The nano project is halfway complete, sitting at 40k. IfI can do 2 5k days I can call nano done and just focus on finishing the book itself. Then I will take about a month or two just to focus on playing with covers. Seeing as it looks like we may be moving sometime between Feb 1st and March 30th I don’t want to get too deep into another project. So I’ll probably be editing E1 and playing with digi art.


Here is a nano snip; hope you are all staying safe today.


“We think she was able to do what you did, are doing. Your abilities are suppressing your illness. If that could be… channeled, what an interesting thing that would be.” She leaned forward, the lite clatter sound from her armor as she moved seemed very loud. “Something changed, when you hauled Hayner up. We want to see if we can help you control this ability.”

“In return?” Zander glanced at Lord Merdoc.

“You would join the Sarukai. And all the…. fun that entails.” Lady Nyhavi said with a tight smile.

“There is a possibility that by using your abilities for other matters, beside suppressing the Wasting could bring an early onset of symptoms. We saw that with your mother.” Lord Merdoc cautioned. “It could bring you to an earlier grave. The choice is yours.”

Zander looked back down at the disk, not seeing the wood, the charring or the slight imperfections in the carving. He saw possibilities. “I’m a dead man either way.” He closed his fingers around the disk, feeling the sides of it digging into his palm. He met Lady Nyhavi’s cool gaze. “I’ll do it.”

“It is not an easy path. Death by Zarconis or the Dark Immortals is a very real possibility” ¬†She nodded, made a slight gesture at Lord Merdoc who inclined his head and left.

“Everyone dies.” He said. “Even the gods”

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