I woke congested this morning and running a fever and two kids missed their busses. So while hubs ran them to school, the younger 3 and I snuggled watching that mousy fellow on tv in his clubhouse. I dozed and had the most godawful blip of a dream¬†incorporating the mouse and his friend’s theme song and the cast of a new show on SyFy called Deep South Paranormal, which a friend of mind shared the youtube vid the other night;


Yes, these guys singing to;

My brain is weird.

To put it mildly.

So today as I am trying not to die from this stupid cold, I’ll try to finish out the Fallen Angel thing, maybe play with zander a bit and write down the scene notes for E7.

OR I might imagine I’m going to do all this and actually sleep off and on all day.

I think with a little bit o rest and some decongestant I might even feel human some time today.

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