I went to the library to pick up the 3 books on hold. I thought, hell since I am here I might as well look at the books on religion. I am doing worldbuilding for the Epic thing. OMG, for a small library they had a good selection. Books on mythology, a couple on Buddhism, a couple on what Muslams really believe, which I thought would be enlightening considering the Islamaphobia in our country. Taoism, Shinto, Egyptian mythology, a book on Russian Myths and legends…


Plotbunny fodder!! 😀


Religion in Fantasy seems a bit limited. I have noticed in many fantasy books there seems to be one main religion and no other.

Not so in my Epic-thing, I am working on a minimum of five religions, getting ideas from religious practices here.

Some story random:

I know that the villain will be part of some sort of death cult or something. Working on the details here.

The FMC will be part of a group that is nature oriented, I keep thinking/envisioning something either Druidic or Celtic like. Some more research is needed though. but I know that it is nature based.

I know there are two types of strictish organized religion, think Catholic/Latter-Day Saint type of belief structure.

The final religion is inspired by Shinto, the? Japanese religion which I am going to have to read more about before I can give a good rundown. I have an image in my head, of the characters passing through a town where they are holding a festival. The villagers are carrying around figurines of their household gods so they can be part of the festival too. It was inspired in chat when a friend related an actual experience like that when visiting a town in Japan (if I understood it correctly, it was busy in chat).

I am excited about this project and am trying to decide if I should work on it for NaNo this year. I was going to work on E3, but E3 can’t be written until E2 is, and E2 is on hold while I figure out some stuff with the heroine.


Now another thing, lately I have noticed a trend of people coming back to the realization that writing for themselves, instead of others, makes for a happier writing experiance. **pssst I told ya! :P**

One of my pals over in Livejournal land has setup a community called 16weeksofjoy which is geared towards setting personal goals and writing at YOUR pace. If you have a livejournal you might want to look into it, or set up a livejournal so you can participate.

Now I need to get some more headache meds, light some incense, and get to work while I can.


Be good folks, or at least be careful. 🙂

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