I have often gotten asked where I get my inspiration from. I find that both an easy and difficult question to answer. Because I get my inspiration everywhere.

Back in high school I had this really kick ass history teacher. I don’t remember his name, but I remember that every thurs we watched episodes of this show called Connections in which James Burke made links between seemingly unconnected things which connected to other things which make up our modern world (hence the title Connections). Back and forth through history he would weave telling the stories behind the things that made modern warfare, light-bulbs and typewriters. (Most my fellow peers snoozed through it. I took notes! 😛 I love history and stuff.)

For me, that is how inspiration works. I might see a picture, a movie, a person who somehow clicks together in my head for a story. Watching a movie trailer, playing a video game and listening to my favorite playlist and suddenly I have this idea about elementals and dragons and evil twisted seeressess and… and…

I find inspiration everywhere. I think I’ll netflix that show. It’s been years since I watched it, and who knows what stories I might get from it this time around…

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