Those who have followed my livejournals for the past few years probably remember me starting and stopping the Zander/Avaria series. I would start, go gung ho,then ram into a wall and flounder before determining that I needed to set it aside and let it marinate. On and off, repeatedly. I have written the book Bastard Prince two or three times, and its sequel Crossroads at least twice. Both times they lacked something. Between my insecurity and frustrations at what agents/editors wanted (UF overload anyone?) I didn’t write the story I wanted, rather the story I thought I might sell.

About a week ago, as I was beating my head against a wall trying to figure out why I am having issues with Elemental Truth, I took a break and watched this four part series on the Forgotten Kingdoms of Africa. I was floored, I didn’t know about these kingdoms, I didn’t realize the rich and vast culture and history that was simply ignored by school-teachers. As I was watching,I began to have inklings of worldbuilding ideas. But not for E1, no these ideas had to do with the Avaria series, with the world that my cracktastic character Damien Zander lives in.

I fought it, which was about as successful as trying to get a brick to dance. But finally decided that maybe a way to get a handle on that story was to try to write up an outline. Now I have done outlines, I have gotten bogged down doing them and never fully finished an outline. So I wasn’t too optimistic. Breaking it all down into chapters and scenes… So overwhelming.

So I started to list of the scenes. Not chapters. and then I went back and expanded those a little here and a little there and I found myself sittingon a 12 page outline of Bastard Prince outlined from beginning to end. The whole damn thing. I was shocked and very proud of myself. I am still adding and fixing things, finding innaccuracies and plot holes and I am finding something even more amazing; outlines can be a very useful tool.

Outlines are a tool. For those who can write them, who use them, they can help you pick up on the things that will possibly give you issues. I thought I couldn’t do outlines. But I had to find out how to write it effectively for ME. I don’t know how others outline. But I know if I try to do chapters then scenes I get hung up. But going scene by scene works very well.

**shrugs** not everyone does outlines, I don’t know how well the writing of Bastard Prince  will turn out until I get to it, but we’ll see. NaNo starts Tues and I am stoked!

I had thought I would do CoB and E2 (was E3) for NaNo, but no, I think I am going to write out Bastard Prince for NaNo. Aiming for double (or possibly triple) NaNo with this beast.

I feel ready. I feel like maybe I am there. there are other stories in this series that I want to write, but I can’t because Zander’s story is the foundation for all those other ones.

So where does this leave my elemental stories? For right now, E1 is set aside. I will focus on BP, then possibly dec or Jan I’ll pull it back out and have some space to see what needs to be fixed.

I do have a short story I need to sit down and format and put up.

Is anyone interested in my progress with Zander’s story?
During NaNo would anyone be interested in seeing shinys?
Or just in general does anyone want to see snips here?



Take care all, be good and Happy Samhein/Halloween!


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    1. Sorry, it is the Lost Kingdoms of Africa and you can get them through live streaming on Netflix or purchase them on or watch them on youtube.

      And I’ll see about doing the snips during nano. 😀

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