Happy Labor Day

Lets take a moment, to remember the men (and women) who fought for workers to have a voice in company decisions. Today a lot of folks get drunk, party, bar-b-q without a clear understanding of what the foundation of this ‘holiday’ was built from.

In other news;

Monday Meanderings

Dean Wesley Smith has a series of online workshops he/his publishing company WMG Publishing offers through teachable*. I went ahead and subscribed to the weekly tips because, well why the hell not? He’s been in the business for decades, and done well, if he has tips to share, I think it’s a worthy investment. One of those tips was about resetting yourself. As he put it, if he misses a day he says reset and starts over.

As I was looking over my page and my blog I started laughing, I might not use the term ‘reset’ (I don’t really have A term, though I do think of it as ‘Reboot’) but I have been doing something like that for a long time. I might miss a day, a week, months or hell even years, but I always reboot, restart. Reset. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Sometimes I fail spectacularly LOL, but I try to keep moving forward. I just found it amusing/ironic/neat that he’d put up a tip on that and I’d find/watch that tip as I’m doing my own ‘reset’ right now.

I went over to both the Patreon and the Wattpad pages. Debating. I haven’t been keeping up either, though I’ve put up more on Wattpad than Patreon. I’m considering what to do with them. I feel like I owe it to the wattpad followers to at least finish uploading E1. Then part of me was thinking I should just close down the Patreon and move BP over to wattpad. Not sure I care for that. Can’t really pin down why it doesn’t feel right.

Anywho, I hope you are doing well. All three of you 😉 Take it easy. Be kind to one another.

*I am not getting any kind of kickback or anything to mention DWS’s workshops. I’m just sharing info about something I find a valuable investment as an author. I would highly recommend checking out DWS’s online workshops to any serious self pubber.

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