I am so awful at posting over here, I am so so so so sorry folks. In good news, I am writing, lots of writing. And getting interesting feedback from betas. I am working on a short story that ties in with Bastard Prince (sorta) and thought I’d share some of it with what few readers I still have here 😉


Chandra crouched behind the large tree, heart pounding in her ears. She could hear the baying of the hounds, the yelling of their handlers. She turned, scanning the rocky terrain. Two paths cut narrowly through the underbrush.  One path led to the river, one to the mountain. She gripped the hilt of her long knife and for a brief moment could almost hear her old mentor’s voice. She closed her eyes, listening .

“Hold the dogs back, she wants her alive.” A rough voice, harsh from years of yelling echoed. “Come out, little princess, we need to escort you home.”

Chandra slowly pulled the knife, staring at the curved blade, the rahauk inscription in the shiny metal. Her father had insisted she and her sister learn how to defend themselves. She never thought she’d have to use it, against her own grandmother’s people.

“Give my regards to grandmother. I’m not returning.” She called. She stared towards the path, she didn’t have time to shift to her otherform, the men would see, and the dogs would be on her before she could get her bearings.

“I can’t do that, Chandra, you know that, I know that. You need to return home.” He sounded a bit too eager.

Chandra nibbled her lower lip, glanced around the tree at her pursuers. Four men, the fifth was holding the ties to the dogs. Grandmother didn’t want her harmed. At least not outwardly. What could be concealed by her clothing, didn’t bother the old matron. And those men knew it.

“And you think you’re going to make me go along with you?” She asked stepping from behind the tree. The man sneered at her. He towered over her, though his smile faltered when he caught sight of the naked blade.

“You come along, like the good girl you are.” He motioned her to follow. So sure she would follow, two of the other men began making their way back the way they came. Chandra glanced down at the blade. What would her father do? What would her mentor do? They’d stand their ground. Could she? Could she afford not to? Her sister’s life was at stake. Chandra swallowed, letting her training calm her racing heart. The man stepped closer, frowning.

“Come on!” He roared at her. She sneered.

“You want me?” She lifted the knife, taking the defensive stance as she’d been taught.  ” Come get me.” 



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