Life: D, my 18 year old, brought his gf over a few days ago. She was hacking and coughing. Guess what? Whatever she had, I have now. I am not amused.

For some reason this scene has been replaying in my head. I haven’t seen the rest of the movie since I was a kid but this scene has always stuck out. Pure gold lol

Writing: Today I was trying to work on my digi art and do a cover for¬†Playing for the Dead¬†because wow that cover really needs to be updated. I found a gorgeous pic, and then sat staring at it in my graphics program at a complete loss. I fumbled around for a while on the program before closing it out of frustration. I’m not sure if it’s brain fog from being sick or if it’s just that I haven’t touched this sort of thing in about 2 or 3 years.

I did scribble up some notes for Elemental Spies/Heir and did some background stuff for one of the love interests in that story. I think it’ll make a great story. Of course now I want to get a fire opal, if only so I can actually have one in hand when I try to describe the one the MMC is going to give the FMC. (And for someone who has never received any sort of jewelry before she’s going to be very baffled by it all mwahahaha!)


Reading: nada I have the focus of a butterfly.


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