Sunday Snippage

Ok, I don’t have a full flash fiction, just a little snippage from a project so far down the road I don’t see myself writing on it for a few years at the least. But this snip is just… I dunno it calls to me :P.


She leaned against him, trying to catch her breath. One close call after another was taking its toll. She wanted to sleep, to make it all go away, to wake up in Citadel in her own bed. She fought tears and fear. His arm around her shoulder brought into sharp relief, he was holding her. She looked up at him, and felt it again, the shift between them. His body stilled though he didn’t look away. He reached up hesitantly, pushed her hair from her face. So tender it almost made her want to cry. He took a deep breath, dropped his arm and stepped back, turning and striding back towards the campfire.

Ivonova closed her eyes, fighting embarrassment and a bit of indignation. She followed him, trying to replay the moment.

“Why did you walk away from me?” She asked, quietly. He knelt beside his bags, fiddling for something. “Have I done something wrong?”

“No.” His voice sounded rough.

“Am I displeasing to you?” She whispered. His shoulders hunched, he half turned, looking at her with those over intense eyes. She stepped back.

“No. But I am your guardian. Appointed by the gods. Nothing more.” He turned back tucking something into his bag. “Never anything more.”

She knelt beside him resting her arm on his shoulder, feeling him tense. “I’m sorry.”

“You have no reason to apologize Ivonova.”

“You must be lonely.” She stood, meeting his gaze. Startled, then guarded. She forced a smile. “Where do we go from here?”



Have a good day folks.

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Just Keep Writing

Something has shifted in my brain regarding writing, and I’m not even sure how to explain it or define it. I’m moving forward, trying to refine what I know, to make what I write, better. I’ve been carefully evaluating my writing, seeing how I can improve it.

I’ve been hit hard with self doubt over the past year, even to the point of pushing the writing away and becoming paralyzed and unable, or too afraid to move forward. I’ve seen several friends hit hard with similar problems. Recognize these?

Why am I trying to get this down?
This is crap! 
I’m stupid for even trying to tell this story!
I will never get my words to sound as good as [put the name of any ‘famous’ or ‘better’ writer here]
I can’t get this one section ‘perfect’ and until it is, I can’t go forward.
I can’t…
I suck…

Sound familiar? I hear it almost everyday by fellow writers, hell I’ve thought it on many occasions as recently as yesterday trying to fix something. It’s the wiggling worm of insecurity, the monster of perfection and fear.

So how do we combat it?

Just keep writing. I know, sometimes it’s easier said than done. I know sometimes when you’re faced with all sorts of other things, the words sometimes dry up, the brain/muse (whatever you call it) goes on vacation. Don’t give up. Especially if it’s something you want to do.


I found, circulating on fb this morning this pic:



Sometimes that’s all we can do. Keep moving, keep writing, keep progressing. I’ve read many a writer talk about how they slogged through this section, and not that section, but on going back over it they couldn’t tell which was which. I’ve found much the same.

Keep going. Keep writing. Keep positive. You’ll get it, don’t give up.

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Sunday Serenity





I’m planning on starting to put the first elemental story up either here or over at wattpad. A chapter or two a week. Still working on editing it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions?  Bueller? Ferris Bueller? 😉

Have a peaceful sunday.

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The land of the slightly crazy

I am, I think, slightly nuts. Back over here, I talked about my writing goals, about the Zander stories. About Trilogies. I decided this weekend to go ahead and outline the zander books. Rough outline, mind you. I think my outlines would make people scream, they’re not very detailed. Just very rough. They work for me though.

So I outlined all three of them. If the scenes and wordcount do what I suspect they’ll do, the first two novels should hit about 90 – 100k and book 3 will be a doorstop at 150k. Give or take. We’ll see how it goes. The outlines have been tucked away. It’s like an itch I need to scratch every now and then. Now my brain is refocusing on other things.

I’m trying to catch up on the Before You Hit Send* workshop, taught by Angela James. I’m using E1 for that workshop. It’s… interesting. To put it mildly. I’m also writing on E2. I’ve got about 3 or 4 k (have to double check) and I’m going to be going over The Fallen  once I’m done. I’m very glad I took this workshop.

