It was supposed to be a piece of flash fiction. It is 6200 words and counting. I don’t know how to feel about this except it is the thing that just.wont.die.  **coughs** Bad pun. Sorry. So, I feel like I should have this wrapped up already. Silly brain not cooperating. I need to finish this story, I want to finish it today. And it needs a title. Zombie thing just doesn’t work…




“Chris?” Tina’s voice was very loud in the dark cab. “Where is the ferry?”

Chris ignored her, he scrambled out of the driver’s seat into the back of the truck where he pushed the sunroof open and half hauled himself onto the roof of the truck. He squinted at the far bank, the moon peeking from the clouds, reflected off of the choppy water. He couldn’t see the other side clearly.

“Where are the night vision goggles?” He called down.

“Peter had them.” Kas said, her voice bland. Chris swore looking back across the river. Peter died. Clouds moved across the sky, and the river was only illuminated by the headlights of the truck.


Chris glanced down. The blond girl they’d plucked from the tree was handing him a pair of military issue night vision goggles. He took them and nodded his thanks before looking.

He wished he hadn’t. He could see the ferry, resting against the far side of the river. He could see the landing and the figures of Z’s hunched over…

He dropped back into the truck, silently handed the girl her goggles back and closed the sun roof. He went back to the driver’s seat, sliding into it with a frown.


“Ferry ain’t comin.” He reached over to the glove box and pulled out the map, mind running in circles. He didn’t remember lighting the cigarette and was startled when the ash dropped to the map, on the marks they’d made over the towns they’d declared clear.

“Nearest bridge?” Tina asked.

Chris blinked and looked at her then glanced into the back of the truck, illuminated by the mini lantern. 7 sets of wary eyes watched him. How the hell did that happen? Why did they keep looking at him like he’d have all the damn answers? Wasn’t this supposed to be Kas’s show? But she looked as terrified as he felt. The ferry was their ticket home, a few hours up the road was base. The nearest bridge was miles away, and with the lack of road care what used to be a couple hours of driving was now a few days of rough terrain.

“Have to go towards the coast and up the _______ highway.” He blew the ashes off the map and handed it back to Tina.

“And Lou?” Kas asked.

Chris didn’t look back at her, didn’t have the guts to. Lou, the guy that manned the ferry, was her baby brother. “Lou’s dead.”

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