Zander snip

So in an effort to beat back a case of melancholy I wrote this for Z1, enjoy;


“More patrols. You know, when the horn sounded I thought we’d be under siege. The Zarconis haven’t even peeked out of the forest yet!” Kerul complained.

Zander glanced towards the smoking ruin of the forest. There were places that still smoldered, the smell permeated everything. They moved along the road that led beside the river, watching the other side. The silence was heavy, like something was waiting.

Zander shivered, tightening his cloak and stumbled over something stuck in the ground. He swore under his breath, gripping the oblong stick and yanked hard.

A loud crackling sound filled the air and across the river something flickered, then faded. Zander ducked behind one of the scraggly bushes and stared. Flickering in and out of sight was what appeared to be zarconis, constructing a rough wooden bridge.

“What in the hell?” Kerul hissed.

“Where did they come from?” Nadja hissed in Zander’s ear. She took the oblong stick from Zander’s hand turning it this way and that. The zarconis and the bridge they were building flashed in and out of view. Hayner reached over and grabbed the stick from her hand.

“You found this?” He asked, looking down at Zander.

“Tripped over it. What is it?”

Hayner turned it one way. The bridge and zarconis appeared. The zarconis seemed unaware of being seen. Hayner turned it the other way and they vanished. They looked at each other.

“A shield stick?” Bastien asked.

“There’s another one on the other side of the river I’d bet.” Valen said, frowning.

“They don’t seem to realize we can see them.” Bastien grinned.

“We should send a report back,” Hayner began.

“Now wait one damn minuet.” Nadja said, gripping his hand. “How long would it take? A couple of days? Then the city would dispatch a team and it would take time. The bridge might be done by the time another better equipped team showed up.” She took the stick and wiggled it back and forth.

“Nadja, last time we did something without orders,” Hayner pointed to the smoldering east bank. “They say there could be patches that will burn for years!”

“What would it take to bring that thing down? A well placed charge or two? Boom and it’s gone.” Kerul said quickly. “There’s really no more forest to burn down.”

“On that side.” Bastien quipped.

“And it’ll send a signal back to the city that there’s something going on, and we could continue upriver to see if there are any other hidden surprises.”

Hayner rubbed his face. “I shouldn’t be agreeing to this.”



Have a good Wednesday.

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Some Links

So I’ve been crusing through the web to see what might be of interest to people haven’t found much sadly as I am also handling RL stuff. And some of the links I’ve found…well I prefer to leave politics off my website*.;


Did you hear about the guy who couldn’t afford to get his dog out of the shelter?  There’s an update over here. It makes me very happy.

I have followed Illona Andrews, the team who writes the Kate Daniels books since shortly before the first one came out. Recently they had issues in their kitchen. It has turned into a mess with Home Depot. We are discussing a possible bathroom remodel and were trying to decide Lowes or Home Depot. That post, and her situation, have marked Home Depot off the list. ye gods I feel bad for them.

Just this past November the first Anthology for Forward Motion for writers was published. Well they are accepting works for the second one over here;

Forward Motion for Writers is a free online website for the writer who wishes to move forward in their writing career, whether pursuing traditional or Indie publishing options. The website has offered forums, chat, workshops, and other resources for over 12 years. It is a resource we do not wish to see go away.

Some do not have the finances to donate directly. Some donate in the form of conducting workshops and classes, or helping their fellow writers in other ways. There is something else we can do: We can also use our skills as writers to help by donating a story.


The post lists out the details. The 2013 prompt is Cat Eyes and I’ve heard there have already been submissions to it. Deadline is Aug 1, so if you sign up and be active in chat or the forums for the next three months you’d be able to submit.

For those curious about the last one, you can get it at Amazom, Smashwords, and B&N. All proceeds go back to Forward Motion for Writers to help keep the site running.


And now off to run errands. Have a good day folks.


* If you have something of interest that you feel I ought to include in Next week’s link lineup, email me at Subject Title; “Tuesday Links” and I’ll check it out. I can’t guarantee that I’ll use your offerings, but you never know.
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No tuesday links

I wanted to put up a list, but I’ve been dealing with sick kids. Again.

No, wait, there IS one.

Jim Hines has, for some time now, been mocking the sexulized covers with women on the front. He’s featured in an article over here.

Now I’ve only read one of his books, The Stepsister Scheme, which I think is just an AWESOME book. I’ve read his blog off and on for some time.  I like him, I liked the one book I read of his and I plan on reading more in the not so distant future.

Ok, now to disinfect the house. Take care all!

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Tuesday Links

  • I want to try this, a mind jar to help kids learn how to calm down. I need to do this at my house. A Mind Jar
  • Oglaf  is a over 18 adult web comic I read. New posts every Sunday. Explicit, adult content. Funny as hell but very very crude humor (which explains why I love it :P)
  • The Zombie Hunters If you like zombie stuff, I HIGHLY recommend taking the time, start from the beginning and read this comic. New posts every Monday and Thursday and let me tell you I am riveted.
  • For those who follow my blog who are interested in going trad, I saw this link on twitter this morning and thought I would share it here. Tor UK has announced accepting submissions from un-agented authors.
  • Kris Rusch has a post on Editorial Revisions in which she is teaching how to work with an editor in both the Traditional AND Self-publishing industry. This is a MUST read, MUST bookmark because it applies to ALL writers, Self or trad published ones. Kris, thanks again for the info you share.


And that’s the tuesday linkage.  Hope yours is going as great as mine is!


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Links and Things

Amazon Wipes a customer’s account and remotely locks her kindle ; I’m sorry but when I pay my HARD EARNED MONEY on an  ebook, I expect it to be there. Yes I sell my stuff through amazon, but I don’t like it. I don’t care for their ‘customer service’ or their Kindle. My books are all DRM free because I firmly believe when my readers purchase my story it thus becomes Theirs, to read, share or delete as they see fit.


I know it was posted on the 9th of this month, but I’m behind on my blog reading so bear with me. Dean Weasley Smith’s post on Promotion is a good one worth reading. And the followup one is good; Maybe you wrote a Good Book. Go read. I usually learn a ton from his blogs, even if I don’t always agree with him.


Kris Rusch is another blog I read and she has a set of excellent posts called Why Writers Disappear.

Read them in order, take your time and read the comments(especially in the first post). It is truly eye opening.


David Gaughran has a post I thought was interesting  about Filling the Shelves, and how we can help fill bookshelves in underfunded public schools.  Check it out, what a great thing to help with.



So those are links I remembered to save 😛


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