Anyways, I have been putting off mundane things, like kitchen cleaning and workout and workshop. I had more to say but I lost track of it. Ahh well. *waves*




*Seriously recommend this workshop for writers, trad or self published.



The Shiny
A story from the idea’s point of view.

The idea was Shiny and New and ready to be written. Unfortunately, The Writer had other ideas…

Available at;
Smashwords | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

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Series Lists

This is more for me than anything else. I get asked about how many series I have planned and it always throws me off to have to stop and count it out so I’m putting it here, for my own info and to point people to it when they ask about it.


  1. Avaria (30+)
  2. Elementals (15)
  3. IFS (5)
  4. Inside the Author’s Mind (7)
  5. Dragon Bound (4)
  6. Sisters of Atrioch (8)
  7. Zombiethings (3)
  8. VHI (5)
  9. Clan Books (First 2yn project) ( 5 or 6 books)
  10. Space Opera (5)
  11. Weres (including the Poly weres. Yes it means what you think it means.) (?)
  12. Alien invasion (2)
  13. Pre-Historic-Fantasy-Romance (2)
  14. CoB series (3)
  15. Mage series (3)
  16. Heirs of Elair (5?)


There is a good chance I have forgotten things. I will add to this list if I remember/when I remember. DC this is YOUR FAULT.


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On my way home from the grocery store I got hit with a scene that made me giggle. I thought I’d put it up here to share.


The door burst open and three men strode in. They all cut dashing figures, leather and steel. Swordsmen, all of them. Cassia sighed, recognizing the man in front.

“You aren’t welcome here Geoff.” Cassia said, pushing through the crowd.

“You’re going after the Arc, right?” He demanded, thumbs hooked through his sword belt.


“The arc belongs to my family and therefore it belongs to me. So we’re going to do things my way.” He lifted up the family crest amulet that hung around his neck. It was a griffin on a blue sea. Cassia swallowed, she hadn’t anticipated this.

“We’re going to do things your way, or no way I take it?”

Cassia, along with every eye in the tavern, turned toward the slim dark haired woman who walked, no sauntered towards Geoff. She touched Cassia’s arm winked and turned towards Geoff.

“Hello Lyr.” Geoff sounded like he might be strangling. “My way or no way. You need me to get past the Gates.”

“No,” Lyr was grinning up at him. “We need that.” She tapped the family crest. “You’re just the baggage.”

Geoff shook his head. “You’re not going to get this…”

“Oh really?” Lyr tipped her head to one side. “Pearthea.”

The one word had a huge effect on the swordsman. His shoulders sagged, the blood drained from his face and his eyes narrowed. Lyr just stood there, grinning at him, her hand out. He took off the crest and set it in her waiting hand.

“You’re never going to let me live that down, are you?” He asked, voice rough. She put the crest on, stood on her tip-toes and brush a lingering kiss on his lips.

“Nope.” She turned and grinned at Cassia. “Shall we go then?”

Cassia nodded, saluted Geoff, and followed Lyr through the chuckling crowd.

“What was this you were saying about being strong, Geoff.”

“Shut up.”


“Just. Shut. Up.”




😀  Have a great Tuesday!

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Advice on the Web

I try to be careful about giving advice on writing online. For one, though I’ve been writing since I was in elementary school and ‘serious’ writing since ohh…. ’02 I am by no means an expert. And the more I learn, the more I work on improving my own weak areas the more I’ve come to accept there is no way in hell I will EVER know it all. I get better, I work hard at trying to make the story I’m trying to tell clearer and crisper. But I still have a long way to go. I’m not where I want to be yet.

When I see people proclaiming they know the ‘right’ way to write, or the ‘best’ way to do [insert issue here] it frankly pisses me off. Why? Because if there is anything I have learned since joining online writing communities and discussions is that there in no magic pill. There’s no ONE way to do things. There are many methods of getting the story down.

I overheard/viewed a conversation on twitter by a person notorious for spouting know-it-all crap. This person told another writer that if you wanted to write a novel like a movie then study how to write out sccreenplays instead.


I had a hard time biting my tongue, I’ll admit. First of all writing a screenplay and writing a novel are two distinctly different animals. Second this know-it-all has never actually finished a short story, much less a novel. Now I don’t know about yall, but if I’ve never done something, lets say knitting (which I’ve tried but never gotten the hang of). How can I tell someone how to knit a scarf if I’ve never managed to get two straight rows without dropping a few stitches?

