Have a snippet of an anthology story I am trying to finish. **flails**


Chandra turned, looking frantically for anything she could use as a weapon. She wasn’t going to let those things eat her dear companion! All she saw were pine cones. She grabbed a pine cone and chucked it at the creature. It fell pitifully short of its target. Everything went still, though Sir Morion was still barking and growling. The lizard creatures pointed towards her, their movements jerky. Chandra picked up another pine cone, aimed, and threw. It clattered against stones, nowhere near the lizard men. They made a sound, not clicking, not anything she’d ever heard before. They were laughing! At her! She scowled and straightened.

“You leave us alone! This is royal property. Begone!” She made a dismissing motion, similar to what Grandmother used when dealing with peasants. The creatures went quiet.

“You are out of your territory, hum-aun.” The tallest creature said, his voice grating on her ears. He pulled his sword, a craggy, crooked looking thing, nowhere near as fine as her Grandmother’s guards wore. She could see the nicks and dents. Chandra shuddered, stepping back as the thing leveled it at her. “You are fair game.”

“Oh blast.” Chandra whispered.



Have a happy Saturday!

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