So this is when I choose to share a snip of something I’ve been working on today. So here it is, in its rough, quite possibly clumsy, first draft form. Enjoy


It was little more than a hollowed out a hill that someone stuck the little figurines of Avari and Sol on top of it and called it a temple. Inside there were no seats, just mats on the floor. Zander had to breathe shallowly, it smelled of rot, of feces and a stomach churning mixture of incenses meant to cover it all up.

Zander held up his hand conjuring a small light orb. In the brighter light he could see that the clean-up crew missed some bits and pieces of the priest. Splatter covered the low stone ceiling and the mats the congregation would have to sit on. And not all of it was blood. Zander glanced at Fern who shook his head.

“Remind me to decline to go to services here.” Fern said.

“What are we looking for?” Zander asked.

“You take one side, I’ll take the other. See if we can find any clue as to who did this.”

“And hope they didn’t toss it out with the corpse.” Zander said. He ‘moved’ the orb to the center of the building, enhanced its light, and went over his side. He saw what might have been a part of a rib, more gore, but nothing else.

“Hey Zander, look back here.” Fern was behind the little alter.

“The hell?”


Have a good evening.


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