Bottom line, I can’t with any authority. Because I really have no fricken clue what ‘stitch two *purl three’ means (and I may have messed up THAT example, though probably proved my point right there :P)!

So how can this person, with little to no actual writing experience dare to give any kind of advice on writing fiction? This person has absolutely no credibility!

And that credibility thing is important to me.

‘Online’ gives people a platform to shout out their opinions and their thoughts on whatever subject they want. Whether or not they know what the hell they are talking about.

I am cautious about what advice I listen to. What opinions I take to heart. I have my own opinions sometimes heavily influenced by people and opinions I hold in high regard. I also try (I do fail at times, I’m far from perfect) to do my research and make sure that the person giving me advice on whatever subject they’re talking about, has the proof to back up their claims.

So I’ll give a bit of advice here, something to keep in mind when you observe and/or participate in online writer discussions, conversations & chats;

  • If someone EVER spouts off theirs is the one true way of writing/pubbing/editing, know they’re wrong, and most likely power seeking cretins. Some people get a high telling other people what to do and how to do it. And they usually don’t have the background to back it up. There are many roads leading to Rome, not any of them is the ONLY one. If something doesn’t work for you, feel free to try something else.
  • Do your research. Before you take their advice. If someone is giving out lessons/advising on any given subject make sure they know what the hell they’re talking about. As an example, I’m currently taking an online workshop called Before You Hit Send which is geared towards improving your self-editing skills. It’s been put together by Angela James who is executive editor of Carina Press, this is a gal who knows what she is talking about. She WORKS as an editor and has done it for years. I’ve heard a lot of very good things about this workshop by people who have taken the course. I did my research before I decided to invest in the workshop. Do your research, investigate whoever is giving you advice (myself included :P) before you take the advice. It could save you a lot of frustration in the long run.
  • Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. People get emotional, when they get emotional they sometimes (ok a LOT of times) will spout off. Sometimes someone has an axe or three to grind. Keep that in mind when dealing with the interwebs. That person I mentioned earlier has a hair trigger response to what they perceive as criticism  I made a comment in one twitter chat that had nothing to do with this person, and he/she jumped to conclusions that had nothing to do with ME, and everything to do with his/her own ego, and need to be right. And I’ve seen this person do it to others. Smile, nod, and chalk it up to big fish in a little pond syndrome.
  • Follow your gut. Dudes, if you get that uneasy feeling, that maybe this person isn’t quite on the up and up, chances are you’re right. If something doesn’t feel right, if a piece of advice doesn’t work for you DON’T FOLLOW IT!
  • Keep an open mind. The loudest talker isn’t always correct. Sometimes people talk to hear themselves talk. On the other hand, sometimes the person who is talking does have a background to back up what they are trying to say. Don’t just dismiss someone because of how loud, or quiet they are. I will refer back to doing your research before taking any advice. But do keep an open mind, sometimes you’ll find something that clicks in an otherwise sea of BS.

I’ve been involved in online writer communities in one form or another for over 10 years now. I’ve seen a lot of people giving out a lot of advice, some good, some bad, some I’m still scratching my head over. Be wise, be wary, and trust thyself. You know more than you realize you do, even if you are a new writer. Be willing to learn, to try new things. Look for your fav writers online, often times they will have links to writer helping sites, blogs or they may also have their own section geared towards helping writers. Read opposing opinions to get a broader view of any given issue. And have fun, enjoy your writing, your creativity. (ok, some people write and hate it, but I have a hard time relating to that).

And now I have put off dishes and laundry for too long. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite speeches of all time:




* purl not pearl my knitting expert friend informed me…see? SEE?? I proved my point XD

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Onward and Upward

I finished marking up the hardcopy of The Fallen and today the plan is to start inputting the changes into the story itself. I’m hoping I can have it done before the 15th but unless life slows down (hahahaha) that will be unlikely. I’ll shoot for the 20th.

