An announcement

We are go for launch.

In other words, this weekend we are moving. For sure. Now I will be offline (mostly) until we get things settled in our new place and get settled. I’ll be twittering the adventure (cause that is what moving is, a grande adventure!) from my personal twitter, emmigeek, if you are that curious.

I will resume posting here after things get sorted out.

Take care all. See you on the flip side.

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I should be packing….

It looks like we may move this upcoming weekend. I spent this morning clearing out stuff, tossing and sorting stuff. So I’ve earned a break…right?

Anyways, this is a bit of a smorgass board of thoughts as I help daughter sort through an old dresser-turned-desk-full-of-hastily-put-away-stuff.


I did some fiddling with the Redshirts cover:

I mean really, it’s about redshirts…it NEEDED the bloodsplatter. Not to sure on the red text though… hmmm

I’ve also been doing some fiddling with an idea for The Shiny’s cover. i don’t like it. Simply put. So here is the begining of a mockup:

I love the dress, the pose, the lighting, the sparklies, the background however totally sucks. I know this. Still working on it.

Here is a fascinating post about internet kerfluffles, lack of followup (or news about followup) and a giveaway! Internet Kerfluffles and Followup. Go read and ponder and spread the word, getting outraged on the internet brought about a great change and people really should know about it.

Ok now to tackle the mess I call my dining room table….

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To the Stars – Plotbunnies in spaceships

Somehow my brain connected the Marianas Trench with an intergalactic war in the stars and a space fighter doing a routine survey of a water-logged world. And a rookie screaming “We’re gonna crash!” to which the pilot asks “Will someone shut this damn greenhorne up?”

Really not sure where it would go from there. But it sounds fun.

Last night I finished the rough outline for Crossroads, and squeed muchly. Now since we are planning a major move in the next few weeks I really don’t think getting sucked into a project would be good, for the move or the project so I decided to go ahead and outline the next book in the series*. That led me to skim through some of my half finished, or finished projects from years ago.

A couple of them hold up surprisingly well. They are rough and awkward and dear gods need to be reworked, but over all… wow I’m impressed. Which one do I work on next?  I’m not sure. But I know this, I think I’ll write a prologue for all of them just to piss off the people who love to complain about prologues. Like writing about a bastard prince to annoy the people obsessed with avoiding cliches.


I write what I love to read. The problem with the so called ‘cliches’ is EVERYTHING written has, in some form or another, been done before. They can be done well and they can be done crappily. And there will be people who love it, and there will be people who love to bash it. The question is; is this what you love to read?  Then why not? If you love it, chances are other people do to. If it is something you love to read, then write it.

Don’t halt your writing because of worrying about what nameless unknowns might say. Write what you enjoy. Learn to write it well. Chances are you aren’t the only one**.

That said I am going to totally muddy the waters with this one; all of this does, of course, depend on what your goals are.

If your goals are to “bag an agent, be trad published” you might want to follow the agents of your dreams via twitter or their blogs (if they have one)  to see what they complain about and then not do it. Common sense imo, but doing your research before querying might be a good idea. That in itself is another post for another time.


and now for another shift in thought. Dean Wesley Smith has another post here About being a Writer vs Being an Author.

— A Writer is a person who writes.

— An Author is a person who has written.


A writer focuses on the next project and keeps moving forward, while the Author focuses on the last project. It is an interesting view, and one worth thinking about.

Personally, if I follow that set of definitions, I’m a Writer. That makes me really, really happy. 😛


and to wrap up this smorgasboard of a post I’d like to know what you all might suggest for other topics? Do you want me to host guest bloggers here? **pokes unseen readers** what would you like to see here?


oh speaking of guest bloggers, J.A. Marlow, author of the Salmon Run books (my recent reading obsession) did a guest blog over at Valerie Griswold-Ford‘s blog over here on Being Brave for 2012. Good post. Go read. 😀 And then go check out her Salmon Run books over on amazon or smashwords. Good stories. 😀


Edited to add; Jim Hines wins the internet again Bravo sir!


* I should outline Crown of Bones since I need to get that project written before oct.
**For what it is worth I ENJOY the underdog farmkid who discovers he is the last line of a monarchy long thought to be dead. DAMNIT those are fun books.


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Writing, reading and headaches

I am fighting a headache. i know why I have a headache and it is my own damn fault. You see a few weeks ago I found this really nifty used book store about a mile or two from my house. I located a copy of the book Clan of the Cave Bear which I’d never read. I find it fascinating to read stories set in a per-historic time and so I bought it (and a bunch of other books). It got kicked around the room a bit before I finally, night before last, decided to read.

I was up till past 4am reading it thursday night and again last night when I finished it.

I am of many thoughts here on it. There were good points and bad points and so I thought I’d list it out here.

