So I seem to be doing a hit and miss when it comes to posting nano progress over here. I apologize for slacking. In my defense, I’ve been on medications that have left me a wee bit loopy.

Today as I was tapping away I had the background of a fav character fall into my lap. I was floored at the implications, at what he, as a person, does for his people. I’ve always known he was going to feature in his own book, now I think I know why.

I also realized that one reason I feel the need to write Bastard Prince and Crossroads before any of the other stories is because it lays groundwork and setting down for the other books in the series. As always I worry that I will do it justice. But you know what? It is ready to be done.


NaNo Snip


When they returned Lady Tienovey was speaking softly in High Rahaun. Tears stood out on her cheeks and Lord Merdoc stood behind her. Her clothing even her hair and her skin began to glow. Zander shot a startled look at Hayner but the man had bowed his head.

“She’s asking the goddess to send their spirits to havna,” Hayner murmured without cracking an eyelid.

Zander looked back at the Lady. She stood with her hands spread out in front of her, palms down. The light that pulsed around her spiraled down her arms to her hands, falling in a golden waterfall over the bodies, scattering the little flying bugs. She closed her hands, letting them fall to her sides and said something else. The mound of dirt that was piled to the side moved in a fluid-like stream to the shallow graves, covering the bodies of the dead.

When it finished Lady Tienovey leaned back against Lord Merdoc, who, with an arm over her shoulders,  led her towards the head wagon, his expression blank. 


Happy Writing fellow writers!


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