Yesterday I wrote out a bit of a scene for Crown of Bones, and while the scene in my head was very clear, the scene I wrote kinda…meh. BUT I love the characters, I love the situation, and I know when I finally tackle that story it’ll come together. **happy sigh**

I’m currently taking a workshop called Before You Hit Send put on by Angela James. A buddy of mine on twitter took it and recommended it to another buddy of mine. It just started today, and I’m uber excited about it. I think it will go a long way in helping me with my self editing. I think I’ll use E1 for this workshop. It needs to be edited before I start putting it up as a serial. I really hope I take away a lot from this workshop.

Have a ninja snip from CoB  😀

“You get into the oddest predicaments.”

Ok I’ve got mundane stuff and revision stuff to do. Have a good monday!


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IT is a monday.

Boy is it a monday.


I have three kids home from school with the three little ones home.

Last week I knocked out outlines for Elemental Wars books 2 through 6, working on 7’s outline right now which is giving me a few problems. Having kids home isn’t helping. Last night one of the toddlers was up crying off and on all night. No fever, no booboos , just… crying. So I’m groggy. I usually do one cup of coffee in the morning a day. I’m on my third **shudders** I really don’t like the flavor.

Anyways. Time to Bring It P90X style then catch up on housework and do some cleaning in the basement. Sometimes that jogs lose all sorts of stuff writing wise.


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I’m going to be tweaking with things on the website. While I do like this theme I want a bit of a change. So bear with me as I fiddle with stuff.

I’ve added a page/section called Serial Stories. I’m prepping a finished project for serialization, which will probably launch in May or June, I’m not sure exactly when but it’ll be near the beginning of summer.

Ohohohoh AND

I finished The Fallen!!! **does crazy dance**

That said, it’s draft 1, it’s rough and thin. Skeletal almost. It needs a good read through, scrub and expanding. But It’s going to sit for a week or three first. I have other projects I need to attack, outline and plan. I use the term outline loosely.

Outlining for me usually means listing together some scenes, and thoughts on what is going to go in the story. I use the term ‘scene listing’ and ‘outlining’ interchangeably but in all honesty it’s not really outlining, not as most people imagine it.

Anyways, time to catch up on the housework that fell behind while I was trying to finish The Fallen. 


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An update…

I’ve been thinking and writing and thinking. I think I’ve been thinking more than writing, but yanno how it goes.

I’m nearing the homestretch of The Fallen. the ‘short’ is now past 15k and I’ve got a good 5 or 6 scenes left to write. And I always write thin, so when I edit it, if it says under 30k I’ll be surprised. I like my twisted little fallen angel story. There’s something very… morbidly funny about it (in my head).

I’ve been considering doing a serial. I’m doing some research, I need/want to read over other serials to get an idea of how to do it. I have E1, all finished, waiting for some edits. The thought struck me, perhaps I could post it as a serial, say one or two chapters a week.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Why? Well… Why not? I haven’t decided. I need to finish The Fallen first so I can totally focus on the Elemental Wars series.

And I need to write up a few flash fics so they’re ready to go when friday rolls around.

I’ve also been practicing drawing, taking a ‘class’ over at I discovered something kinda cool… I CAN draw a straight line! There’s this desire, this longing to do some of my stories as a comic/manga style thing. But again I’m not quite sure how I would go about doing that, and my drawing skills are not there yet. But seriously that would be cool.

Health and Fitness stuff:

We have a zoo membership, and I went twice last week, I went on Mon and I’m considering going tomorrow again if the weather is nice. I walk the perimeter  letting the little ones enjoy themselves while I trudge up and down hills pushing a stroller with twin toddlers who each weigh about 30lbs. Along with our change in diet and doing my resistance training, I’m working hard on getting healthier. My scale broke so I’m not sure where I sit weight wise.

And now I go to rally the troops to do their chores. Have a good day folks, friday isn’t far off!




A chase beyond the Palace walls…

Princess Chandra’s little companion dog loves to get loose at the most inopportune times. To keep him from being chained up permanently, she
chases after him and into a world of danger outside the palace walls.

Book is available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo

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Flash Fiction Friday

Holy crap I got one done!!!  😀  Eventually this will get packaged with The Shiny, Redshirts, and Muse Interrupted. This is a continuation of that mini-flash series;


Editor In Chains

©2013 Necia Phoenix

Author sat back in her chair staring at the stack of papers in front of her. Done! Finally! The project was done! She blinked rapidly, fighting a surge of tears. It was powerful, it was heartbreaking at times. It was DONE. She pushed away from the desk, still cluttered with research, notes, several decks of playing cards, and a half filled Sudoku chart. She looked around, frowning. She needed to tell someone.

