Just a listy list thing. Already published titles have links to the Smashwords site.


Avaria Series

  1. Bastard Prince
  2. The Sarukai
  3. The Northern Gates
  4. Crossroads
  5. Masters of Purgatory
  6. Darkening Isle
  7. River of Souls
  8. Guardian of the Light
  9. Matron of Vhir Hdu
  10. Changling of Vhir Hdu
  11. Jade of Tiesk
  12. Son of Power (Shieldstone Trilogy bk1)
  13. Mysteries of the Ba’Gkhar (Shieldstone Trilogy bk2)
  14. Shields (Shieldstone Trilogy bk3)
  15. Miranda/Valen/???
  16. Darkening Marsh
  17. Shattered Mind
  18. The Dancing Assassin
  19. Immortality Unveiled
  20. The Mystic and the Madman
  21. Velvet and the Shadow
  22. Immortal Slayer
  23. Promises
  24. The Gathering/The General
  25. Brent/Desert Folk Archives of Avaria
  26. Savna; The Lady of the Light. Archives of Avaria
  27. Forensic Fantasy (Rackly/Trisha story) ?Archives of Avaria or possible serial story?
  28. The Disavowed (Tienovey/Tarau)
  29. Blood Mage
  30. Trouble Crew Revisited (assorted stories?)
  31. Children of the North bk 1
  32. Children of the North bk 2
  33. Children of the North bk 3
  34. Children of the North bk 4
  35. Children of the North bk 5
  36. Reclaiming the North
  37. Mines of Daglis (this would be a kickass video game. Think Diablo I)
  38. Shadowlands Trilogy; Children of the Moonlight
  39. Shadowlands Trilogy; The Labyrinth
  40. Shadowlands Trilogy; Origins
  41. The Warlord King (backhistory of Balinor)
  42. The Dragon Queen Bk 1
  43. The Dragon Queen bk 2
  44. The Dragon Queen bk 3
  45. Unbound Immortals (a collection of stories?)


Elemental Books (missing some, I can’t find my list)

  1. Elemental Truth
  2. Flame (The Firelord)
  3. Sorcery
  4. Heir
  5. Storm
  6. Spirit
  7. The Dragonmaster
  8. Rouges of the South (Habcore)
  9. The Ice Lord (Dmitri’s Story)
  10. Earthshaker (Geb)
  11. The Cat and the Dragon (planned origins story)


Inside the Author’s Mind

  1. The Shiny
  2. Redshirts
  3. Muse Interrupted
  4. Editor in Chains
  5. Where’d the Muse Go
  6. Daydream Paradise Beach


Dragon Bound Series (stories)

  1. Magic Maker
  2. Playing for the Dead
  3. unnamed
  4. unnamed


Island Fluff Stuff

  1. Earth Clan
  2. Forbidden Island
  3. The Unknown Skies
  4. unnamed
  5. unnamed


Zombie thing

  1. Help Never Came
  2. Angel
  3. A Very Zombie Christmas


Heirs of Elair

  1. unnamed
  2. unnamed
  3. unnamed
  4. unnamed


Sorcerers of Shibos

  1. Banished
  2. Jewel of Skythos
  3. Redemption


Clan Books (2YN 2004)

  1. The Shienzen
  2. Pirate Emperor
  3. unnamed
  4. unnamed
  5. The Horsewoman


Angels of the Apocalypse

  1. The Fallen
  2. unnamed


Sisters of Atrioch


Space Opera




Alien Invasion




Cob series

  1. Crown of Bones
  2. Curse of the Witch King
  3. City of the Dead



I’ll try to remember to update this as things get put up.


Series List post is over here

Updated 4/12/2014

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