Since my schedule allows for it I went ahead and stayed up for 12:00 to arrive then wrote 2036 in just over two hours. Was going to go for 3 k however one of my littlest ones woke up and I just couldn’t keep my eyes opened.

So some of you requested snips… Just keep in mind, it is NaNo and it is rough.



Snip # 1

He patted his vest and silently counted the street numbers of the warehouses. Finding the one he sought he hesitated, re-reading the script on the metal plaque. 

Master Anders

He took a deep breath. The first letter was to this stranger. He pushed the tall wooden door open. A wall of heat hit him as he entered. The room beyond was narrow, lined with tapestries and bookshelves and dominated by a large desk and a huge man sitting at it scribbling away at parchment with a feather quill.

“The ship has not yet arrived, I am waiting impatiently for the shipment also.” The man said in the rahaun language, not looking up. Zander was pleased, he understood it! A part of him feared he’d learned it wrong. “I will send word when it arrives!”

“I’m not here about a shipment.” Zander said, carefully. The man scratching on parchment paused but he didn’t look up.

“Interesting accent, one I haven’t heard in a long time. Where you from lad?” He dipped his quill into the small pot of ink in front of him and resumed his scratching on the parchment.

Zander frowned. “Pearthea. But I’ve been in Balinor for a couple years.”

The scratching stopped and the man looked up sharply, his eyes going wide staring at Zander.

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