“IE! Where are you?” IE, Internal Editor. The creature which both helped and hindered her writing. She frowned looking around. Where had it gotten to?

There was a muffled sound, from somewhere behind her. She blinked remembering the swift struggle and grinned.

“Oh I forgot about that.”

She made her way to a stack of plastic bins, gripped one of the handles and pulled it aside. Big blue bins full of books and possibly some plotbunnies. Author was a bit wary about going through the bins. Plotbunnies were frighteningly resilient. Even if years had gone by, give them air, a touch of water and they were as frisky and bouncy as when she’d stuffed them, squirming and fighting, into the bins. Behind the bins was a door. Padlocked, chained, with a couple of wooden beams nailed to the frame.

“You still in there IE?”

The muffled noise sounded louder but she still couldn’t quite make it out. IE would be mad. No, not mad furious. At least until she shoved the manuscript into its hands. Then it would do what it did best. Shred it. She suppressed a shudder. It had to be done, to get it ready for the grand sendoff, but still…

She picked up the crowbar hanging next to the door and began prying the beams from across the doorway. It took time, more time than she thought it should have. She fumbled for her keys to unlock the several padlocks. One dropped to the ground with a clatter, the chain made an odd swishing noise as it too dropping in a pile to the floor. She got to the final lock turned it and pulled the door open.

The trunk was sitting in the middle of a cold room, damp and lightless. It moved every now and then, the lid rattling as IE pushed it from inside.

“How you doing in there?”


“You shouldn’t be so angry, you deserved to be put in there.” Author said, kneeling down and fiddled with the combination lock.

“MMph? MMmmmPH!”

Author shook her head. How could someone so bound put so much meaning into mmmph?


“Oh stop it.” Author muttered, letting the first padlock drop. The lid rattled violently. “You weren’t letting me finish my book, you know. Every little thing, every little word, you wanted me to agonize over it. Our cast isn’t going to live that long, you know. I had two redshirts die of old age waiting for you to make up your mind about that one scene. Old age!” She opened the lid, looking down at the bound and gagged IE who was glaring daggers out of its eyes. “Who has ever heard of a Redshirt dying of old age? I had to finish it.”

“Mmmph. Mmph.”

“Of course it’s not perfect, that’s what editing is for. But I’ll never be able to edit it if you don’t shut up and let me finish it!” She untied IE and helped it out of the trunk. It tore off the gag and glared.

“It probably sucks, you know. It’ll be riddled with problems, plot-holes and…”

“Well now that it is done you can go over it and red-pen it.” She stood up and motioned the open door. “But I have other projects to work on, you are going to cooperate this time. You got that?”

IE glared at her, not saying anything.

“Okay. You want to get back into the box?” Author lifted up the gag. “I can put you back.”


“Then agree.” Author crouched, eye to eye with IE. “I am the boss. It is MY story and you are a figment of my imagination. Either behave or you’ll be boxed and replaced.” She pointed to the bricked up wall in the back of the room. “Like that one was.”

IE’s nose flared but it nodded. “Fine.”

Author handed IE the red crayon. “The manuscript is sitting on the desk, all ready for your inspection.”

IE nodded, toddled out of the room, muttering under its breath. Author heard a muffled whimper behind her and glanced towards the bricked up door. She shrugged, turned, and walked from the room. That one wouldn’t let her get beyond the opening sentence. And it wouldn’t listen when she told it to knock it off.

She took a deep breath, it was time to find Muse. Author frowned. Muse had been awfully quiet. Her office would be packed to the brim with plotbunnies.

She closed the door, glanced towards the desk, and IE who was hunched over with the manuscript. She grinned. IE would be busy for a bit, she could start the selection process for the next project. She chuckled under her breath. Chaining the Internal Editor up while finishing the project had been the best idea she’d ever had. Now to talk with Muse about the next manuscript! She skipped down the hallway towards Muse’s station, dodging a couple dark blue plotbunnies. Yes, life was certainly looking up!



I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 😀

For other Flash Fiction pieces you can check out my buddy S.E. Batt’s offering over here. Or Lazette Gifford’s piece over here. And for a list of participants click over here.