First of all I saw in this book great potential, but was put together in a very clumsy form. It wavered from a tight 3rd to a distant narration which bordered on a science teacher flavor and back. Headhopping was…. wow. I counted 5 POV switches in a single scene. And there were info dumps.

Now here’s something I wanted to think about and to mention, the author told me a bit of information, and after that, told me again, and again, and again the same piece of info. As if I would forget, as if I were stupid.

There were other things, stated facts about the Clan which I know now science has disproved but was accepted at the time the book was written. Attitudes the characters had, however, felt true to their culture.

The herbology lessons in the guise of the character’s conversation both bugged and intrigued me. It felt like a case of the author found some information and thought it was so cool she had to include it.

That said, my internal editor was screaming at me to start red-penning the book.

Yet I stayed up far too late, two nights in a row, to finish that horribly written book.

The story, with all its faults, was compelling. I wanted to honestly know what the heck was going to happen to Ayla, the main character. I wanted to see where she ended up. I wanted to know more about her world, her culture, and the people she called family. You see the author caught my attention, and despite the faults of how it was put together, kept my attention enough that I am sitting here nursing an eye-strain headache thinking about all the advice that flys around new writers; don’t do this, don’t do that… so on and so forth.

Sometimes the advice forgets one huge detail which ends up leaving a story a flat and uninteresting mess. What so many people tend to forget among the confusing clutter of how to put it all together, is….. a story. A story that sometimes pulls the reader along, unwilling, kicking, and screaming and won’t let go until they close that back cover and go WTF did I just read? <——– that was me at 4am

Now I am not going to say ignore all the advice. The cleaner the story, the easier to read. I think I wasted a lot of my reading time when reading that book, re-reading info covered in earlier chapters. But the story is what pulled me forward, my empathy with the mc. The tale behind the head-hopping and info dumps. When you are working on your story, try not to forget the concept, the idea, the premise of what made you want to write it in the first place.

Those are my thoughts, I welcome comments and thoughts.

Now, today, I am planning on trying to wrap up the zombie thing and work on Bastard Prince. Once I lose my headache.

For now? I think I’ll go to see what the next book is because I am curious and want to find out what happens to Ayla…

Happy Sat folks


ohohohohoh I should mention; this book is not one for minors. There are several rape scenes, brutality towards women, beatings and attitudes that are very primative. Those of you who might have issues with those sorts of scenes would do well to stay away from this book. I did have to grit my teeth a bit because of the attitudes, even of the “good” guys. Just fyi

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NaNo Stats Day 2

Yesterday was one of my children’s birthday. I had to wait till after the birthday stuff before I was able to write. Then I was able to kick out 1700 words exactly (the last few words were a struggle).

Today is a bit calmer so I am hoping to kick out a large amount. **crosses fingers**



NaNo Snip, Day 2

“My mother spent time here years ago. She left behind letters to old friends. I’m delivering them.” Zander said.

Valen stilled and Nadja’s eyes went wide.

“Who was your mother lad?” Valen’s voice was flat, eyes narrow.

“The Lady Myrna. And old friend of mine.” Master Ander’s bumped into Valen as he struggled with an overlarge crate, pushing it into Valen’s arms. “Put this on the head wagon.”

Nadja’s eyes had gone wide and she and Hayner exchanged stunned looks.

“Zander, come help me with these wagons over here.” Master Anders took his arm and forcefully guided him to the other wagons. He felt the eyes of the others on him.

“I forgot about that.” Master Anders muttered. “Valen…”

“He knew my mother.” Zander said flatly.

“Not entirely. I did warn you, she made friends and enemies.”

“And Valen…”

“Not an enemy.” Valen interrupted. The man stared at Zander then glanced at Anders. “You are not your mother.” He extended a hand out. “There are others who will not be so amiable.”

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Happy October!

Sept was a slow, dragging month. So much RL stuff that dragged me away from writing I felt very lost at times. HOWEVER, this is a new month, one of my family’s favorites. I have a couple of stories I want to get put up for sale this month and next month is NaNo!  **squees**

I was hoping to have Elemental Truth ready to go for Nov, but I don’t think that is going to happen just yet. It isn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for perfect, but there are basic plot issues that MUST be addressed.

Lets see, last months sales were ever so slightly underwhelming. But I refuse to stress on it. I didn’t do much in the way of marketing due to above mentioned real life stuff.

This month I have two, possibly 3 stories I want to get up or ready to get up, and a slew of projects to organize for Nano and next year.

There was something else, but now i don’t remember.

Oh, well.


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Ground floor

So this is it, the first, hopefully of many posts.


I have tentatively set a date for putting up for sale the first of many stories. September 1st.


I should do a count down thingy. 😛

wordpress stat

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