I wrote this up earlier and thought people might enjoy it.


“I’ve seen sarukai horses before, but that one, I’ve never seen his equal.” Bastien looked at Kiameh.

“Gryphan is from an old bloodline, the Talunian, used by the Emperors in the Citadel of Talun. They say they were infused with fae magic.” Kiameh smiled, an odd, calculating smile. “He is less a beast of burden and more a fellow Sarukai.”

“He’s one they call an ageless.” Touric added.

Zander looked at him. “Ageless?”

Touric took a deep breath. “When I was a child I watched them offload him from a cargo ship down in Byrnum. I was assured he was well into his third decade.”

“And how old are you now?” Bastien asked.

“Halfway through my second eon.” Touric looked at them and gave a crooked smile. “Like humes, rahaun and other races, there are those the gods give longevity. Form doesn’t seem to matter. Gryphan and other Ageless, have their own duties, though we’re not entirely sure what they are.”


As established earlier in the story;

Sarukai are elite warriors, guardians of the northern empire
Hume are human/othercreature hybrids that have developed over time. True humans don’t actually exist anymore.
Rahaun – race of beings who use ‘magic’/ powers that humes don’t usually have. Some have called them elves, though I don’t feel that’s a correct term.

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