Ran some errands and stopped by the library. Got booksies my pretties… and of course I forgot to take my I want book list with me. Will have to do that next time.

The plan for this week;

  • Today I need to edit a short (oh fudge I forgot all about it!)
  • Try to get as close as I can to done with BP as possible, I only have about 35, 40k to go. I KNOW I can do it. I just have to crack down and do it. Dishes and laundry will pile up though.
  • Dust off Crossroads, print it out and prep it.
  • Thursday writing post.
  • Flash Fiction Friday.

So what are your plans? What books are you reading or would you recommend I look for when I go to the library again?


Oh and a final note; the hard drive on my digi art pc decided to pursue it’s life long  dream of becoming a paperweight. Luckily everything I had on there is backed up else ware, HOWEVER, until I can get another hard drive for the desktop, I’m not sure what I will do about cover art, my laptop can’t run the graphics stuff I need for doing covers. It is also my kid’s homework computer so they are doing a total freakout.


FIXED IT!! Twin toddlers strike again! They managed to unplug the actual harddrive from the power supply. >.>



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October, and a bit of a rant. Warning; strong language and snark

Please note, the rant part in this, is not directed at any one person, rather has resulted in the piling up of MANY people who can’t seem to understand that sometimes people don’t always do what they want them to do. If you tend to read yourself into an unrelated rant and get offended… well you might want to skim past this one.

Duuuude what happened to the year? (I actually started to write this out and got sidetracked! :P)

Oh I know, I moved and everything went BOOM!!!

We are rapidly moving towards Nov, and NaNoWriMo. And already the naysayers are creeping out of the woodwork rolling eyes and sighing when it is brought up.

  • **sigh** you have a month isn’t it early?
  • Pre-planning is cheating!
  • true nanoer waits till oct 31 to come up with an idea…

Get over yourselves and let us have fun. I usually have an inkling somewhere in Dec, what my next NaNo project is about, 11 months ahead of time. It is a FUN time for me and I look forward to it.

Cause that’s what it’s about, don’t you get it? It’s about FUN. Sure it’s about words too, and writing a novel in thirty days (Which I can do on a regular basis if I would crack ass every month), but overall it should be, in its crazy madcap way, fun!

I can understand and empathize with the folks, you know who you are, who have tried nano and found nothing about it enjoyable. I GET you, I understand your experience was overly stressful, and I wouldn’t dream of trying to push you into trying it. No my chief issue is the people who love to complain or try to turn it into some sort of elitist party.

There are all sorts of arguments against NaNo and I usually just roll my eyes and chalk it up to people who are too busy complaining to write. But I’ve been doing nano since ’04. And letmetellya, hearing the same old complaints, the same old BS year after year gets old.

I’m not going around wasting my time complaining at the people who decide not to do it. I, personally, feel that everyone who is a writer, should try it at least once. There is an energy, a hard to describe camaraderie which comes with nano. It can be a wonderful feeling of community that lifts you up and helps you out as you go along. But I’m a realist and understand that for many it simply isn’t an option, not with the holidays and school everything else that entails, RL is a bitch sometimes.

However, I will address one of the complaints that make me want to b*tchslap people who complain about it; it’s the complaint about high volume writers. Those  high output writers who blast through nano at 100,000 words or more. I would LOVE to get to that high an output. I don’t, honestly, come close to that in a month. Not even on my good months (65k – 70k in a month is my best, and that wasn’t even a nano month!).

There are people, with nothing better to do, who believe that high wordcount = shitty words. Ok. And then rant and rave about how **gasp** high output means that you are writing shitty and therefore are to be looked down upon from some high assed horse up in the sky.


