Did it yesterday. Then sat up staring at the computer going… oook now what?

So I wrote out an 800 word… thing that I am not too sure of. It is a zombie scene. I don’t usually do Zombie stories but it has been beating around in my head since I hear the song by Rise Against entitled Help is on the Way. I am debating what to do with it, though I may just shelve it and let it marinate. I may post it here as a freebee and see what folks think, I’m not sure.

The nano project, while sitting over 50k, is not done. I have been skimming over the story and tweaking here and there, rearranging some of the scenes and noting where scenes need to be added in the next pass.

I seem to write in layers, I’ve noticed this with other projects and have gotten flak from people claiming I am getting bogged down in edits. I write bare bones, then go back and fill in scenes.

Oh I am bouncing all over the place here. Ok, time to get my butt moving. Just because nano is won doesn’t mean the writing stops. Bastard Prince isn’t finished yet, even my bare bones version.

Have a fun snip;

“The report from Auron has been disheartening to say the least.” The Commander said after raising an eyebrow and grinning at Zander in greeting. “The slayer has been very busy in the Shadowlands, though it isn’t mobilized, training camps have sprung up around the main cities. Dark Rahaun and others, some fae and even Sharin are being trained and readied for something. However, we have no idea what. Auron indicated in his report that he had to make a hasty exit from the Shadowlands and is currently in hiding, though where he wouldn’t specify.”

“Probably slept with someone’s wife and got caught.” One of the other rahaun muttered.

“Or daughter.” Someone else grumped. 

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