I skipped a few days, and I apologize for that. Things have been rocky on the homefront.

Nano and writing.

Due to home issues my output has suffered, but that is all right, I’m still getting words, the story is still getting down. But I don’t think I’ll shoot for the double nano this year. Just regular nano is fine with me.

Each person has their own writing styles. I find that with every story I work on, I learn more about what works for me and what doesn’t. I love the fact that with writing I am always learning in someway, whether through research or just seeing a new method of putting things together.

I worked this up last night before crashing:


“Dark Rahaun?” Zander asked, tripping over the words. He wasn’t familiar with the term, but one of his letters was addressed to a Mage Nordel.

“years ago,one of the offspring of the first great Emperor of the Rahaun,”

“Tulel.” Valen interjected. Petlr scowled at him and continued.

“Decided to play with the dimensions, that is other-realms. Anyways he opened what they called Rift Gates and discovered a world they called the Shadowlands.” Petlr inhaled from his pipe and exhaled a long stream of sweet-smelling smoke before continuing. “Well, there was an uprising among the Rahaun, this happened thousands of years before the Humans arrived, by the way, this was toushish, long ago.” He hit the pipe again and spread his hands apart somehow managing to keep hold of it. “The emperor was almost killed and in retaliation he banished seven families, large families, through the Rift Gates and then ordered them torn down. For thousands of years no one knew what befell those families, until the war of Vent. It was that war, when the gods marched against her that the goddess Vent opened a rift across the Valley of Tour, what is now Pearthea,” he shot a direct look at Zander. “and let loose an army of Dark Rahaun, the descendants of those the emperor banished so long ago.”



NaNo count:  13,099 / 50,000

Book Count   13,099/ 150,000
And yes I am going to keep writing past the end of nano to simply finish this damn book. Then the plan is to finish Elemental Truth Edits to get that ready to publish after the first of the year. After that, Crossroads will need to be written.

That is the plan, and plans in my life have a tendency to change.

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