Who cares? I mean, really, haven’t they ever heard of editing? You know, the art of improving what is written. Thats what a majority of writers seem to talk about doing. Nano ones no less than non nano ones. It just kinda goes with the territory, you write a novel, whether it’s during nano or it takes 5 years, you turn around after a time and edit the damn thing. So why continuously bitch about high volume writers? I mean how is Writer C writing a double or triple nano(or averaging 100k a month), confounding your life? Are you going to lose your house, or car or job because Sally in Seattle wrote 100k in Nov? Uhm, no. No it won’t. It’s right up there with Gay marriage and donuts during dieting. You don’t like it, don’t feel it’s right for you, then don’t fucking do it! Yet people whine and bitch and moan and complain. Like it’s some sort of personal affront that “Oh Noes! You’re writing more that 2 words a month! You’re not agonizing over every fucking syllable.” 


Can you please stop bitching about what other writers are doing and actually put BIC and write? Maybe you’ll find yourself finishing projects for once. And yes I’m bitching. 8 years of hearing people whining about how awful NaNo is kinda builds up. **blows raspberries** get over that too!

I know, and count among my friends, 3 people who have astounding wordcounts. And everything I’ve read from these three people is phenomenal. It’s awesome. High wordcounts usually, in my mind, mean these people have mastered the art of getting their thoughts down as fast as they think them, or close to it. They have practiced, usually over many years, and in environments where they had to get as much down as fast as possible, to be able to articulate their thoughts at that speed. This is a skill they have worked very hard to build up. It shouldn’t be put down and complained about, it should be commended and admired.

Not everyone writes the way I do, not everyone writes the way my friends do. I know many writers in all areas and skill levels and every single one of them has worked hard to get where they are. Some of them find nano fun, as I do, some of them find it stressful, some wish to do it and simply can’t, some don’t care for it at all. Thats okay.

But for those who don’t, who protest it, who naysay it and sigh and whine and complain “Oh god here’s another nano” Just… keep it to yourself. Seriously. I’ve heard it all before. Most of us who have done it over and over again have. And you know, the arguments against it sound as silly now as they did when I first heard them 8 years ago. Turn that complaining time towards your writing, use that energy you waste bitching about what other writers are doing (which have no adverse effect on your life personally) to improving your own craft.

NaNo is MY fun time. And this blog is going to talk about it. A lot. Because it makes me happy.

[steps off soapbox]

8 years of doing nanos? I hadn’t realized I’ve been doing it that long! 0.0

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Thursday Writing Post

I had this rant on elitism in writing, all planned out, was going to go into detail, however I seem to have come down with respiratory infection that is just NAAAASTY, knocked me on my backside. I can deal with sore throats, headaches and body aches, but gushy gunk in the lungs…ewww just order me a new set of lungs and I’ll be just peachy, k?

I am plodding away, my plans for September were mostly rearranged. Still working on Zander, still have smaller projects to write, still need to scale back because I seem to have taken a bite too much. Again. 😛

I owe comments, I will get to you guys, I apologize.

Any ideas on topics? Guest posts? Suggestions or ideas welcome.

I was going to try to insert a youtube vid, but it isn’t working. Oh well. **waves**

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Renew Your Spirits

In our fast paced world, we sometimes need to be able to sit back and take a moment to gather our thoughts, plan for the upcoming week and rejuvenate ourselves.

Take a moment to listen to this gorgeous piece of music. Do some yoga, or take a walk, do something for yourself. You are worth it!


[yframe url=’′]

Have a great day people!


Cole’s goal in life is to survive. As a Redshirt in a novel, that is a very difficult thing indeed. Even eating breakfast can become a life and death situation.

Smashwords | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

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September 11

In 1998, on Sept 11, my ex got us pulled over for an out headlight. He also, I discovered, had an expired license. and we had no insurance. And it was the first day of my maternity leave. The truck got impounded and we got a ride home (it was like 11pm). The next morning, as I was trying to sleep in, I went into labor. Sept 12, 1998 at around 4pm (I think) I gave birth to my son, Jon. He was my baby burrito, he was small, about 6lbs, and long, 22 inches long.

In 2001, as I was picking up the pieces of a broken marriage, September found me preparing for Jon’s birthday. He was turning 3 and had just gotten his first real haircut. Then our world was drastically changed.

I can never forget. I will never forget. But my focus that day and every anniversary since has been this; Lives were lost, but life moves on and we need to celebrate the lives still here, and not lose ourselves in the grief of those lost.

