Technical difficulties and a bit o a rant

We are having a few.

It kinda keeps me a bit busy.

I have been a bit quiet over here for a number of reasons. Health, kids, and other real life challenges.


There is  a lot going on in the pubbing world. At the moment, I am just watching and seeing how things will play out as I write my stories and self pub. There is a mini rant inside my head right now about contracts and the attitude people have of dismissing your concerns. Of people dismissing your desire to have control over your intellectual property.

I need some time to articulate it and need to do a bit of research to back up my opinions. But it boils down to this;

I want control of MY work. It is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. I enjoy having total control.

I know, for a fact, that not everyone can do the multitasking required to self publish. It is a hell of a lot of work, stress, headache, and time.

FOR ME, the correct choice, at this point in time, is self publishing. It might change later. Berating me for deciding to self publish, putting me down because I decided that I want to make damn sure what is happening on the business side of my writing is not going to make me look too kindly towards the traditional writing community.

Furthermore, here is a bit of an open letter to people;

I respect my fellow writers who have gone the traditional route. My hats off to you, you have done a hell of a job and I am excited and thrilled to hear about your accomplishments and future plans

My friends who are planning on going the traditional route, I will cheer you the whole way! I wish you all the success. Please feel free to share your plans and dreams of getting an agent and having a trad publishing co publish you. I will remind you of other options but I won’t, nor do I intend to push you towards self pubbing. If you feel I’m being pushy tell me, I am a big girl I can take it. 😛 (Seriously I get excited with self pubbing, I don’t mean to be pushy, I openly apologize if I have been)

Fellow self pubbers/indi writers; for fucks sake be nice! I have seen this trend towards being insulting towards agents, editors, trad published writers. Just knock it off! Yes I know, we have been put down and kicked around because we choose to take our future into our own hands, but all this negative energy directed towards the traditional methods of publication are taking out of your writing time and feeding a fire that doesn’t need to be fed. The negativity is a cancer which will kill your creativity if you don’t get it under control. We can play nice together people.

Super Critical trad published writers/editors/agents: You be nice too! Yes there are issues with many self pubbed writers, but not all of us are idiots, not all of us put out nothing but crap. Take a moment and give the ones who are working hard to put out our best work the credit we deserve. You know why I have only 4 shorts up? I have about 15 projects I could, I suppose, toss up. But I won’t. Because I am working hard to ensure that what I put up is worth what I will ask people to pay for it. I could toss up E1 right now, but, as it is, it is crap. I want it to be better, so I edit, I am working on it. I hope it will be ready before Christmas, but I won’t put it up until I am certain it is worth my readers time.

This is my choice, and I am happy with it. Please respect my decision, I will respect yours.

ok I have a bunch of housework that needs to be done. Play nice, be good or at least be safe 😉


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I went to the library…

I went to the library to pick up the 3 books on hold. I thought, hell since I am here I might as well look at the books on religion. I am doing worldbuilding for the Epic thing. OMG, for a small library they had a good selection. Books on mythology, a couple on Buddhism, a couple on what Muslams really believe, which I thought would be enlightening considering the Islamaphobia in our country. Taoism, Shinto, Egyptian mythology, a book on Russian Myths and legends…


Plotbunny fodder!! 😀


Religion in Fantasy seems a bit limited. I have noticed in many fantasy books there seems to be one main religion and no other.

Not so in my Epic-thing, I am working on a minimum of five religions, getting ideas from religious practices here.

Some story random:

I know that the villain will be part of some sort of death cult or something. Working on the details here.

The FMC will be part of a group that is nature oriented, I keep thinking/envisioning something either Druidic or Celtic like. Some more research is needed though. but I know that it is nature based.

I know there are two types of strictish organized religion, think Catholic/Latter-Day Saint type of belief structure.

The final religion is inspired by Shinto, the? Japanese religion which I am going to have to read more about before I can give a good rundown. I have an image in my head, of the characters passing through a town where they are holding a festival. The villagers are carrying around figurines of their household gods so they can be part of the festival too. It was inspired in chat when a friend related an actual experience like that when visiting a town in Japan (if I understood it correctly, it was busy in chat).

I am excited about this project and am trying to decide if I should work on it for NaNo this year. I was going to work on E3, but E3 can’t be written until E2 is, and E2 is on hold while I figure out some stuff with the heroine.


Now another thing, lately I have noticed a trend of people coming back to the realization that writing for themselves, instead of others, makes for a happier writing experiance. **pssst I told ya! :P**

One of my pals over in Livejournal land has setup a community called 16weeksofjoy which is geared towards setting personal goals and writing at YOUR pace. If you have a livejournal you might want to look into it, or set up a livejournal so you can participate.