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New Release – River of Souls

I now have a new short story out. River of Souls appeared in the 2012 Forward Motion Anthology and is now out as a single short for $1.49.


A chase beyond the Palace walls…

Princess Chandra’s little companion dog loves to get loose at the most inopportune times. To keep him from being chained up permanently, she
chases after him and into a world of danger outside the palace walls.

Book is available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo

This short story is a part of the Avaria series and has a cameo by a character in the Zander books (though Zander himself doesn’t show up). This is kinda a big deal for me, though. This is an Avarian story. Timewise it takes place years after the events in Bastard Prince, and is sorta an in between story. Hope you enjoy it.

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Nook Press.

I have been fairly busy. Kids, stuff, it’s all nutty here. Then with Mother Hen’s situation, I haven’t been paying attention much to things happening in the writing communities. So I got sent an update on a post Holly Lisle made voicing teh evil of the contract pubit/nookpress was offering.

Her post on it is over here. As I am no expert on contracts and haven’t actually had the opportunity to read said contract I’ll make no comments.

On going over to pubit, a little flash notice popped up telling me about this wonderful new platform they’re preparing to launch. The official Press release is here, the notice they gave is here;

With NOOK Press, you can write, edit, format, and publish your manuscript all in one place, collaborate with friends and editors, and get your questions answered quickly by our live chat support staff—all at no cost. It’s easy and improved and offers the same great terms as PubIt!.

While you can continue to use PubIt! for the time being, we will be phasing out the platform in the months to come. Sign up for a NOOK Press account and include your PubIt! login details to easily sync your account, title, and sales information over.


I can see this now, n00bs and naive writers are going to upload their only copy of their work and something is going to go wrong, B&N goes under and all those authors are left wringing their hands and wailing over their lost words.

But yanno, copy and paste works well. 😉  What bothers me, what really sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to do a complete two year old tantrum. Silly as it may be… when a company tells me that they’re going to be phasing out the pubit site and I have no choice but to jump ship… well you should have seen the letter I sent Photobucket when they forced their stupid crappy platform on their users. -.-

Perhaps its a leftover from the teenage rebellious years, maybe it’s because B&N hasn’t really been worth my time. But other things have come to light in talking with several writing buddies.

A friend of mine pointed out that there is no way to update your files on the nook press site. I haven’t gone over there yet to verify this, but I don’t doubt her. When it comes to epubbing, she knows her stuff.

She also had another problem  with it, which is slipping my mind.

The Passive Voice has two posts up about it here and here. The second link is a post on stats Nook had touted in their press release. The comments are interesting, people sharing how their sales have dropped off over the past few months. Worth reading.

Holly Lisle posted another post on changes made to the contract over here.

She suggest printing out the contract and going over it. I think if you’re not already doing that you’re asking for trouble as a writer and as a business person. If you don’t have a hardcopy of your contracts with various distributors, and you’re not familiar with what is IN those contracts, you’re going to find yourself in a very bad situation. It’s common sense.

Now the new Nook Press site is over here in case you wanted to take a gander at it. I’m planning on taking a look over the contracts and refresh my memory on Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo’s contracts just so that I’m up to date with what is IN them.

So what are MY thoughts?

  1. I would love to see Kristine Rusch do a post on it. I know she’s busy, but her insight would be very nice to see.
  2. As I haven’t read the contract I won’t comment on it. I do have concerns but I need to read the actual contract before I voice those.
  3. I am sitting here waiting for my new release to go live at Pubit. I have a post ready to go, but without the Barnes and Noble link. I uploaded it last night. Smashwords, even with their meatgrinder didn’t take as long as this has taken. Amazon went live shortly before 3am when I went to bed. Kobo went live shortly before Amazon. **taps pubit** helloooo??? What’s the hold-up bub?
  4. If I can’t upload/update my work, as many in the comments section of PG’s posts stated, I really don’t see that that is a good idea. No matter how many times a person goes over it, you’re going to see errors. I’m unimpressed
  5. Someone in the PG post’s comments mentioned the site isn’t working right and that it shouldn’t have been rolled out just yet. the word Beta comes to mind.
  6.  In two years of epubbing I’ve made exactly 3 sales through B&N. THREE. I’ve been considering dropping B&N completely. Is it worth my time? 3 sales in 24 months. hmm… I think for now I’ll stay. At least until they try to force me to switch over. then **shrugs** I have better things to do that wait for them to get their thumbs out of their asses and put my stuff Live.