I will watch the vids tomorrow. I will weep for the lives cut short, for the bravery and sacrifice. I will be strengthened by the remembered feeling of community, and perhaps I’ll fire off an email to my uncle, who never emails us back. I will remind the children what occurred, remind them of the consequences of unrelenting hatred. And then I’ll prepare for a most important birthday.

My little boy, my wonderful son, will turn 14 on wed. And we will celebrate the life of such a wonderful young man who already stands four inches taller than me! We’ll have cake, play the PS3 and maybe watch movies.

We’ll never forget 9/11 but I think our focus will always be on 9/12

Take care all.

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Labor Day

To all those hard workers who bust their asses to keep our country movin and groovin;


we appreciate your efforts.

[yframe url=’’]

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We are ramping up for Back to School here and so life is a bit nuts. I was playing with the timeline yesterday and got sucked up making sure everyone and everything was aligned right in Bastard Prince. The story covers about 17 years and certain events with other characters have to be figured out correctly. I love the way it is coming together. I do see areas which I’ll need to expand and improve on. But that’s all part of it. I tend to write lean first drafts anyways.

I also realized I forgot about Flash Fiction Friday **hangs head** I didn’t even put up a notice. 🙁 Well it is now in a reminder in my phone >.>




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No flash fiction today

Due to some plumbing issues in this house, I have nothing for today’s flash fiction.

In fact thanks to the plumbing issues, I have had no real progress with Bastard Prince since the 31st when this all first started.

whoops, plumbers showed up and I forgot to post this. The pipes are working correctly but now I get to clean. hopefully writing will commence once I have fully bleached my kitchen.



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Pepsis and computers DON’T mix and Smashwords sales

I don’t talk about it much here, but I have a bunch of spawn. Yesterday, one of those spawn dumped a 44oz of pepsi on my laptop. **sigh**

Thank dog for dropbox. I do have my important stuff backed-up and am using my desktop while I wait the suggested 72 hours for the laptop to dry. Hubby says I go to extremes to get new computers >.> I swear I don’t!


Smashwords is having a sale this month and I went ahead and put all of my stuff on discount, a couple things are free, others are discounted. My author page at Smashwords is over here.

One of my favorite books, Night of the Aurora by J.A. Marlow is being offered for FREE and it is a fun ride through the wilds of Alaska. I just adore this book. I mean, come on, Aliens and Alaska and a failed sled dog named Darnit, who would want to miss out on that? 😀  so go here and check out the series, really there’s nothing to lose. And Darnit is worth it! 😀

Whats next on the line-up? Well I’m looking at projects finished and projects to finish and feeling very satisfied. Right now I’m finishing the end re-write of Elemental Truth, then there will be the tighten up proofing, etc. I think I should be able to release it this month, but we’ll see how life goes. I do have a few novelettes I refer to as my Island Fluff Stuff. At least one of them  could be tightened and pubbed by the end of next month, but I’m waffling on that one for some reason.

Happy Fourth of July, to those who are in the USA. Have fun and be safe!

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An update

Juggling these two important parts of a writers life can be frustrating, to say the least. I apologize for my blogging silence, I do have a life outside of writing, and it is summer and I have munchkins running around.

Currently I’m multitasking; I’m writing on Crown of Bones for the June Camp NaNo. I am behind, horribly behind, but thats ok, because I am also editing Elemental Truth, and playing with a sooper sekrit WTFAMITHINKING project. 😛

I am happy with my progress, as a writer, and really that’s mostly what I worry about, being happy with what I am doing… that and the edits of E1, I want to get that done, and up for sale. I’m worried that it will be less than perfect.

I hope you are all well, I have a naked toddler to chase. Take care, happy writing!

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Some things

If you have an artistic passion, writing, drawing, singing, sculpture, whatever tugs at you and geeks you out, I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this talk given by Neil Gaiman to the grads of UNA class 2012.


This is, imo, a life changing speech. It is something that will move you. I’ve been listening to this daily for a few days now and it is inspiring each time.

and now to get back to the grind. Working on multiple projects, joining in the CampNaNo thing and getting back to being ME.

