The beginning of this year, writing wise, is pretty much shot. Real Life was the priority and though there is still RL to handle, I can finally turn my focus towards my writing business. I have projects, lots of them, and I want them all finished yesterday. This impatience, along with a huge dose of perfectionism, sometimes makes my progress feel as though it is going backwards. I need to get a better grip on edits/revisions. I realize this. When I come up on an edit I get avoidant. What should take a day or two to write out, stretches for WEEKS, and sometimes even months.

I recognize this fault in myself. I am working on it.

So here we are, almost into May and nothing I wanted to get done has been done. As my darling SO says; It is what it is. I still have 8 months of the year left. I want to make those months count.

I have two projects that need an edit/rewrite. And at least 4 projects I want to write on if not write draft 1 completely. BUT I am a very busy person, so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself because with my life, nothing ever seems to go to plan.

So before June 30th I want the two edit/rewrite projects done. Those would be Help Never Came aka The #Zombiething, and Elemental Truth aka #E1 (yes those ARE twitter hashtags, in case you are interested in following that).

I want to write out Crown of Bones(#cob), at least draft one. I started it, but it wasn’t jiving with me, am considering restarting it. Who knows. I want to get Elemental Flame(#E2) written also and try to re-restart Bastard Prince (#zanderstory), now that I realized why I was balking at certain areas.

So to be totally OCD here all nicely listed out:

  • Edit Zombiething
  • Edit E1
  • Write COB
  • Write E2
  • Write Zonder’s story

I think that should work for now. I have some reading and catching up to do with the blogs I follow.




About Editing.

Someone in chat asked me, the other day, when I say editing what does that entail for me?

I was a bit flabbergasted. I have heard so many different methods/theories/suggestions falling under the umbrella of editing, that I just sorta do what I do and call it editing. For me, I responded, it is tightening up the story, cleaning things up, rewriting, filling in plot holes, that sort of thing. And though that answer seemed to satisfy the fellow chatter, it bothered me. My OCD grabbed onto the thought  and twisted it to; What is the proper definition of editing? I have not had the time to properly research it just yet, that is on the list of things to do ;), but I was curious how other writers define editing. And if there are any editors reading this, by all means please share! It kept me up late last night bugging me while I tried to get to sleep. I suspect that what I am calling editing in regards to the #zombiething, is actually revising or rewriting, but I’m not too sure if that’s correct.


Time to get to work. Take care all.

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