I crossed 20k last night. Am very proud of myself. I’m not stressing on wordcounts, as long as I have my daily 1700 I figure it was a good writing day, I refuse to freak out if my counts are lower. I’m having fun and that is the reason I do nano, to have fun. I love working with this story, am glad I decided to rewrite this. I am hitting some of the fun fun stuff and already suspect I have started it too early in the story.


So here is a snip, and off to do more writing today…


The shop was small and the windows dirty and dusty. The air was heavy with incense and tobacco and the shelved walls were lined with bottles, boxes and books. Little statuettes were inter-spaced on the shelves and on the narrow wooden counter, carved wooden and marble miniatures of the great statues of the gods in the temples. Zander recognized the Goddess Avari and the God Solur from his youthful trips to the temples in Purgatory. But there were others, ones whoes names he did not know. He leaned over the ebony statue of a woman, her race was unlike any he’d seen. Real cloth covered her slender form, a rich dark orange that contrasted with the shiny, dark wood. At her feet was carved  a broken sword and beside it, a wilted flower. He gripped his sword belt to keep from touching the dainty little statue.

“Even the gods die, hume.” The voice was rough, far from friendly and Zander straitened and found himself face to face with a fairly short rahaun. Black eyes peered from a pasty pale face, framed by dark hair, almost but not quite black. His one ear was double-tipped but looked odd, almost like webbing between the points, the other looked half torn off though both were decorated with fine chains and dangling round charms. “I’m dark rahaun, boy. You can stop staring.”

Zander blinked and felt his face heat up as the dark rahaun passed him. “Forgive me, I hadn’t realized I was.”

“Everyone stares at the dark rahaun.” He sniffed and moved behind the counter. He wore gray robes that looked threadbare. “It is a minor annoyance, one I am used to.” He lifted the little statuette Zander had been staring at, his long fingernails clacked on the wood. “This is the Goddess Vent.” He set it on the counter, tapping the head of the statuette. “She died, at the hands of the other gods, a long long time ago. Even the gods die.”

“I’m looking for Mage Nordel.” Zander said, trying to shake off the unease the dark rahaun’s words gave him.

The Dark Rahun’s eyebrows twitched and a strange smile curved his lips and he stroked the carved hair. “She was betrayed by the other gods, you know.” He looked up and placed both hands on the counter. “Some say she will come back, some say she waits for the right time.”

“My mother knew a dark rahaun whoes name is Nordel, if you are not he, can you tell me where to find him?”

“You don’t care for the gods?”

Zander gritted his teeth, unease replaced by irritation. “The gods can kiss my ass. Are you Mage Nordel?”

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