Now I need to get some more headache meds, light some incense, and get to work while I can.


Be good folks, or at least be careful. 🙂

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Tuesday? Really?

Whoa, where did the weekend go? I swear I missed a day.. or three…

Am doing some website maintenance and trying to get myself in gear. Some days I wake raring to go, some days, like today, I am dragging. So I whip out the list of things to do

Make sure links are working and up to date.

Writing wise:
1k on E2 at minimum
Edit the vampire thing

Solidify kids schoolwork for next year. Our school starts after labor day.
Dining room table needs to get cleared up

and I have a TBR pile that is staring and whining at me.
Ok time to get moving.

Take care.

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Drive by post

I am still here, writing away. I apologize for being silent. Life gets busy here. 😛


Currently working on a cover for another project and waiting for the beta report. 😛

Any particular topic you might want to see me ramble about?

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Thoughts on Urban Fantasy

Had an epiphany last night as I was chatting with a friend. For years, and I have bitched about it on my livejournal, I have had an aversion to Urban Fantasy*. Sadly most of my writer pals write UF, so I have to be careful what I say. It isn’t you, I have tried to explain, it is ME.

Well as we were talking, it occurred to me that my issue with Urban Fantasy is the ability to suspend disbelief. IF it is a post-apocalyptic world I don’t seem to have that problem, but for many stories that are Urban Fantasy I find it difficult to really push my disbelief aside and just enjoy the story.

And stories set on another world with OUR conveniences (telephones, cars, etc.) those really throw me off for some reason. I just keep thinking about the likelihood of a magic driven story set in a city that resembles NYC or LA or something.

Sometimes stories just grab me, the covers, the blurbs, and I itch to read them. like right now I have three stories I am REALLY wanting to read (once I get my quota for the day)….

There are those stories that, no matter how many paragraphs I struggle through, I find it difficult to read and I set it aside. There are writers whose early work might grab me; LKH is one, then fizzle out over the space of a series.

Overall, most UF, or UF styled stories just don’t grab me. It isn’t necessarily because it is bad writing, or bad worldbuilding, it is because my OCD brain is finiky and it has taken me YEARS to figure this out.

What is really annoying, is that I have an UF series idea. I’ve barely written on it barely thought about it in a while, and I know some nitwit out there is going to go “NO! WAIT! You HATE Urban Fantasy and you are writing one? Hypocrit!”





because I don’t hate Urban Fantasy, I just have a harder time reading it than reading, say, fantasy or science fiction.

So new writers, old writers and everyone in between, when someone says they don’t like a genre, it isn’t a personal affront to YOUR writing, an insult to YOUR ideas, it could be that, as I have always said, not everyone will love everything you write. Put on your big boy/girl pants and grit your teeth and remember the opinion of ONE person isn’t the opinion of all.

*And I managed to offend friend who, I’m guessing, thought I was dissing her work or knocking her style of writing. **rollseyes**

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Music for the soul

I love music, all sorts of music, from ethnic, to Death Metal and everything in between. I try to keep an open mind and listen to everything at least once. I found this this morning in my youtube wanderings as I was looking for something a little different while I edit this novelette? Long short? Whatever, hopefully if I can get the cover right I’ll have it published this weekend, but anywho I am in cello heaven.

[yframe url=’’]


So being the Final Fantasy geek that I am, I found this:

[yframe url=’’]

GAH! sooo cool!

One more, I hunted this one down because I love it.

[yframe url=’’]

This song fits several of my stories. **sigh**

Ok back to work, rl needs to be handled too.

Happy friday people!

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Time Management

Any hobby or profession a person chooses is going to eat up a certain amount of time out of one’s day to become really proficient at it. A sculptor, welder, painter, photographer, gardener and so on, is going to spend time on their hobbies. A writer is no different.

A common complaint I hear is that “I have no time for writing!” and I have to say I call bullshit on that. No! You yell, I have college! A full time job! Kids! I don’t have time to write!

I can think up many examples of people who simply MAKE time to write. And making time to write, while sometimes very challenging, can be done. Here are a few suggestions that I have found useful.

First of all you have to figure out what is taking up your time. Work, school, kids recitals/activities, tv(big time waster here), video games (Another time eater), surfing the internet(here too), other hobbies. Once you figure out what is taking your time up ask yourself how badly do I want to write?

Is it a passing fancy? Is it a drive that if you don’t it will make you go insane? Or somewhere in between?

