Well I was hoping to pass the 10k mark but I got far too exhausted by the time midnight rolled around. Yesterday’s total wordcount was 3207 bringing the NaNo total to 8307 words.I am pleased with my progress and have already pinpointed several things to change in the edits. If not for the time issue I’d go back but this is NaNo and I am just scribbling notes and moving forward! My overall goal is double nano, but I am just happy to be writing.

Jim Hines, Author of one of my favorite Fantasy books, The Stepsister Scheme has a Q&A about NaNo. It is full of beautiful snark and is over here. And check out his books while you are at it. The Stepsister Scheme is a great twist on fairy tales and I think it was totally well worth the money I spent.




NaNo Snip from Day 3:

“The Gray Dawn is the only tavern and inn in Savna.” Hayner was saying as they made their way down the darkened streets. The tall lamp-posts glowed a soft light which made the cobblestones and the walls of the buildings they passed, glitter like stars. The breeze rocked the branches of the Tree overhead and brought a soft flowery scent to Zander’s nose. He was having a hard time listening to Hayner.

“Up in Daglis there are a few inns and in Tweng is the Gates’ Bane among others, but here all we have is the Gray Dawn.” Hayner continued unaware of Zander’s distraction.

They stopped in front of a large wooden building, the only one Zander had yet seen, and Hayner pushed the double doors open.

The smell was a mixture of hops and hams, sweet and salty scents, none of the stale beer or vomit stench that permeated in the taverns in the south. A large fireplace dominated the room and lamps slung on thick chains hung from the ceiling, the light flickering and casting a gentle glow over the faces of the patrons. Humes and Rahaun alike were eating, talking, drinking and smoking and some were singing a song in the corner.

Zander followed Hayner to a large circular table and sat in the leather covered chair staring over the dining hall in mute disbelief. 

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