2021 a bit late for the new year

As posted over at the Patreon:

So last year, in all seriousness, sucked ass. With the pandemic, kids being home all day all the time and to round it all off my husband of 14 years decided that, despite making plans for our 15 year anniversary and telling me how happy he was, he was actually miserable, and wanted to 'live his best life' and left me for someone shinier. The last half of last year was spent rediscovering me, and rearranging everything in my life. That, of course made writing skid to a violent halt while I figured out what the hell I was going to do.

And so I dropped off the face of the internets, mostly. 

Sometimes you have to sit down and re-examine your life's goals and decide what you really want, and what you actually need. And sometimes that process is hella painful. Letting go of long held hopes and dreams can be, in itself traumatizing. Seeing the abrupt end of something you thought would go on indefinitely can crush you inside, and yet it can also be very, very empowering. Everyone processes it differently, everyone has a different level before they can say, in all honesty, that they've moved on.

I'm still not sure if I have, even though we're coming up on close to one year post breakup. Grief still hits at weird moments, usually when I'm least expecting it.

But I've started dusting off my writing, reconnecting with my stories and remembering why I loved writing so much.

I have plans, hopes, and I'm looking towards building the best future I possibly can. A new career is right around the corner, and my stories have come roaring back in my head louder than ever.

There’s so much more I could say, apologize again and again for vanishing. But, it is what it is. I had to take care of me and mine before I could refocus on my writing. So now what? Well for one, I’m posting over at redditserials again. If you want to hop over and read The Bastard Prince or Elemental Truth, you can find them over here:

The Bastard Prince

Elemental Truth

I’m very pleased with their setup and I think it’s the right direction that works for me.

I also went over to the Patreon (over here) to brush up on that. I’m planning on restructuring the tiers and get more content up including BTS scenes that won’t be in the official books. And I’ve got some other ideas I’m poking at. More on that when I get it finalized.

In life, well it’s a daily challenge. I’m working through my stuff, working, and we’re still smack dab in the middle of a pandemic (currently we’re on lockdown because my son tested positive for covid and so the whole household got ‘grounded’). I’m working on me. Rearranging my thinking. Overall moving forward.

I do hope all who read this are staying as safe and healthy as possible. Taking care of your mental health and physical health.

Until next time.



Be kind to one another, you have no idea what battles others are facing that they aren’t telling anyone.

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cha cha cha cha changes!

*dusts off the site*

So this year has certainly been a bit surreal. I do hope this finds everyone healthy, and not too stressed.

I’ve been writing. Averaging about 2k a day. I’m very pleased with myself. And even better news, for those wondering…

I finished The Bastard Prince. I finished The Sarukai Lord, and in March (9th) I finished The Dragon Gates. I’m currently working on book 4, the last book of the zandercrack series; Crossroads. And this, just doing around 2k a day (sometimes more, sometimes less). Even better, I’ve been (mostly) keeping track of my daily word count. So for a roundup of words since the end of nano;

December 2019:  67931
January 2020 : 65168
Febuary 2020: 88732 (by far my best)
March 2020: 33870

Now something to mention. I took a full week off after finishing The Dragon Gates (march) to try to organize the back stuff for Crossroads. Then, on the 12 or 13th life exploded. The kids were sent home from school and told they wouldn’t be back due to the pandemic. Hub’s job took a hit, and my depression kicked into full go mode. I did try to get more words but it was a bust mostly. It took a bit but I’ve gotten into a new routine and back to writing. I would like to finish Crossroads this month but I’m not sure that’s going to happen, we’ll see.

These are strange times, and everyone is kind of feeling their way through it. My daily goal for writing, 2k a day, hasn’t changed. But I refuse to let myself feel guilty if I have lower or no count days. Mental health is important, and with the uncertainty at an all time high, we have to take care of us.

Updates & Changes

I pulled Elemental Truth off of wattpad. That site feels like a dead-end. There’s not a good search function for people looking for new stuff and that bothers me. So instead I’m posting over at redditserials and I’ve also joined their discord. I’ve also begun posting The Bastard Prince too. So they’ve got this cool feature that if you type in ?rank Bastard Prince   OR  ?rank Elemental Wars   it’ll give you a notification every time I post a new chapter. I’m posting about once a week for both.

I’m also changing around the Patreon. trying to figure tiers and content and all that fun stuff. I’ve got my eye on an artist I would love to have do pictures of the Trouble Crew and some of my dragon characters, but that’s sorta an idea I’m thinking about and I haven’t really done much beyond that. Once it’s all set up I’ll share the link officially.

I’m working on cleaning up the website, so bear with me. I have a lot of plans. I’m honestly very proud of my writing progress.

I do hope you’re all doing well. I know for some, the whole social distancing thing is beyond uncomfortable. Hang in there guys, things will get better, life will get back to some kind of normal. This too shall pass.


Table of Contents for Elemental Truth
Table of Contents for The Bastard Prince 

Be kind to each other. ~NP

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