Life:  Post sick fatigue. You don’t want the nitty gritty.  I did have some fun this evening when the 12, 16 and 17 year olds decided to crinkle up all the paper from the last semester in the middle of the living room, then loaded it all into a tall laundry basket and took it out to the bar-b-q to burn. I was torn between telling them to not, or just advise them how to do it without risking any spreading embers (growing up in CA makes me wary of fires)  I chose the latter. Why not? They’re responsible, they had a stressful last semester at school, and they were having fun crinkling it up and throwing it at each other. Why ruin that? I watched, nothing got out of hand but happy was had.

Sometimes it’s tough balancing what you know is expected of you as a parent and what you feel is right. They wanted to release the tension of the year in an almost ritualistic burning of the hated papers. Ok so having the twelve year old swan dive into the pile and shaking the house was a bit aggravating, but at the same time it was funny. It was building memories together, laughing and letting off steam. I’m unconventional as a parent, to put it mildly. LOL (besides I can use this in a story!)

oh and I lost 2lbs in about a week! I have a lot more to go, but it’s a good start.

Writing: I’ve been rereading old stories, some finished, some not. The ones I really find annoying are the ones where I stopped mid sentence (sometimes mid word). A look at the date I last worked on it usually tells me this was a kid/life interruption. I do wish I’d gotten back to some of them, not sure where I was going with things LOL

Reading: Just my own stuff.

TV: I have been watching shows on plate tectonics and geology. It’s feeding a bunny, but I’m not sure what.

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