What happened to the year? 0.o

So here’s a bit of a yearly roundup.

Some things I’ve learned about me, I have to call off for the summer. There’s no getting around it, I just don’t do summers. I have no concentration, little motivation, and my demons are loudest through June and July. I’m really not able to get back to me until about september. I have to accept that I just don’t get anything writing wise done.

I jump the gun, a lot. I over plan then stress, then when I fail to reach my ridiculousgoals, I beat myself up. It’s self sabotaging, I get that. So I’m scaling things down a bit. BP’s edits got interrupted and I’m still trying to catch up. If you’re interested in checking out BP, I’m posting it, chapter by chapter over on the Patreon. The prologue and first chapter are free, fwiw.

The Patreon: Well, I’m working on making some changes to the goodies. I’m also considering posting other things, scenes, snippets, and tidbits from other stories, still wishy washy about that atm.

Wattpad: Did you know I still have the Wattpad? And E1 is still up? I put it back up here and Wattpad a few months ago, right before getting used as a landing pad for family. Long story, you really don’t want to know LOL. I’m also debating putting up other, free stuff over there. Let me know if there’s something you want to see more of.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, for whatever you celebrate.

Be Kind to one another!

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4 thoughts on “December??

    1. I think we blinked LOL


      You too! (how’s your mom doing? haven’t seen you in a while)

  1. Ohh yes, the joy of mental issues and goals that flip you off. *sighs* Yep.

    But I hope things go better in the long run.

    And…did I know that you have a wattpad? I don’t remember. *goes to check*

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