Life: I drove kid out to his photo shoot in Harrisburg today. 3 1/2 hours each way and 5 hours sitting while they went through a huge slew of people. I thought I would hate the drive, instead, I discovered something; Central PA is absolutely GORGEOUS! There were places where the hills had been cut to make the road and you could see the layers in the rock. The geologist in me was geeking hard core. And when I was parked waiting for kid, I saw four squirrels rushing about. It was hilarious. You know that Geico commercial? The one where the mom calls at the most inopportune moment to tell her super spy son about the squirrels in the attic? Kills me everytime. That’s what those squirrels reminded me of.

There is a lot of time, while driving, to think. Especially when the kid fell asleep. I couldn’t help but think how fortunate I am, how awesome my kids are and how, despite it’s ups and downs, life’s pretty damn good.

There’s more, but I’m tired.

Writing: nil see above

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