork rolling eyes and sighing when it is brought up.

  • **sigh** you have a month isn’t it¬†early?
  • Pre-planning is¬†cheating!
  • A¬†true¬†nanoer waits till oct 31 to come up with an idea…

Get over yourselves and let us have fun. I usually have an inkling somewhere in Dec, what my next NaNo project is about, 11 months ahead of time. It is a FUN time for me and I look forward to it.

Cause that’s what it’s about, don’t you get it? It’s about FUN. Sure it’s about words too, and writing a novel in thirty days (Which I can do on a regular basis if I would crack ass every month), but overall it should be, in its crazy madcap way, fun!

I can understand and empathize with the folks, you know who you are, who have tried nano and found nothing about it enjoyable. I GET you, I understand your¬†experience¬†was overly¬†stressful, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to push you into trying it. No my chief issue is the people who love to complain or try to turn it into some sort of elitist party.

There are all sorts of arguments against NaNo and I usually just roll my eyes and chalk it up to people who are too busy complaining to write. But I’ve been doing nano since ’04. And letmetellya, hearing the same old complaints, the same old BS year after year gets old.

I’m not going around wasting my time complaining at the people who decide not to do it. I, personally, feel that everyone who is a writer, should try it at least once. There is an energy, a hard to describe¬†camaraderie¬†which comes with nano. It can be a wonderful feeling of community that lifts you up and helps you out as you go along. But I’m a realist and understand that for many it simply isn’t an option, not with the holidays and school everything else that entails, RL is a bitch sometimes.

However, I will address one of the complaints that make me want to b*tchslap people who complain about it; it’s the complaint about high volume writers. Those ¬†high output writers who blast through nano at 100,000 words or¬†more. I would LOVE to get to that high an output. I don’t, honestly, come close to that in a month. Not even on my good months (65k – 70k in a month is my best, and that wasn’t even a nano month!).

There are people, with nothing better to do, who believe that high wordcount = shitty words. Ok. And then rant and rave about how **gasp** high output means that you are writing shitty and therefore are to be looked down upon from some high assed horse up in the sky.


Who cares? I mean, really, haven’t they ever heard of¬†editing? You know, the art of improving what is written. Thats what a majority of writers seem to talk about doing. Nano ones no less than non nano ones. It just kinda goes with the territory, you write a novel, whether it’s during nano or it takes 5 years, you turn around after a time and edit the damn thing. So¬†why continuously bitch about high volume writers? I mean how is Writer C writing a double or triple nano(or averaging 100k a month), confounding your life? Are you going to lose your house, or car or job because Sally in Seattle wrote 100k in Nov? Uhm, no. No it won’t. It’s right up there with Gay marriage and donuts during dieting. You don’t like it, don’t feel it’s right for you,¬†then don’t fucking do it! Yet people whine and bitch and moan and complain. Like it’s some sort of personal affront that “Oh Noes! You’re writing more that 2 words a month! You’re not¬†agonizing¬†over¬†every fucking syllable.”¬†


Can you please stop bitching about what other writers are doing and actually put BIC and write? Maybe you’ll find yourself finishing projects for once. And yes I’m bitching. 8 years of hearing people whining about how awful NaNo is kinda builds up. **blows raspberries** get over that too!

I know, and count among my friends, 3 people who have astounding wordcounts. And everything I’ve read from these three people is phenomenal. It’s awesome. High wordcounts usually, in my mind, mean these people have mastered the art of getting their thoughts down as fast as they think them, or close to it. They have practiced, usually over many years, and in environments where they had to get as much down as fast as possible, to be able to articulate their thoughts at that speed. This is a¬†skill¬†they have worked very hard to build up. It shouldn’t be put down and complained about, it should be commended and admired.

Not everyone writes the way I do, not everyone writes the way my friends do. I know many writers in all areas and skill levels and every single one of them has worked hard to get where they are. Some of them find nano fun, as I do, some of them find it stressful, some wish to do it and simply can’t, some don’t care for it at all. Thats okay.

But for those who don’t, who protest it, who naysay it and sigh and whine and complain “Oh god here’s another nano” Just… keep it to yourself. Seriously. I’ve heard it all before. Most of us who have done it over and over again have. And you know, the arguments against it sound as silly now as they did when I first heard them 8 years ago. Turn that complaining time towards your writing, use that energy you waste bitching about what other writers are doing (which have no adverse effect on your life personally) to improving your own craft.

NaNo is MY fun time. And this blog is going to talk about it. A lot. Because it makes me happy.

[steps off soapbox]

8 years of doing nanos? I hadn’t realized I’ve been doing it that long! 0.0

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December already?

What happened?

Wow. OK, so life is interesting.

Writing is too.

This months’ list is limited to finishing Bastard Prince and then playing with digi art and editing side projects. ¬†I have this Zombie idea that has been growing on me. It is now sitting at over 1500 words and still going. Words that haunt:

My daddy always called me his Angel, but my mama called me born of the devil. 

I don’t know about you, but I “hear” a heavy southern accent.

Ok time to get to writing. Will check the sales later. I haven’t been marketing or anything because of RL issues. My sales are not the best atm but I am not too bothered by it.


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