I think it’s something to approach cautiously, and go with your gut and know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.



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The right music, the right seating, wow what a difference!

I rearranged where the desktop-that-was-once-a-laptop was, tossed in the soundtracks for the Transformers movies and managed to kick out over 2k of words, in just under 2 hours. So in celebration of that sudden upchucking of words, I have a snip for you. More Fallen stuff. Very rough, it needs more emotion and description, so on and so forth, you know first draft stuff, but overall, I really like this story!

To set the scene; Alyssa aka Wanderer is talking with a fallen angel known as Anuk about her encounter with Fallen.


“Do you have something to say, Wanderer, if that is what you are calling yourself these days. Or are you going to stand around and stare.”

“I didn’t want to interrupt you.” She nibbled on her lower lip but stepped inside. “I had a couple questions, if you have the time.”

He set his tools down, wiped his hands on the thick leather apron and looked at her. His eyes going immediately to the tear-drop gem. He looked up at her, eyes wide.

“You have met one of my kind.” He pointed, stepping over and lifted the gem up in the light. “This is old. Very old. You know what they call them? Heaven’s Tears.”

“Anuk, do you know what the dome does?”

“No. The ones in charge of that are very secretive, they’re the first brood.” He let go of the jewel and stared at her hard.

“What does that mean? The first brood.”

“The first of the heavenly hosts. They were the experiments, with form and power.” He rubbed his eyes. “Who was it you met on your travels? Who gave you that.”

“He called himself Fallen.”

“A fallen, yes but,”

“Not A fallen, The Fallen.”

Anuk shook his head slowly. “Oh. Oh that’s, you gained his favor.” He pointed to the gem. “Understand this is a precious gift.”

“Who is he? Why would he have given this to me?”

Anuk shook his head. “I only know rumors, Wanderer. Just rumors.”

“I’m going to be gone for good tomorrow, I need to know what I’m dealing with.”

Anuk looked towards the door and nodded. “I only met The Fallen once, before he fell. He was a messenger, and a warrior for the Father. He spent some time, many generations, in a cold, northern area, I don’t recall what it was called. He returned to the Great City much changed. It was whispered he’d loved a mortal woman, who died. He and eight of his broodmates went to the Father in a closed meeting. I was in southern lands, when I heard that the entire first rank, the first nine the Mother bore, had fallen, together, and The Fallen had had his name struck from eternity.”


“It was a precursor for what was to come.”

“The war in Heaven?” Alyssa could barely breathe.

“Aye. But the first rank was different. They fell with the Father’s blessing.” Anuk rubbed the back of his neck.


“I don’t know. I was doing my own bit of, disruption.” He shrugged. “Fallen was widely respected, before the fall. Even afterwards he was, welcome in some of the greater floating cities. After mankind’s collapse, I fell, and I lost track of what others were up to. Where did you encounter him?”

Alyssa looked down at the Heaven’s Tear, trying to imagine what it would have been like to live to see so much. “In the city. Defending the dome.” She looked up at Anuk. “He spared my life. Showed me inside the dome and bid me to share what I saw with the elders.”

“And what did you see?” Anuk’s voice was hushed.

She fought the sudden onrush of tears. “Birds. Grass. Fresh water. Life.”

Anuk pointed at the jewel. “We see things far differently than the mortals. The oldest of us has tasted time’s bitter edge and knows how fleeting a mortal’s life can be. You are important to him.”

“I knew him for just a few days…”

“He saw something in you he wanted to protect. Ever the warrior, ever the guardian, no matter that he fell, it is his nature.” Anuk lifted the Tear again. “The Heaven’s Tears were given to us by the mother when we departed her loving home.” He pulled a heavy looking chain out of his tunic. Very similar, though a dark red dusky color, his Tear stood brightly against the dirty tunic. “It is precious to us. To all of the Heavenly Hosts.” He tucked it back inside his tunic. “If he gave that to you, he treasures you.”


Good night my darlings. I hope you enjoyed that snip.

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