I went to print out my amazon sales report… and discovered my printer was jammed.  after fiddling with it I discovered on of my son’s old gameboy games had somehow slid into the printer and jammed it and messed up the rollers so where I have to put paper in one page at a time. >.>  AND it is out of ink. **sigh**

Depending on the price of the ink, I may have to go get another printer. Gotta love life.


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Writing and time

I once read a post describing how long one should spend each day on writing vs editing, something to the tune of 2 hours on writing new words, 1 hour on editing (I could be mis-remembering, it was a while ago and I can’t find the post). there have been many times I have attempted to follow that, usually without much luck.

I would LOVE to be able to focus 100% for 2 whole hours on writing new, fresh words. But even in the little bit of time I have been working on this blog I have been interrupted about 5 times. Right in the middle of writing ‘interrupted’ in fact ^.^  And I know many of you have issues with that also.

Ever notice that? You sit down to write and suddenly EVERYONE needs you, kids, hubby, phone calls, dog, boss, coworkers….  So what do you do? How do you get word count especially when you are in a non-writing friendly environment?

I do a mish mash of things to get my writing done, sometimes with huge success sometimes with little success.

~ Setting word goals in sprints. I usually have a daily word count goal of 500 words. I want to get 500 words on my main WIP every day. But sometimes getting it can’t be done in one sit down session but rather spread out over the course of the day. Since I am a SAHM* with small children I often don’t have the luxury to sit and do nothing. I have a LARGE household and lots of things to do to keep it looking presentable, the family fed, clothed and clean. So I’ll sit down and set the goal of 100 words. Which usually doesn’t take me much more than 15 min. (There are ALWAYS exceptions to this rule though, especially with kids) 5 sessions of sitting down to write 100 words, spaced out through the day and BAM I have my 500 word count goal.

~Sometimes just finding the time to sit down to write feels like an impossible goal in itself. On those occasions I’ll sometimes use the Flylady** method of baby steps and using a timer. I’ll set the timer for about 15 min and write for 15 min, then reset the timer and go do housework. I’m often surprised at how productive I can be in that short period of time.

~ Word Wars.  What, you might ask, is a word war? Well you and a couple writer buddies set a timer and write for a predetermined amount of time. Anywhere from 5 min to 1 hour (I usually go for about 30 min.). In chat, someone usually yells out START! and we all get to writing, often after posting our starting counts. When the time is up someone (usually the person who yells START) will yell TIME and we tally up our wordcount to see how many words we wrote. Though it is called a word war, there are no winners or losers, we aren’t competing with anyone else, just ourselves. To push ourselves. I have seen on twitter that folks word war there also. I think there are a couple other writer chats beside the one I go to*** that might do word wars. I don’t have any personal experience with those, though, so I’m not sure if they do and how they manage it.

Sometimes, though I hate admitting this, the words just don’t get written.

Everyone has different ways to get writing, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for others. One thing, though, that stands true no matter what works for you. If you don’t write it, you can’t edit it. If you don’t write it in the first place you will never get published, in ANY venue.

I would suggest making a goal, word count, time frame, scene/chapter, whatever works for you, but find a goal to work towards for daily words. Even if you don’t meet that goal, as long as you work towards it you have succeeded.

and now I have to go change a diaper and do the mommy thing. Take care all.

* SAHM = Stay At Home Mom
** Flylady, is a lady who has helped many, many people with organizing and cleaning. though not all her methods work for me, I find much of her stuff very informational.
***  which is a free site with tons of information.

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Still alive

I wanted to write out some profound,deep, philosophical post, but alas, my three year old and five year old are sick and the three year old hasn’t stopped whining/crying for the past 3 hours. Makes writing, editing, plotting and business planning difficult.

Still trying to find my daily routine and my balance. I’m closer, but not just there yet. I’ve been doing a lot of video gaming and reading, in between the unpacking and child chasing. I was also poking at my personal wikis for my projects. And thinking, lots of thinking.

So there you have it. Happy Tuesday!


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