Then find 15 min in your day, every day, to write.

Just 15 min. Open up your writing program and write. (we will discuss writer’s block another time)
Wait! You flail, arms waving madly, “I don’t see 15 min in which I can write!”

Do you have a lunch break at work? Take your note book and scribble down ideas. Do you have a ten or twenty min gap in between classes? For you kids in High School what about lunch break?

When you get off of work many people (myself included when I worked, am a SAHM/writer these days) like to slump on the couch and watch TV. But if you find yourself flipping channels perhaps your time could be better spent writing.

I know a lady who has a passion for writing, omg this woman astounds me (she’s a dear friend of mine) and she kicks out high word counts. High quality high word counts. She works over 60 hours a week, runs three kids to college/jobs I swear the woman is driving herself into the ground. But her free time, she writes.

Over years of doing this has given her the skill to be able to get a high quantity of words down in a relatively short period of time. She has chosen wisely how she spends her time.

I have 9 kids, my household is sometimes very very busy. I also homeschool which makes it interesting when I am trying to edit and help with algebra at the same time (doesn’t work, I don’t recommend it). I have learned how to be able to grab any spare time I have in between babies, lessons, laundry and dishes. It has not been easy.

It ISN’T easy. You know that things that are worth it never are.

I have encountered new writers who don’t seem to understand that the only way to get better at writing is by…. writing.

You can’t sit on the couch watching tv and eating potato chips and expect to become Mr/Ms Olympia. You can’t not run and expect to run a 3 min mile. You can’t not practice singing/playing a musical instrument and then expect to become a world class musician and/or singer. You cannot not write and expect to get better/publishable.

The only way to improve your writing, to increase your skills at utilizing the written word, is through writing. Trust me thinking about writing and actually doing it are two completely different things. Thinking about it won’t get the idea down, won’t give you the story to re-read and ready for publication (whichever direction you want to publish). You have to do it. And to do it, you sometimes have to make time to do it.

My biggest suggestions when it comes to writing:
Schedule 15 min every day to write SOMETHING.
Reorganize your internet/tv/video gaming time and slip writing in there
Sit down and figure out how important writing is to you.
Carry around a notebook, when you are waiting for the kids to get out of school, write, when you are waiting for the train, bus, plane, your ride; write.
You already carry a paperback or an ereader with you, right? So substitute a notebook and instead of reading in your spare time, or texting about the latest gossip; write.

Get rid of time wasters. Or limit them. Sure I love watching mind numbing tv. But I love writing more.

For me the biggest issue is the internet, I don’t watch tv, and I can’t afford the games I really love playing (Final Fantasy) because I’d have to get new gaming machines.

But I read blogs, I read the news, I read the Livejournal. There is one writer chat I go to. That is a writer chat though and it helps me keep on track (really…it does….I swear :P). I do need to work on limiting my blog reading time but you folks are often very interesting….

The bottom line is that EVERYONE can schedule at least ten to fifteen min a day to write SOMETHING. You just have to arrange your day and figure out when. Carrying around a notebook helps. Hey there’s always bathroom trips….

Happy Writing, keep it up!

P.S. I’m not asking anyone to justify how you use your time, it isn’t my business. Each situation, each person is different. And yes sometimes there just ISN’T the time to write, I understand that and am not trying to be judgmental. Sometimes sleep is the better choice….

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Listy thing

I had this really long post written out on the publishing industry. I decided to trash it. Mainly because i am not qualified. Instead I will bore you mightily with a list of tomorrow’s (later today actually) list of things to do.

Because you know the life of a writer is oh so glamorous…

Writing Stuff:

~ Look over Edits for Redshirts, fix the issues, Format it and get it ready to upload
~ Go over the Redshirts cover (Must locate a bloodsplatter tutorial)
~ Write at least 1k on E2
~ Print out Magic Maker and see if it is salvageable.
~ Go over the next Chapter in Strunk and White.*
~ Figure out the twitter feed thingy for this site. I know there is a way to stream it…

RL stuff

~ Calls to make
~ Schoolwork to prepare (I homeschool, did I mention that?)
~ Laundry.
~ Dishes.
~ Mommy stuff. (I have the world’s coolest kids.)

good night, I might not get back to the website for a few days…. I think.

*I may never be a grammar expert, however one of the biggest complaints I hear about self pubbed work is the high level of grammar issues. So damn it I am going to get a handle on this grammar stuff. If I am going to be self pubbed I am going to make damn sure that what I put out there is the best quality I can make it.

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